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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial longitudinal sectional view showing
the mounting state of a conventional in-vehicle speaker unit, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a
mounting bracket, and FIG. 3 is a back of the in-vehicle speaker unit according to the present
invention. FIG. 4 is a partial vertical cross-sectional view showing the attached state. 10 ......
speaker frame, 11 ...... driver 's unit, 12 ...... flange portion, 12a ... ... mounting hole, 13 ... ...
mounted clamped Piece, 13a ииииии bolt hole.
The present invention relates to a single mounted speaker unit, and more particularly to an
embedded type single mounted speaker unit mounted in a door panel or a parcel tray such as a
parcel tray. Loudspeaker units for vehicles are roughly divided into stationary types. It can be
divided into an embedded type, and a very basic, embedded type in-vehicle speaker unit requires
a bracket for its installation. That is, as shown in FIG. 1, 21-many '117?' and 1 @ 2 figure, as
shown in the figure, three to four metal fittings are attached to the edge of the hole / a drilled in
the inside panel l of the door. The bolt holes Jsi possessed by the metal-embedded bracket and
the mounting holes drilled in the 7 rung portion of the speaker unit are bolted together. This
metal attached fitting 2 has a substantially U-shaped cross section, and has a function of holding
and reinforcing the inside panel I from both sides with a function of holding a single speaker unit
attached with a hook The number of holes is prepared. Therefore, it will be handled integrally as
a mounting bracket as an accessory of a car-mounted speaker unit, requiring more attention for
parts management and packing management. Therefore, this device is intended to avoid the need
for a mounting hook separate from the speaker unit at the heart when mounting single-use
subcabinets with doors Q twin-side panels or rear-pars children trays. For that reason, 7 runes of
the speaker frame that make up the in-vehicle speaker unit-mounting flanges-2-mounting
support-integral integrated mountings, and in order to add them, those mounting and holding
pieces are inside panels and so on. When the rear parcel tray is bent at the back side to hold the
inoside panel etc. between the 7 rung section, the joint is fixed, the bolt is inserted and fixed from
the jlil 4 = r hole in the flood house to the bolt hole in the mounting sandwiching piece It is also a
force that is characterized by being configured. The details of this invention will be described
below with reference to the attached drawings. FIG. 3 is a perspective view of the in-vehicle
speaker unit according to the present invention when viewed from the back, and is attached to
the central portion of the speaker frame 10 with a driver unit tinsjlR. The speaker frame IC has a
flood s / c at its peripheral portion, and three to four mounting holes l are equally arranged in
the circumferential direction. The mounting holding piece 13 is fixed by fixing the mounting hole
1a and the inner rim portion l of the one frame / (7 rung portion lco), and the mounting holding
piece 13 / Ji is a bolt hole / It has a long hole or four holes.
This mounting and clamping piece 13 is not so large in rigidity because it is folded in order to
cast the on-vehicle Subika kaenit, it is made of a material which can be folded by an excessive
force. The following is a description of the work attachment of the door monot of the vehiclemounted speaker unit according to the present invention. Fig. 4 As shown in Fig. 4 (a part of
driver door l in the door side panel P, as shown in Fig. 4), the speaker frame 100r 'is inserted. 7
Place the flange fJ / J around the hole P8. Then, the attachment holding piece / J, which is a
flange portion l-stiffener, is bent to a crane on the inside panel P '/ J4 so that the inside panel p +
flood ffi / ? is in particular held in a rigid shape. Pass the bolt of this mounting / holding piece /
J in advance from Ja to the inoside panel P, insert the bolt B into the mounting hole / Ja of the
waiting rod 1.3 and fasten it with a nut B1. . Since the bending position of the mounting / holding
piece / J is determined by the thickness of the inside panel P, the mounting hole / Ja can be
conveniently used not only for circular holes but also for long holes or different vehicles. It is
clear from the above description 13) The single speaker unit according to the invention has a
plurality of mounting and clamping pieces provided on the 7 rungs, so the inside panel of the
door, the 4-rear parcel tray, and the flange portion There is an effect that it can be held by the
mounting support and can be added without using a special mounting bracket, and there is no
need for parts management because it is integrated with the speaker frame.
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