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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial sectional view showing an example of
a conventional voice coil, and FIG. 2 is a partial sectional view showing an embodiment of the
present invention. The same reference numerals in the drawings indicate the same or
corresponding parts, 2 is a coil, 2 i's coil lead-out portion, 3 is a lead, (This insulating substrate
bobbin, 6, 6 'is a guide portion, 7 is a conductive plate.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a water chair coil
for speakers, which is easy to assemble. A conventional speaker voice coil [1) if (as shown in FIG.
1, a coil (t) is generally wound on the hobin (5). Also, how to take out the lead wire is as shown in
FIG. 1 with a +11 small bore slider voice coil, and the lead (2) 1 of the coil (2) is joined with the
wire to the wire k (3) to form an adhesive (4 + i-). Many are used to adhere to the bobbin (5).
There have been the following disadvantages with such a single coil. When winding + a + coil (2),
it is difficult to determine its position. The coil (2) tends to come off the bobbin (5) at the time of
+ bl large input. The workability when bonding the lead portion (2) of the icl coil and the lead @
(31) to the bobbin (5) is poor. The wet layer of the voice coil rises at + dl large input. The
adhesive (4) for bonding the bobbin (5) K to the lead-out portion (2) 1 of the coil and the lead @
(ill) is softened, which tends to cause a disconnection accident. This invention was made to
ameliorate the above-mentioned drawbacks. For lb), fix the mounting position of this coil on both
sides of the coil (2), and do not handle the coil (2) from the bobbin (5) even at large input (2).
Kite section (fil, (6) ) '-Provided by printing. With regard to the above teltdl, a conductive plate (7)
previously formed by pressing or molding is provided in a portion where the coil drawer 5 (21
'and the lead wire (3) are bonded to the bobbin (5). In addition, the temperature rise during
adulthood may also cause a break <<. In accordance with FIG. 2 which is a practical example of
this contemplation below. Explain it in detail. In FIG. 2, (5) is, for example, a flexible, heatresistant, flexible substrate such as a polyimide leak, and 11 beta (6 Lt 61 ′ is copper,
aluminum, etc.) of molded beta. It is a kite part of a good material and is flint-molded on an
insulating substrate hovin (5). In addition, (7) is a plate 4 using four turtle materials such as
copper and aluminum, and the kite portion (similar to 61 (6i ′, on a flexible heat-resistant
insulating substrate hovin (5) Flint is a shaped. As a method of providing the guide portion and
the a11% plate on the insulating substrate bobbin, the kite portion and the conductive plate are
flint-formed on the insulating substrate of the flat plate to be housed, and the later (3) is formed
into a cylindrical shape.
Lead wire (As for how to take out the powder, 1 ′ ′ T can be obtained by connecting both the
lead portion (2) 1 of the coil and the lead wire (3) to the conductive plate (7) by soldering or the
like. In this case, as shown in FIG. 2, a part of the kite portion (6) is notched, which is convenient
when the A portion of the coil (2) is pulled out. As mentioned above, the present invention is a
conductive plate (7) for 'chill' (61, +61 ') and a lead wire printed on both sides of a coil wound on
a flexible insulating substrate hobin (5). Is provided, so that the mounting position of the coil can
be accurately regulated, and it is possible to improve the removal of the coil even at a large input,
and furthermore, the lead-out portion of the coil (7) 2) Since 1 and the lead wire (3) can be
joined, 2 workability is improved, and even at the time of large input, it is possible to improve the
accident called disconnection of the lead portion (2) I of the coil. In addition, in the example of
the above-mentioned arrangement, the chopsticks, the guide * (61 (61 fc of 61 'are provided with
a cut for seven chopsticks but a cut is made for two both and this intermittent kite) 4) There is no
excuse. Also, even if only the guide portion or the conductive plate for the lead wire is provided
on the bobbin except for the printing formation, it is possible to obtain a speaker whistle coil
having excellent heat resistance.
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