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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cut away front view of a speaker
having a magnetic circuit according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a curve showing back
leakage in the magnetic circuit, FIGS. The figure is a front view with the main part of the
conventional external magnet type speaker cut away. In the drawings, 1 is a yoke, 2 is a ferrite
system: permanent magnet, 3 is a ball, 3a is a center pole, + 3b is a tapered portion, 4 is a claim,
5 is a voice coil.
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is a magnetic circuit KM of Subi ★. ム
1−1453ア∼。 (2) Use a ferrite magnet for the inner magnetic flux magnetic circuit (a) and
k) Leakage flux at the magnetic open circuit of the ferrite external magnet type generally used,
below the speaker using the alnico magnet currently used It is to be suppressed. Although most
of the external magnetic field O magnetic circuit Ufi uses a ferrite-based permanent magnet,
there is a disadvantage that the leakage flux is large, and the field section of the speaker shown
in the third example of the rounding example to eliminate this drawback. Among those covered
with toK * bottom shape, 4 IP, and letter entry case 11, there is one in which KN magnetic
portion 10 is opened at the bottom and covered with a shield plate as shown in 411. In case of
use Fire A measures that the treatment for low leakage is not enough and affects the image.
Furthermore, the field section is disposed in the 7 series of speakers) 3) A ferrite-based
permanent magnet between two greats in the cross-shaped L-shaped customer side magnetic
side plate of high permeability magnetic material The turtles that hold the magnetic field and
store the external magnetic field parts are collected, but they can not be adopted in smallaperture speakers because the rear dimensions of the speaker housing become large in our
method. The one with high magnetic circuit energy is prepared even in medium-aperture
speakers and above! Problems that arise are difficult to handle. In view of the current situation as
in Sakai, this invention reduces the leakage flux of the field section by the use of a 7-field double
magnet system magnet for the inner magnetic type magnetic circuit. A-according to the
embodiment shown in the drawings. 1) The inside of the mine & ff1o magnetism-the 9th 0II-that
threatens the path. 2 shows a ferrite system permanent magnet, 3 shows a ball, 4 紘 second
beaker O frame, 5 紘 voice coil, and the pole 3 expansion pole and the inertia O O permeance are
small, and a flat bar magnetic field between gaps is obtained As shown in FIG. 2, the cylindrical
pole piece 3a is a cylindrical center pole 3a which forms a gap in the middle of a cold spring, and
a taper g3b which is smaller in diameter toward the center pole 3 by 1 mm. As described above,
as shown in & of the curve of S2 in FIG. 2, by using it for a permanent magnet such as a
permanent magnet, which is widely used in a magnetic circuit of an internal magnetic flux as
described above. The magnetic flux O leakage is reduced compared to the external magnetic type
and the center pole 14φ magnetic circuit O 04, and compared with the leakage flux of the
external magnetic pole O magnetic circuit currently used for color television receivers. Can also
be reduced.
5 Also, the ball 3 is composed of a cylindrical dragon pole 3a forming a gap between the ball 3
and a tapered ball s 3b which has a small diameter with respect to the center ball 3KK, so that
the permeance between the ball and the 1-ring is small. The magnetic flux margin should be
reduced, and the loss of magnetomotive force should be minimized by at least 1 ilK, and an equal
magnetic field between the gaps should be obtained. Furthermore, by using a ferrite-based
permanent magnet that does not use cobalt, which is the source of unstable prices and soaring
prices, for the inner magnetic go magnetic circuit, the speaker can be provided at low cost and
the supply is stabilized. Have practical effects such as high practical value.
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