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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1, FIG. 2, FIG. 3, and FIG. 4 are a cross-sectional
view and a perspective view of the main part of a conventional speaker for improving heat
radiation, and FIG. It is a cross-sectional front view of the speaker in one Example. 12−・・・
・・ボイスコイルボビン、8・・・・・・ダンパー、9・・・・・・フレーム。 −
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention aims to improve the heat
dissipation effect of the whistling coil and to increase the allowable input of the speaker. The
speaker's input tolerance is greatly affected by the voice coil. That is, if the input of the speaker is
increased, the temperature of the voice coil rises, and if the humidity rise is severe, the voice coil
adhered to the Heuss coil hohin will be broken by the melting of the adhesive or the coil leads
may be shorted. A phenomenon has occurred. Therefore, as means for improving the heat
radiation effect, conventionally, the followings have been considered and some of them have
been put to practical use. , J j / / ",-(, / 4/4, ..., c2 (1) reduce the gap between the voice coil and
the opposing magnetic pole (center pole, yoke), and increase the heat dissipation to the magnetic
pole part Let (1) As shown in FIG. 1, a nonmagnetic metal 4 is provided on the top of the
magnetic poles 2 and 3 facing the voice coil 1 so that the heat radiation effect can be maintained
even in the area where the voice coil flies out from the magnetic field. Make it (Iii) As shown in
FIG. 2 and FIG. 3, the ring-shaped heat dissipation plate 6 is sunk at the upper end of the Heuss
coil hovin 5 by using the Heuss coil hobin 5 having good thermal conductivity. 1iv) As shown in
FIG. 4, the magnetic gap is filled with a magnetic fluid (a mixture of fine iron powder and oily
ester etc.) 7 and the heat is dissipated through the magnetic fluid. Each of the above means has
the following disadvantages. That is, since the conventional examples m and (11) are the heat
radiation through the magnetic gap, the thermal resistance of the air can be large and the
sufficient heat radiation effect can be exhibited, and when the gap is reduced in addition to the
heat radiation effect, An inconvenience occurred. In the conventional method, the unnecessary
mass is added, which reduces the efficiency of the speaker. ", T; f no 3 Gv) is currently the most
effective means, but there were problems with some inefficiencies and reliability. In the present
invention, the basic 1 · −1 speaker structure is the same as the conventional one, or as shown in
FIG. And a voice coil hovin 12 with good heat conductivity such as aluminum foil. Since the
tamper-8 is used by attaching its outer peripheral portion to a metal material such as the frame
9, it can be effectively dissipated from a cylinder having a large surface area such as the frame
through the thermal hapovin 12 of the whistle coil portion and the damper 8. In FIG. 5, 10.11 is
a magnetic pole. According to the speaker of the present invention, the temperature rise of the
voice coil can be reduced and the speaker having an increased allowable input can be realized
only by changing the material of the tamper, without adding the heat sink, magnetic fluid and
other extra materials, structures, etc. It is a thing.
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