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Patent Office Secretary Mr. J10 Invention Name & 4I Patent Applicant Address Bundle 'iF% 8
Aobadai 6 Chome Aobadai Meguro-ku, Catalog of Attached Documents ■ Japanese Patent
Application Laid-Open No. 50-1435180. (1975) -11, 19 Japanese Patent Application No. aq-sθ
575 [phase] filing date ■ 4a, (197) r, / 'Inside the office number 11 ti 555 specification name of
the invention name of the invention dome shaped speaker 2 A dome-shaped speaker
characterized in that the dome-shaped diaphragm is made thick as it extends from the top to the
periphery and the strange magnetic circuit is made constant impedance by a short ring or the
r-m type single power 2 shot, bright person
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an improvement
in sound pressure frequency characteristics to a single nine dome loudspeaker. In the experiment
of the diaphragm of the dome type speaker, when the diaphragm made of oval paper is made
lighter and thinner, the valley appears large in the high region 12000 to 16000 Hz pc of the
dome type speaker, but 12000H! At lower frequencies, the f-characteristic is improved by the
reduction of the weight of the diaphragm), and the hills and valleys are very poor. On the other
hand, a large amount of third-order distortion appears in the middle and high frequencies of the
reproduction band. Previously, when the diaphragm was made heavier against the weight
reduction, it caused deterioration of the f characteristic of 1200 G) h or less in addition to the
drawback of the decrease in efficiency. The following can be said by such an experiment. It is
that the compliance of the diaphragm is increased due to the weight reduction of the diaphragm,
and this compliance appears to be effective effectively at 12000 Hz or more. This is also inferred
from the fact that it is hard to appear with heavy and hard diaphragms. In the case of a thin, light
diaphragm, the loss of the diaphragm increases, leading to the improvement of the f
characteristic. In the case of a heavy diaphragm, the loss is reduced and a standing wave is
generated in the diaphragm, resulting in deterioration of the f characteristic. At this time, since
the equalizer has an effect at the top of the diaphragm with respect to the improvement of the f
characteristic, the phase of the top is opposite to the phase of the junction of the voice coil at the
antiresonance frequency. In any case, there is a problem at the top of the diaphragm. In addition,
distortion is increased due to the weight reduction of the diaphragm, and nine points are
generally EndPage: 1 in the experiment and the like as problems of air permeability and thirdorder distortion of paper cone paper. The problem at the top of the above-described vibration
plate is that it can be applied not only to the oval diaphragm but also to the diaphragm of a
circular dome-shaped speaker. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In view of the above-described
nine points, one aspect of the present invention is to provide a nine dome-shaped speaker with
improved f characteristics. Embodiments of the present invention will be described below with
reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view, in which reference numeral
1 is a diaphragm, which is made of a fibrous material, and is thicker as it extends from the top 2
to the periphery 3. 4 is a center pole, 5 is a short ring (L3 is formed by a steel ring, and this K is
intended to make a system constant impedance. K for achieving this constant impedance may be
formed by laminating the top plate (laminated permanent core) or the like. In the figure, 6 in the
figure, is a coil, 7 is an edge, 8 is a top plate, 9 is ~ 13, A-91 ': jV-), 1 ° 0 is '17), 11 is throwing
school], 12 is Show the pack cover.
In the case where the dome-shaped diaphragm is thickened from the top to the periphery as
shown in FIG. 2, the sound pressure frequency characteristic diagram bK in FIG. However,
because the junction with the voice coil is heavy, the effective mass and high-frequency energy in
the high-frequency region are slightly depressed from around 2000 Hz. As shown in FIG. 9C, the
constant impedance of the magnetic circuit according to the present invention can be improved
as shown in FIG. 10C, and can be flattened as a whole. Also, as is well known in the prior art,
constant impedanceization also improves the first-order distortion in the midrange that is
considered to be caused by the inductance of the pole piece.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a dome-shaped speaker
according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view in line, and FIG. 2 is a sound
pressure frequency characteristic diagram. 1: Vibrating plate, 2: Top, 3: Peripheral edge, 4:
Center pole, 5 nibs-Triton. EndPage: 2
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