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Brief Description of the Drawings
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a magnetic circuit
for a speaker which can obtain a large output and a large amplitude of the voice coil by
increasing the depth of the five air gaps [7]. In the figure, it is shown in FIG. 1 that 7 channels
and 722 <, center hole 9.1 ("l magnet 3, ρ-shaped full 4"). 'VL, in the center hole 9 and the
mouth weight' U-shaped q sky with rate 4 (with this + If '↑ scaika output increaser opening that
has invaded the province, 113 square' J1 pi 1; 1 center (the 6'11 position of the voice coil
amplitude of the voice coil is increased, the Hess coil site light or the bottom hit the missing or
not the media). As a measure against this, the second I / O is to pray for the base of the center
hole 10 [1 [1 [force + 1 I], or the magnet 3 and the center pole 10 1t) 1 or narrow The poem had
a press force "・ ・ ・ ・ 411 ζ 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 カ ロ カ ロ 1 1 肖 す る と 1 カ ロ カ ロ
カ ロ カ ロ カ ロ カ ロ カ ロ カ ロ カ ロ カ ロ カ ロ カ ロ カ ロ (カ ロ カ ロ 寸 寸 寸 寸 寸 コ ス ト
コ ス ト コ ス ト コ ス ト コ ス ト 窩 窩 7 占 7 7 7. The present plan was devised to eliminate the
1-n fault, and the plan (the example shown in FIG. 3 will be described in detail in FIG. 3). The
annular magnetic body 1 is adhered to the L surface of the annular magnetic body 1 and the
annular magnetic body 5 -1. Positive: Wear, i4 J-plate 44 on the 1-surface of the vise-like magnet
3, and attach it to the center ball 2 and r 4-like plate 4 with a speaker core circuit that reshapes
the air gap. Are there books? Because it has a structure like tF? 83 magnetic sky] Of the depths
or out in the dark, the v1 like large 1-I +. It is vibrated by force, and the amplitude of the voice
coil can be taken large, and it is a lesson for cost <, it is small and it is a). . Utility model
registration f-Request range i # 1 2nd work 1 · 1 図 14 Figure 1, Annular communication: 'Fplane inner edge of the main body 1 With a collar 6Q on the 11th surface of the hole 8
combined, the ring is directed C of the magnetic body 1 and the guide 7 of the annular magnet 8
is attached for positioning. 1. Make a paternity bill 1. In order to need a shellfish or VI '+
accessories, you can efficiently assemble your own. B1: A long-standing old plan 4 [Shrimp in the
side of the side 1 Buriaki Figure 1; Figure 2 is a conventional hard air circuit cross section Figure
3 is a plan draft sand mail circuit section M 4 [Low 1 is a utility model dowel l! -The required
circuit section 2 of the clause section 2 is the magnetic body 2.8 is the center ball 3 is the
magnet 4 (size plate 5.6 is the step 7 (. Onkyo Co., Ltd. 1?
8 6 11 · · · (隈 p large 2 ring · (■ ■ 3 騙 1 六 6 I + ° o □ · utility model applicant applicant
Onkyou-1-1), patent attorney Saita Taebe T 45 2 8
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