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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1, 2 is a perspective view and an exploded view
showing an example of a conventional metal voice coil bobbin, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view of
an improved type filed by the same applicant, FIGS. FIG. 1 is a perspective view and a developed
view showing an embodiment of a voice coil bobbin according to the present invention. 5はボビ
ン、6はボイスコイル、51.52はスリット。 Fig. 1 Fig. 2 一 87 so so-138 539 (2) Fig. 3 Fig.
4 5 5-88
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a voice coil
bobbin KIIf 4% of an electrodynamic electro-mechanical transducer used for a speaker or the like.
Paper tI as a general thing of 0 & chair coil dabin such as conventional speakers. Although it was
used, there is a problem with this paper-made pino (if it is heat resistance, strong point?) Cores,
etc., a metal bobbin is often used as a bobbin for large input. (became. That is, there is no
burnout due to heat, and it is excellent in heat resistance 0 and mechanical strength is also far
superior to paper bobbins, so it is suitable as a bobbin for large input. -An eddy current occurs
because the metal plate moves in the magnetic field J! There is a drawback of 1-. That is, as
shown in FIG. 1, when a current is applied to the voice coil 121eC wound metallic bobbin fllK, the
bobbin (1) moves up and down, but at this time the magnetic flux from the magnetic circuit acts
and the fluxing right hand According to the law, the agriculture of Fig. 2 in the bobbin (1)! The
current flows as shown by 1IWJ, and a large current loogu-this is a eddy current, but this eddy
current R causes a magnetic braking and energy loss and a square, □. The problem is that the Q
of the coil is reduced too much. FL6 Therefore, unnecessary Table 1 is the same for the purpose
of preventing energy loss due to air braking and preventing a decrease in efficiency. A bobbin (3)
as shown in FIG. 3 has been filed by the applicant as Japanese Utility Model No. 47-101500. And
in this bobbin (3), even if a current is supplied to the voice coil (41 and the bobbin +31 moves up
and down, a large number of slits are pierced, the eddy current is cut off Large one! Nadu I g1r!
A small eddy current is generated between the slits 01 without generation. Therefore, as a whole,
the magnetic braking force is reduced, and there is an advantage that the energy loss is reduced.
However, in the case of the bobbin 131 which has a zero but upper de-turn, the coil +4 is wound
on three forces. The 0-year-old, who had glued out the adhesive, had a great risk of sticking to
the bobbin (the gauge inserted in the 31) used when performing addiction. Moreover, the coil of
the part corresponding to the slit cll [But there is a defect such as peeling and there is a high
incidence of defective products. The present invention is designed to correct a defect in
acupuncture, and where is the purpose of a butterfly and an adhesive gage? It is an object of the
present invention to provide a voice coil bobbin in which the insulating coating of the coil does
not peel off.
Also, another object of the present invention is to prevent unnecessary energy loss by energy
braking and to prevent a decrease in efficiency, but it is a coil c. In conjunction with Fig. 5
(explained ((5+ is a cutting bin made of a conductive material such as a metal bobbin, and the
voice coil 6) is removed except for the part wound in parallel (a large number parallel to the
winding direction of the bobbin) The upper and lower slits (51) (112) where the slit (s * X5z) of
the upper part of the upper slit (s * X5z) is in danger of falling are located in the middle (lower
slit (s2) of the upper slit (S1χ51) Can be formed into a true circle even when forming a bobbin
l511-cylindrical #C. The strength as 5 + does not become weak either. If a voice coil (current tube
flow to I-pin Knt is moved up and down, an eddy current is generated by Oa east from the
magnetic circuit according to the right-hand rule of y-da, but in the present invention A large
number of open slits at the top and bottom of the voice coil (6) (since the eddy current is cut off
because SIXli is pierced, therefore no large-scale eddy current R is generated and each upper and
lower slins) (stXs2) Since only a small eddy current is generated between them, the magnetic
braking force d is reduced as a whole, and the energy loss is small, and the energy loss is small.
By throwing a slit parallel to the direction of movement of the bobbin, the large loop eddy
current generated by the magnetic flux from the magnetic circuit is eliminated, and energy loss
due to the magnetic side tllK is well prevented. Can, thus preventing a decrease in low F and coil
Q of efficiency. Also, since the slit is a part where the voice quill is to be written, the adhesive is
not attached to the gauge, etc., and the insulating film of the chair coil is not attached. Is an effect
such as peeling off and having 9 words
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