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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a speaker used in the
system of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is its temperature characteristic diagram, wherein 1 is
a magnetic circuit, 6 is a magnetic gap, 7 is a voice coil, 8 is a voice coil. A diaphragm 9 is a
magnetic fluid, respectively.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker system,
and more particularly to a speaker system in which a small speaker is incorporated into a small
speaker box. It is one of the goals to be able to reproduce over a broader frequency range of bass
to treble in a speaker system. On the other hand, there has been an attempt to reproduce low
tones as in a large speaker box while using a smaller speaker box. The present invention
proposes a reproduction 715- <: frequency double band O wide-speaker system using an ultrasmall jaw speaker box. The relationship between the speaker box customer product (V) of the
speaker system and the lowest resonance frequency section (fe) is obtained by the following
equation. & SX + O'a "(1) 7 =-0 q ((1'-1) <ai) where f is the lowest resonance frequency of the
speaker, town is the reconnaissance quality of the speaker system, a is From the speaker
diaphragm plate (1), "" "ヱ a = + f · 1 (R, V, in general, the speaker's lowest resonance ll I f C f, l is
the system's lowest resonant frequency 歇 f @ 1) can be rewritten as the following equation
because it is sufficiently small. I @@ = 7 "" (-(鳳) (1) system, to equalize the speaker's equalization
mass-6 to perform the bass reproduction in the system 6 or make the speaker box 0 @ ljEV
more) It can be considered to make the radius of the diaphragm larger or to reduce the radius [1]
of the diaphragm. Among these elements, to make the Jp- of the radius (IL) of the diaphragm
smaller means that the mass of the diaphragm becomes smaller and the speaker's minimum
resonance w4 wave number [f0] to the speaker from the relation of. The lowest resonance # 1
fatigue f, J is larger than that of the system (f @ J, button type-not separated. Therefore, the
miniaturization of the diaphragm needs to be accompanied by a further increase in mass. Since
the aim of microminiature speaker systems is to make the volume [micro] small, the lowest
resonance frequency [1] of the system is in the increasing direction. Therefore, in the
microminiature speaker system, in order to lower the lowest resonance frequency (fs), the radius
of the diaphragm (a) g, the relationship with the person and the relationship with the volume of
the box (V) It can be understood that it is effective to increase the equal domain mass [分,].
However, the increase of the equivalent mass [111,] of the diaphragm lowers the speaker C
efficiency. Therefore, to round the diaphragm O mass gain and to obtain a large output in nine
speakers, the speaker input must be increased-0 but for the speaker input, the speech generated
by the speaker's voice coil -There is a possibility that disconnection or occurrence of the voice
coil occurs in rounding of the phenomenon, and it can not be enlarged without being dark.
Generally speaking, disconnection of the voice coil is likely to occur when the coil temperature
exceeds 180 ° C. In order to cast a broken wire 1 of the voice coil for a large input, it is
conceivable to increase the diameter of the voice coil wire, but it is necessary to set the
impedance R-tK of the voice coil to improve the IIA value. Therefore, it is necessary to make it
thicker, so that the magnetic circuit which bears on the magnet also becomes large. In an ultrasmall pole speaker system, during the volume of the speaker box, the occupation of the magnetic
circuit is not always always 5 大 1 o 1 更 に 1 0 o on it further the volume of the magnetic jump
is more steep than the more box Thus, the minimum resonance period t & (f) of the speaker
system is increased. For this reason, the volume of the magnetic path, in particular, must be
minimized in microminiature speaker systems. The present invention solves the various problems
described above, and injecting the magnetic fluid into the center gap of the magnetic circuit in
which the voice coil of the speaker is disposed, the volume of the magnetic circuit can be
reduced. It is proposed to increase the power of the speaker without increasing it. The magnetic
fluid is obtained by mixing magnetic powder with an lkrM activator in a liquid such as oil, and
dispersing the magnetic powder in oil in a colloidal state. The characteristic of this magnetic fluid
is that it has the characteristics of a magnetic substance since it is a liquid. FIG. 111 shows an
example of a speaker used in the speaker system of the present invention. The same # AK, the
bottom plate ill with an ill # i center ball 傭 it, an annular 7 振 6 6 magnet (4), a top plate ill, and
a magnetic circuit from the magnetic gap (@) A voice coil (7) is disposed, and an Ii moving hill ill
is attached to the voice coil (d). (-) Is a neutral fluid which is inserted into the magnetic gap (6) by
interposing the voice coil (1), and this magnetic fluid is used as a magnetite powder with a
diameter of 100 μm together with a surfactant and oil ◆ O liquid Among them, there are
colloidal Kf & 9 40′′e, for example, 7: t-oi t (south item name) manufactured by No.
Ferrofludics, USA. The equivalent mass [-] of the front upper test board ($) is set to be larger than
that of a normal one. −はダンパー、(6)はエツジである。 In general, the equivalent mass [-]
of the diaphragm of the speaker is approximately the mass of the diaphragm, the mass of the
voice coil (7), the mass fishing axis of the mass of the damper 11C4, and the mass of the edge 0
The mass of vibrating air, and the total.
As described above, in order to lower the minimum resonance frequency of the speaker system, it
is good if the equivalent mass of the speaker i # plate I set is increased. It is conceivable to add a
mass of 7 to the IN # plate (魯), or to construct the material of the Ii moving plate (魯) with a
large mass. Of course, it is needless to say that it is possible to devise other than 0111. In this
way, while increasing the KIIIIFJ board one ship O ◆ valence mass [-], since the magnetic gap (-)
K magnetic fluid tel is injected-, the sales rush with the voice coil is efficiently center ball
(phantom And the top plate (·) K is transmitted, and the allowable input as a substantial speaker
can be increased. Therefore, in order to lower the system's lowest resonance frequency ・ [f ·],
the diaphragm (it is possible to increase the value of 啼 1 to allow a large input by the injection
of the 4 magnetic fluid, effectively Thus, a small speaker system can be obtained which can
generate a low frequency range without causing a drop in the audio output O. Next, another
embodiment of the system of the present invention will be described. ・ Speaker box (outer
dimension) 12Sx190x105 (am) (customer 112.157) @ speaker 100φ (IIg) volume 0.28 J8 ·
Equal mass of diaphragm, 5 f · Magnetic fluid viscosity about 2000 PI injection amount about α
4 cc In the speaker system of 1, as shown in its lowest resonance frequency (f is about 100 for
the conventional product, 6 for 8 for 8 parts, and 21 for the allowable input) K, magnetic It can
be seen that the value is approximately doubled at around 100 ° C., which is the maximum
temperature always used, at 100 ° C., which is the maximum temperature for continuous use, as
compared with the case where no fluid injection is performed. As is apparent from the above
description, the present invention increases the equivalent mass of the speaker am plate and
injects the magnetic fluid into the magnetic gap of the speaker. In addition to showing the
characteristics of + and paste, it is possible to obtain a speaker system of @ V * small 1M with a
drop in its output.
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