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Specification 8 Title: Low-profile Speaker 1) A magnetic circuit formed by arranging a plurality of
thin magnetic circuit conductors having two parallel magnetic gaps in a straight line (two aligned
magnetic matrices and arranged in a matrix) A thin speaker comprising a rectangular voice coil
extending across adjacent linear magnetic gaps of the magnetic circuit and having a flat
diaphragm bonded to the voice coil.
2, the scope of claims
The present invention relates to a so-called thin speaker having a thin drive structure.
Conventionally, a movable wire ring type speaker generally used has a structure as shown in FIG.
The voice coil bobbin (31 is disposed in the air gap formed between the pole piece +11 and the
outer plate (2), and the voice coil bobbin (31, the conical diaphragm (4) and the support damper
(5) are provided) It is a thing. However, in a loudspeaker of such a structure, there was a limit to
thinning the entire loudspeaker because the diaphragm was conical. Four conical diaphragms (4)
could be used because of their conical shape? The # i = (cavity) effect is produced, and there is a
defect that a peak is generated near the middle stage in frequency characteristics. As a typical
drive system EndPage: 1 which can be said to be 10,000 thin-profile speakers, conventionally,
Fig. 2 (? (gum-thin type) and Fig. 2 (1 (electrostatic type) (= shown acoustic conversion type)
Oh-so '. ?? In the former gum-thin type, a film-like flat plate moving plate (7) is disposed in the
middle of the mutually opposed linear magnet group + 61f 61 with the same polarity with a
narrow gap, and the photoetching on this diaphragm (7) Are formed in a meandering manner
according to the method. The latter electrostatic type is also thin lII! This method is a method of
driving a thin summon by adding a signal (older signal) between I (9) and the conductive gold IiQ
plate 1101fll'l on both sides. Both of these methods can be made thin as an RL acoustic
transducer, but they do not have sufficient pregnancy width, so the conversion efficiency is low,
the lowest resonance frequency is high, and it is difficult to output a low band. And other
disadvantages. On the other hand, in order to eliminate the cavity effect and to match the
position of the sound source, etc., speakers having various one-motion systems and structures
using a flat rigid diaphragm have been proposed. However, since some have few driving points
and are not uniformly distributed on the diaphragm, they may generate divided vibration from a
low frequency, and the other may have the structure of the drive unit, particularly the magnetic
circuit. Therefore, the entire speaker can not be thinned. The present invention has been made in
view of such a point, and has a thin structure and has a large number of drive parts, that is, a full
drive type (-approaching, piston movement with F in a wide band from low range to cylinder
range) Drive speaker is proposed. Hereinafter, embodiments of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 5 is a perspective view of a thin magnetic circuit
according to the present invention (a perspective view of an eyebrow; an upper (= top break) H of
a flat rectangular magnet (21) is provided, and a yoke eraF And an outer plate Q41 is provided to
obtain a parallel magnetic gap 1251.
Thus, the magnetic circuit single-piece group has an internal magnet type and circular structure.
Magnets f2 + 1 is preferably of barium ferrite type in order to make it thin and to magnetize in
the vertical direction as seen from this structure. Figure 4 shows the configuration of the
magnetic circuit as a whole of the speaker and the voice coil This figure shows an example of the
top view of the positional relationship, in which 4 columns of the magnetic circuit alone shown in
the $ 3 factor in 4 columns in the X direction and 3 rows of pedestals ?? ? 1 ? ? 12
magnetic gaps + 251 ( C) Aligned in the X direction and arranged in a matrix. At this time, the
voice coil 1 is inserted and arranged one by one in a row of 15 magnetic circuit units arranged in
the Y direction. Accordingly, a total of four rectangular voice coil groups are arranged in the
magnetic circuit of FIG. ??????? Each voice coil ? ... is! As shown in Fig. 5 (The wire coil
(support) is wound around the lower part of the voice coil substrate Q71 of rectangular fireflies
made of resin film or aluminum foil etc., and the four voice coils 46+ are lead wires. Are
connected in series (or in parallel). The speaker is square in this case. A side view of the speaker
shown in FIG. 4 as viewed from the y direction and the X direction of the speaker is shown in FIG.
