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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional cone-shaped
speaker to which a heavy load is added, and FIG. 3 is a sectional view of a cone-shaped speaker
according to an embodiment of the present invention. It is. In FIG. i, 1 is a cone paper, 2 is a dust
character loop, 3 is a voice coil, and 4 is a heavy object (rigid or elastic). In the drawings, the
same reference numerals indicate the same or corresponding parts.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a speaker, particularly to
a joint between a cone and a dust cap. 0 In an enclosure such as a so-called acoustic air
suspension system, the mass of the vibration system is very large. Needs a speaker unit. Since
there is an upper limit to the weight of corn straw and others, conventionally, as shown in FIG. 1
and FIG. In the figure, (1) is a corrugated paper, 121 is a dust cap, (3) is a voice coil, and (1))
negative L and No 7 / J (4) are heavy objects added. Conventionally, when adding a mass to the
vibration system, one or more were used, so in the case of FIG. 1, the size of one weight is limited
to the size of the dust cap, and cone paper or dust cap In the case of Fig. 2, there is no function of
removing the coit-line of the cap, and in the case of FIG. In order to increase the equal mass of
the vibration system by bonding a heavy load to the bond between the cone and the dust cap,
one cone or dust cap is reinforced, or the resonance is turned off. It is an object of the present
invention to try to remove resonance noise and the like. FIG. 3 is a view showing an embodiment
of the present invention, wherein (41 is a rigid or elastic body having a stepped section (4a) and
a fan-shaped cross section and one side (4b) is a cone paper) The other th (4c) is adhered to the
dust cap (2) by an adhesive etc. (2) The weight of a rigid or elastic body as in this invention (2) If
4) is added to the bonded area of corn paper (1) and dust cap (2) to be bonded to both corn
paper (1) and dust cap (2), the mass of the vibration system is simply increased As well as having
a function, reinforcement and dumping of corn paper (1) and / or thrust cap (2) can achieve
smoother sound pressure frequency characteristics by combining and removing. As described
above, according to this invention, since the rigid or elastic body is bonded to the bonding
portion between the cone and the dust cap, it is possible to obtain a simple structure having
smooth frequency characteristics.
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