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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a plan view of a drive unit, and FIG. 3 is a
distortion-frequency characteristic diagram. In the figure, 1 is an elliptical dome diaphragm, 2 is
an elliptical drive wire ring, 3 is an elliptical spigo, 7 is a center pole, 8 is a plate, and A is an
elliptical magnetic gap. Fig. 1 珈 Fig. 2-65-real open 51-127 028 (2) Fig. 3 1 7 '\ / 1 \ level
20040000002000413006000 + number of liquid in the liquid} l Z20000 1 66
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the drive of an elliptical US dome speaker. In the conventional elliptical dome speaker, since
the drive wire ring shaped in a circular shape is fixed to Ml green in the top of the elliptical dome
diaphragm, the end of the elliptical dome diaphragm from its finger portion When the distance
between the major axis and the minor axis leading to the axis is asymmetrical and the piston is
moved up and down while the drive wheel is moving up and down, the diaphragm does not show
a rigid body and the parts of the pendulum and (1) oscillating plate are integrated and vibrate As
a result, asymmetry occurs, asymmetrical motion occurs as the frequency in the major axis
direction of the lf diaphragm becomes higher, reverse resonance occurs near the edge, and sharp
peaks and valleys occur in the middle range, which is bad on sound quality characteristics It was
given to the shadow 41. This kind of break is done by B-reforming, reinforcement is added to the
elliptical dome diaphragm, and the pressure is weakened when forming the elliptical dome
diaphragm, or the corrosion is caused by using t + non-breast cone. In such a way it was difficult
to eliminate the above drawbacks. This device is positioned in an elliptically shaped magnetic gap
and is formed into an elliptical shape, and by the action of a rod drive wire ring, the distance
between the end in the major direction and the minor axis from the end to the end of the
elliptical spider is symmetrical To eliminate the asymmetrical distortion caused by the diaphragm
and to generate the bending motion generated in the major axis direction of the diaphragm in 1to prevent the reverse resonance around the spider S and further to widen the vibration area and
to improve the radiation efficiency The goal is to improve (2) Hereinafter, the illustrated
embodiment of the present invention will be described. In N, (1) an elliptical dome diaphragm, (2)
is firmly fixed to the inner peripheral edge of this diaphragm, and drives an elliptically-shaped
formed kneading 7 (8) an elliptical spider fixed to the outer peripheral edge of the drive wire ring
and elastically supporting it to prevent lateral deflection (a yoke is a yoke, and a center ball is
integral with the yoke, (6) is an elliptical magnetic gap (a plate arranged to form Al, ((is a frame
fixed on the plate, (2) is a permanent magnet) is there. As described above, according to the
elliptical dome speaker of the present invention, the elliptical spider is located from the end by
the action of the drive wire (2) located in the elliptically formed magnetic gap V) and formed in
the elliptical shape. When this drive wire ring (2) performs piston movement up and down with
the distance between the major axis and the minor axis reaching the end of (8) symmetrical, the
diaphragm (11 shows a rigid body, and each part of the diaphragm +11 is In order to move as a
whole, an asymmetric distortion caused by the asymmetry of the diaphragm shown by the
broken line in FIG.
I) Without having a large area of vibration as compared with a circular dome diaphragm, so that
the one-shot ability is good (, because a good improvement result can be obtained, the practical
effect is large.
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