A rectangular voice film ?? is adhered to the lower part of the rectangular planar imaging plate
?, and the diaphragm 3 is supported on the frame (d) by the damper 3D. At the time of the
speaker base, the electrification hole [with] of the pony is provided appropriately to escape the
static electricity. In the third embodiment, a single magnetic circuit (three rows x four rows 1121-) is arranged (two dots are arranged, but the number of magnetic circuits is not limited to
this. As in the following, according to the present invention, by dividing the voice coil 1 part 1...
In the X direction arbitrarily, the driving force can be increased or reduced, and the piston 1f can
be spread over a wide band. It is possible to obtain a moving speaker. Even in such a case, it is
not necessary to have a long and long magnet which does not stay in place, and the cost can be
reduced without the loss of magnetic flux due to the gap with the yoke which is likely to occur in
a large magnet. Also, the air inside the rectangular voice coil Q?. It also has the advantage that
differences can be made between I 1. 8 and 9 show another embodiment of the speaker
according to the present invention. This embodiment is a thin speaker having the abovementioned structure (=, in order to increase the driving point to the diaphragm and increase the
piston movement zone layer of the diaphragm, each magnetic circuit (11 (fly ... between) In the
portion where the magnetoelectric gap EndPage: 2 does not exist, a horizontal bar is provided at
a right angle to the longitudinal direction (gap direction) of the rectangular voice coil.
This will be described with reference to FIGS. FIG. 8 is a diagram showing the relationship
between the voice coil wetness ... and the horizontal crosspiece (d). The horizontal crosspiece (d)
is provided in the direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the voice coil 2 ... The
top of the crosspiece (d) is bonded to the diaphragm ?, and both sides are bonded to the voice
coil 2 ..., and the driving force of the voice coil 2 ... is from the top of the crosspiece (d) as well. It
is a structure to be transmitted to). For the crosspieces, materials similar to those of the voice coil
substrate, for example, resin films, metal foils such as aluminum, or wood thin plates are used.
The crossbar (d) is provided in a direction perpendicular to the voice coil f 'J61 ..., including the
end of the voice coil, uniformly to the inside and the outside of the voice coil ..., vibration Bond
the lower surface of the plate (7) to the voice coil 1 ... at the side. In this manner, the driving
force of the voice coil 1 ... is divided into the diaphragm ? surface in a base form. Specific means
for providing the crossbars 13 are shown in (a)-(a) and (b)-(b) in Figure 9 (where the river is the
width of each crossbar, the voice coil width, and the voice coil pitch (Normally, if the intervals are
the same, the driving force is uniform and it is good.) Cut one by one according to this and bond
it to the diaphragm (most) lower surface and voice coil. In the figure (b), the cross bar (d) is made
into a single sheet through all the rows of the voice coil ? in the X direction, and slits (s ) Is
provided and arranged. The advantages of providing crosspieces (...) in this way are as follows.
(2) By increasing the driving point in the X direction and shortening the interval at which the
driving force to the diaphragm acts, it is possible to eliminate the node due to the divided
vibration of the diaphragm generated in the X direction and enlarge the piston movement zone of
the diaphragm. Incidentally, when one horizontal bar is thrown to the middle portion of the
rectangular voice coil, the second-root frequency of the diaphragm increases approximately four
times as compared with the case where the horizontal bar is not provided. ? By providing a
cross bar in the rectangular voice coil, it is possible to prevent the resonance of the magnetic
plate and &) 2 '1' J and the lateral direction due to the lateral vibration and deflection of the
voice coil, and firmly connect the voice coil and the diaphragm. it can. (2) When viewed from the
side of the diaphragm, the crossbar (dest) has a structure in which a reinforcing plate is provided
at the lower part of the diaphragm, and serves to enhance the bending rigidity of the diaphragm.
FIG. 10 shows another embodiment of the present invention, and the bars (s) between the voice
coils ????... Reinforce each other are adjacent to each other on the lower surface of the voice
coil ?) @. Are bonded so as to connect the voice coils .alpha.
