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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional front view of a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is a characteristic view of the same speaker, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional front
view of a portion of the speaker in one embodiment of the present invention; The figure is a
cross-sectional front view of the same speaker. 10 ...... center pole, 20 ... ... recess, 15 ...... concave
$ t6. 'T8 ...... damper i mount, 19 ...... Tambor, 1T ...... protrusion, 13 ...... voice coil bobbin, 14 ... ...
voice coil.
Detailed Description of the Invention This discussion is intended to provide a flat speaker with
sound pressure frequency characteristics. 111T1 is a cross-sectional front view of a conventional
speaker, 1 is a center ball, 2 is an i-gnet, a # 'i upper plate, 4 #' i voice coil, and 6 is a diaphragm.
Repulsive force y (,,? The sound pressure frequency characteristics of such a conventional dome
speaker are as shown in FIG. Peak 6 is generated by resonance of vibration * Fis, and indicates
the reproduction height 1 limit of the speaker. However, a valley T occurs at a frequency a little
lower than this peak, thereby! IR #: Flatness of number characteristics is broken. The cause of
this valley is that the vibration of the diaphragm 6 and the vibration of the opposite polarity are
caused by the edge 8 of the diaphragm 5 and the resonance, and the two cancel each other out-in
order to eliminate the above valley, Shake! If you want to eliminate the IFI & niji well, attach the
vibration plate-1 to the voice coil bobbin and attach the inner wall of the voice coil bobbin to the
Yanter hole with a gunper and h0 seven times such a III speaker will have assembly accuracy Are
required and difficult to manufacture. A speaker with a structure that facilitates the construction
of the wooden structure is provided-Koto-maru 1 is intended to be used, and one embodiment of
the present research hall will be described together with the drawing Kwl. Fig. 3, II! As shown in
FIG. 4, an eFi plate, 1o is a Yanshi 3 tar pole provided protruding from this plate, 11 is a magnet,
12 upper plate, 13 upper voice coil bobbin, 14 lower voice coil wound on the bobbin 12 . The
above is exactly the same as the conventional speaker structure. A damper mounting body 16
having four portions 16 and a damper mounting side having a convex portion 17 in which the
concave portion 1ssc is fitted are provided, and a ring shaped dan 4-19 made of titanium or cloth
is sandwiched by both of them. Fix with an adhesive or fix with screws. The inside of this voice
coil poppy 4s of this Danno 1-19 adheres to the inside INK agent%. On the other hand, a recess
2QfWk in which the upper end portion KFi of the center ball 10 is fitted and the flange mounting
body 16 is inserted, and the device constructed as shown in FIG. Install by inserting. It is a domeshaped one not having vibration & 21-inch edges, and # Ils is attached with an adhesive or the
like by covering the voice-fill bobbin 13K. The diaphragm 21 #: may be mounted once in the
state of FIG. 8, or as shown in FIG. Dan-Tei-Attachment body may be made of aluminum, resin or
any other suitable material.
According to the above-described tIK, since the voice coil bobbin 13 is identified in advance to
the damper mounting body 16.17 through the damper 4-19, the damper mounting body · is
saponified in the recess 1118 of the center pole 10 and the voice coil 14 is It can be installed
correctly in the magnetic gap and can be manufactured with high accuracy. Further, the concave
portion 1B, the convex 1i 16 and #i may be reversed. -Also, the recess 20 is convex! ff, KL, a
recess may be cast on the mounting body 16. As described above, according to the remark gI,
since there is no edge in the diaphragm as in the prior art, the sound pressure chest ll number
characteristic can not be made valley and flat characteristics can be obtained. The sweet
mounting structure is **, and 1 easily with accuracy. Clearing is good.
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