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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the speaker, and FIG.
2 is a partially cutaway perspective view of the inventive speaker. 2 is a plate, 5 is a voice coil
bobbin, 26 is a rigid plate, and 27 is a damper.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker having
an improved ability to reproduce a low-pitched sound by forming a flexible tube made of rubber
or soft synthetic 1832 in an annular shape and forming a damper. As shown in FIG. 1, the
general structure of a cone type speaker obtains driving force by supplying an audio current to
the voice coil 4 disposed in the magnetic gap 3 formed between the center pole 1 and the front
plate 2. The driving force is transmitted to the voice coil bobbin 5FQ and is conveyed to the cone
paper 6 that has been W-fed '92 -10 (157), and the sound of the sound paper is emitted to the
atmosphere by the vibration of the cone paper 6. Also, the voice coil bobbin 5 is elastically
supported by the damper 7 in the direction of the oscillating force so as to be held at the center
of the voice coil 4 or the magnetic gap. The physical properties of the damper 7 holding the voice
coil bobbin 5 in this manner are the vibration of the vibration system, and thus the speaker 1. ! i1
is involved in his number-characteristics no. Generally, the Qo of the vibration release system or
the equivalent value of 4 makes it possible to select the compliance and internal loss of the
optimal damper 7). However, in a speaker using a metal voice coil bobbin such as aluminum in
order to increase the heat radiation effect of the voice coil and to make the human resistance
characteristics L, in the speaker of the magnetic gap, the result is that the metal flux vibrates in
the magnetic flux. Eddy current is generated, electromagnetic braking is performed by the
vortex's city current, and low impedance j of the impedance characteristic (Qo at the oscillatory
wavenumber fO becomes extremely small and excessive braking occurs and transient
characteristic becomes worse and deterioration of sound quality in the bass region and There is a
drawback that the output sound pressure level is reduced by three, and the conventional damper
is insufficient to correct such excessive braking to obtain an optimum Qo value. This invention
relates to a speaker equipped with a damper that can produce the most effect in a speaker using
such a metallic whistle coil bobbin, and will be described in more detail with reference to FIG. 2
below. The damper 27 of this invention speaker is formed by bonding both cut surfaces of a soft
tube made of rubber, elastic synthetic resin or the like to form an annular shape, the lower end
edge of which is a plate 2 and the upper end edge is a Heuss coil bobbin 5- It has a structure in
which the outer inner edge of the rigid plate 26 to which the inner peripheral edge is bonded is
bonded. In such a damper 27, vertical vibration of the voice coil bobbin 5 is added in the vertical
direction of the damper 27 through the rigid plate 26, and a force to deform the cross-sectional
shape acts. Thus, since the inside of the damper 27 has sealed air, the restoring car by the
elasticity of the soft tube itself and the restoring 4 force by the aeroelasticity accompanying the
compression of the air act synergistically to increase the QO extremely large. I can do it.
Therefore, by using such a tamper-27, it is possible to correct the Qo drop of the vibration
system which is a drawback of the speaker using the metal voice coil bobbin, and to obtain the
QO value equivalent to 1 feces, which is low. It is possible to prevent the deterioration of the
Okawatari characteristic in the sound range, and to prevent the deterioration of sound quality in
the low sound range and the reduction of the output sound pressure. Thus, the present invention
is most effective for a speaker using a metal voice coil bobbin, or can be adopted as a speaker not
using a metal voice coil bobbin. For example, in small diameter speakers, bass reproduction
capability tends to be insufficient. By using such a damper, it is possible to obtain an extremely
large number of fundamental resonance radio wave numbers fO, and bass reproduction
capability is remarkably improved. Do. Further, it is possible to change the value of compliance
by adjusting the air pressure in the damper, and it has an advantage in practice that various
values of fo and Q can be easily set.
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