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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional push-pull
type speaker, and FIGS. 2 to 4 are sectional views showing an embodiment of the speaker
according to the present invention. 1・・・マグネット、2・・・トッププレート、3・・・バ
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker in
which two magnetic gaps are formed by a top plate and a back plate, and two Heuss coils are
disposed to correspond to each other. Recently, the weight of the vibration system has increased
due to the high rigidity of the vibration system of the speaker. The number of effective turns of
the voice coil is increased in order to obtain high part 2-power with VC. The increase in the
effective number of turns of the coil increases the inductance, and the band is narrowed
accordingly. As one means for solving these iW problems, there is a speaker as shown in FIG. 1
using two magnetic gaps and two voice coils. In the figure, 11 is a magnet, 12 is a top plate, 13 is
a back plate, 14 is a center ball, 15, 16 voice coils, 17 is a coil bobbin, 18a is a center ball halter.
However, in the prior art shown in FIG. 1, the gap between the voice coil Is and the coil 16 of the
magnetic circuit is long, and the bobbin tends to stagnate between the voice coils, and the axial
strength tends to be weak. there were. Also, connect the voice coil 15.16 + HL so that each
inductance is canceled. Even if there is a core or core 41, the mutual inductance is sufficiently
generated regardless of 41, so the reduction of the third-order distortion due to the inductance
and the magnetic strain of the core is not sufficiently -a-, a. Furthermore, it was effective to
reduce the permeability and the eddy current with respect to the cancellation of the inductance.
It is an object of the present invention to provide a loudspeaker which overcomes the abovementioned conventional drawbacks. Hereinafter, the embodiments of the present invention will
be enclosed based on FIG. 2 to FIG. In the figure, 1 is a magnet, 2 top plate, 3 back plate, 4 center
pole, 5.6 voice coil, 7 Fi coil bobbin, 8 center pole holder, top plate 2 and back plate 3 Thus, two
magnetic gaps are formed, and two voice coils 5.6 are arranged on the coil bobbin 7
corresponding to this. Although this type of magnetic circuit or speaker is referred to as pushpull drive type, in the present invention, the voice coil s and sFi inductance are connected so as to
cancel each other, and the voice coils 5 and 6 are as close as possible. It is located in Then, in the
example shown in FIG. 2, the back plate 3 is bent toward the top plate 2 in the case of 4- ゝ f 〆 1
+ +, and the top plate 2 is bent toward the back plate 3 in the example of FIG. In Example 1 of
FIG. 4, both the top plate 2 and the back plate 3 are bent so as to be close to each other 0,
respectively close to each other! !
It corresponds to i [IM +1 voice coil 5.6. In the example of FIG. 2, the voice coil 5.6 is used to the
extent that it can contact and the coil width center 5a. 6a is located 7 inside the thickness centers
2a and 3a of the top plate and the back plate, so the distance between the coil width centers 5a
and 6aM is shorter than the distance between the thickness centers 2a and 3a of the plate It has
become. This is advantageous for the long voice coil type. In the type in which the top plate 2 is
bent as shown in FIGS. 3 and 4, the damper 9 does not require a V rise, and the distance from the
magnetic circuit component to the baffle can be shortened. 1-(1-,-1 frame length is shortened, the
frame strength can be increased and the frame material can be made a little. In the example of
FIG. 4, both plates are bent, the symmetry of the magnetic path is good, and the distortion can be
reduced. When the voice coil 5.6 is connected in such a way that the inductance is canceled and
the voice coil 5 ° 6 is brought close to each other and the plate is brought close accordingly, the
inductance is reduced, and about 2 in the experimental results. It has decreased to one tenth. In
the point of reduction of inductance or b-ti, a center pole is ideal, but a center pole is
indispensable for a magnetic circuit. In the example of FIG. 4, since the book having the
laminated core 10 provided on the outer periphery of the iron core as the center pole 4 is used
to reduce the amount of eccentricity, it is intended to reduce the distortion (third order).
According to the speaker of the present invention, the bending of the coil bobbin between the
voice coils does not occur, and the coil bobbin itself can be shortened so that the mechanical
strength is increased -6-and the inductances of the two voice coils are cancelled. Because the
inductance of the coil is reduced, the reproduction band can be expanded completely, and the
success or failure is also reduced. Is the best.
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