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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of a magnetic circuit for an acoustic transducer according to the present invention. 5 ииииии Inner
ball, 6 ииииии Outer ball, 7 ииииии Spacer, 8 ииииии Magnet.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to the improvement of ringlike magnetic circuits in loudspeakers, acoustic substitutes, IWF. In the conventional ring-shaped
magnetic circuit, when assembling this, the combination of the ring-shaped inner ball and the
outer ball is easy and easy to set, and the position restriction of the opposite surface of the
magnetic car weight is accurate. It was not possible to do so, causing contact accident with the
voice coil and the like, which was inconvenient. Further, while Paris or the like generated by the
magnet member forms a magnetic gap, it is attached to the outer plate, which causes a defect
that abnormal sound t-light is generated. This invention was made in view of the point of success,
and the purpose of its 6B1 is to use magnetic stools for sound conversion which can position and
fix the inner plate and the outer plate through the magnetic gap. One circuit is to be provided. A
second object of the present invention is to provide a magnetic circuit for a sound transducer
which can prevent entry into an air gap such as Paris generated by a magnet member. Next, an
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. 1 is
vibration-filled, 2 is a voice coil bobbin fixed to the vibrator 1, 3 is a damper whose inner
peripheral end is fixed to a cough bobbin 2, 4 is a voice coil wound around the bobbin 2, 5 is an
octal A step FiB 51 is formed, which is an inner ball by the body, and the upper part of which is
emptied outward. An outer ball 6 is made of a magnetic material, and a stepped portion 61
protruding in the upper direction is engraved. T is a ? -shaped spacer made of a plastic material,
and on the upper @-, the steps gBs1. The lower road edge of s1 is being generated today. When
the inner and outer balls 5 and 6 are fixed to the spacer T, the gap of the magnetic gap G formed
by the step portions 51 and 61 is positionally regulated to a desired value. The reference
numeral 8 designates a magnet whose inner and outer peripheral surfaces are magnetized to
different poles, and is inserted into the lower space of the inner and outer poles 5, 6 described
above. This magnet 8 is the above 9! When inserted into the space, it is attracted toward the
center of the outer ball 5.6 in the direction of low resistance, that is, inside and outside, and is
stepped toward the lower part of the spacer 7. And Sakurai Hitoshi 1! It is fixed by etc. Reference
numeral 71 denotes a hole formed in the spacer 7 and is provided for removing air when the
magnet 8 is press-fitted. Then, the six-coil coil 4 squeezed by the over-dried bobbin 2 is inserted
into d, gap G formed by the step portions 51, 61 of the inner and outer balls 5, 6. As described
above, by positioning the inner and outer holes by Ift through the spacer, it is easy to positionally
fix the inner and outer poles, thus forming a squeezer's breath "D". Can.
Also, by the spacers, the air gap and the magnet ',. By breaking the wire, paris etc. generated by
the ? magnet will not enter into the e-gypsum and therefore it will prevent the paris from
forming the magnetic 9 ? inside and outside pole part I Can be generated, and the rise of the E
You can stop the fleas. Of course, the spacer is not limited to the shape of the above-mentioned
embodiment 11. Any shape may be used as long as the spacer can be measured through all the
desired 131 inner and outer poles.
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