This reinforcing bar (spindle) has a function of preventing the rubbing name with the lateral
blurring and the play of the magnetic gap ???) f) f24 caused by the voice coil L26i (G)... Being
long in the X direction. Also, the driving force due to the variation of the magnetic flux among the
individual magnetic circuit units f2 (1... Has an action to uniformly apply to the whole of the
diaphragm ? until the averaging. If this reinforcing bar (9) is not present, each voice coil I261...
Has an independent structure, and if there is variation in its driving force, the force applied to
each surface of the diaphragm will vary and the diaphragm Problems occur in the uniform drive
throughout. As for the installation of the crosspieces, as shown in Fig. 11, the gap part in the X
direction of the magnetic magnetosphere track middle body group ... arranged in a base form like
j in the X direction j! ! 'The location of the part as well as its two ends (= arranged) In this case,
four reinforcing bars (supports) are used. The reinforcement bars (supports) used here are light
so as not to affect the increase in the weight of the vibration system as a whole, and they are bent
rigidly so that the voice coil иии can be connected to allow integral vibration. и Requires materials
and structures with high flexural rigidity so that they can be coupled and integrated vibration 7
For example, those with an annular or V-shaped cross section are used. Materials such as
aluminum or titanium of light metals, or Reinforced plastic materials are suitable. FIGS. 12, 13
and 14 show other embodiments in the history of the present invention? To each voice coil York)
bars C to reinforce ... (71 FIG. 10, FIG. 11 to indicate s 1 8 to be bonded to the lower surface of
the voice coil in the same manner as was shea, further reinforcing bars (b) The frame has a
frame-like portion extended so as to surround the voice coil. That is, the voice coil {circle over
(5)} is surrounded by a frame-like portion (most) made of a material having the same material
and shape as the reinforcing bar C @. And this frame-like part (d) is connected to the frame (a) of
the speaker via a damper (d). By adopting such a configuration, since the voice coil I2611261...
Groups are connected, it is possible to apply a uniform EndPage: 3 driving force to the diaphragm
?, and a frame-like portion and a frame Since a large space can be taken between (d) and (d), the
width of the damper (d) can be made sufficiently large, and the diaphragm ? can be made
thicker and fRr I]. As apparent from the above description, the present invention has two parallel
magnetic gaps! J1 Several thin magnetic circuits are arranged in a matrix by aligning the
magnetic gaps in a straight line to form a magnetic circuit, and a rectangular voice coil is formed
across adjacent linear magnetic gaps of the magnetic circuit. Furthermore, since a flat diaphragm
is attached to this voice coil and the thickness of the speaker can be made extremely thin, and
the flat diaphragm performs a complete piston movement, the low-to-high band wide band M -FC
A flat characteristic is obtained, and high fidelity reproduced sound can be obtained.
Further, in the present invention, since the reinforcing bars for connecting each voice coil are
provided, a large number of voice coils are substantially eliminated to eliminate the node due to
the divisional imaging movement of the diaphragm, and the piston movement of the diaphragm
You can help
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1, FIG. 2 TaXI)) is a cross-sectional view of the existing
falling speaker, FIG. 3 is a perspective view of a single magnetoelectric circuit used for the
speaker of the present invention, and FIG. FIG. 5 is a top view of the main part, FIG. 5 is a
perspective view of a voice coil used for the speaker of the present invention, FIG. 6 and FIG. 7
are cross sections of the speaker of the present invention seen from different directions, and FIG.
A top view of the main part of another embodiment of the speaker, FIG. 9B, (b) is a side view of
the main part of the same embodiment, and FIG. 10 is a side view of the main part of the fourth
embodiment of the present invention speaker. Fig. 11 is a top view of the main part of the
embodiment, FIG. 12 is a top view of another embodiment of the speaker according to the
present invention, and FIG. (A) is a body of a magnetic circuit, ? is a voice coil, (7) is a flat plate,
C? (d) is a damper, ( ) Frame, shows respectively the (optimal) ? reinforcing bars, (optimum) is
the frame-like part. Tk EndPage: ?
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