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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sound pressure-frequency characteristic
diagram of the bass cone speaker, FIG. 2 is a sound pressure-frequency characteristic diagram of
the bass cone speaker when a bobbin-mass is added, FIG. 3 Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional view of the
cone speaker according to the present invention. The mouth is a perspective view of the sound
pressure generator and its cross section, and FIG. 5 is a sound pressure-frequency characteristic
diagram of the cone speaker of the present invention. 1 ...... cone type vibration plate, 2 ......
central drive unit, 10 ...... vent 9 ...... disc, 8 ...... Cylindrical boss, 5 ..... Sound pressure generator.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to the
improvement of coking strength, and in particular, as a means for suppressing the distortion of
sound pressure that occurs in the vicinity of Ibaraki's limit circumference fatigue of J-shi λ for
bass. It is provided. For at "-In the case of a hes- sica, a sound pressure peak occurs generally
near the single-field frequency. This "Pe '" is larger as the case is closer to straight. Until now, it is
possible to easily suppress this peak according to the present invention, whether trials to reach
this peak have been carried out frequently. Fig. 1 shows an example of the back pressure
characteristics for tf]-cis force 9, giving an e-ring of considerable sound pressure in the vicinity of
the ^ area technology. If the cause of the occurrence of the creep is due to the nodal resonance of
the cone diaphragm, it is necessary to use #>-/ j '-' l "(1 · J: · 2-port graphy technique) , At that
time. This can be clarified by the hologram reproduction of 伽 MJJ 7 -do at 1 & number of cycles.
To suppress the peak of this ridge is to improve the sound pressure characteristics of the cone
speaker. As a means for suppressing this phenomenon, it has been conventionally practiced to
add a mass to the neck of this voice coiler of the voice coil. FIG. 2 shows the speaker of FIG. By
this mass addition, which shows the change in sound pressure when the mass of Of is added, the
value of the peak shows a small amount of Cfi, but it is still insufficient. Furthermore, when the
mass is increased for decreasing the load, the dip that occurs at a frequency slightly lower than
the peak generation frequency also decreases the sound pressure, which is deeper in history 9,
the relative between the peak and the dip Sound pressure difference is not mitigated. The present
invention provides an improvement based on this point and provides means for effectively
suppressing the sound pressure peak. One embodiment of the present invention will be described
below with reference to FIG. 吟 5 5181ri the present invention]-shows a cross section of a
speaker and is made of paper etc.-corresponds to the central drive racke of the heart type Bm
movement 椴 i1)] Il small red y 3 3) a ratio generator 15 + The layer is fixed. In the figure, I is the
Kasbushito city, (6 companies, Etji & t7 rt. Now, everyone who is the owner of the present
invention has a crusher (5) whose details are shown in FIG. In the direction of the end of the port
λ, a disc (9 J '+ mounting, air circulation 7') is made of a 4 ik 祇 or a plastic plate toward the end
of the &) &) 'J small hole 4 C 6 is also 0 · Fix the boss end of the 0 sound pressure generator to
the above-mentioned "Irubopiso egg 3)".
By making the above-mentioned tachibana, since the node-circle resonant portion of the
separately described Kosi-type diaphragm (1) and the bone 13 of the middle 'lli LIM J II J portion
(2) mutually sapon in opposite phase, the resonant portion The sound pressure generated in the
above and the t ratio generated by the pressure accumulation generating disc (9) of the bobbin
portion mutually cancel each other, and the C-- of the sound pressure generated in another nodal
circle convoluted portion can be phased Mk. 4 Figure 5 ‒ This contrasts with the unpaired line
(dotted line) when the sound pressure generator (5) is attached to the central moving part of the
tension force (solid line). It is the characteristic view shown. The weight of the cylindrical boss of
the j4h sweet sweat generator is equal to the weight-added lid shown in FIG. Is the book also a
good cause as shown by the characteristic diagram in Fig. 5? By carrying out the packaging, it is
possible to immediately control the occurrence of # Wang Jing and greatly improve the
characteristics of the bottle strength.
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