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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing a laminated state before
forming a dust cap according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a view showing a structure of
a dust cap according to the present invention. 3 is asphalt, 1 is foamed polyurethane, 4 is foamed
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates generally to the dust
cap of the speaker (here, the dust cap of the speaker is stuck near the top of the cone-shaped
diaphragm, but this prevents dust from entering the magnetic circuit What is the dustproof
function? (This contributes to the increase in the rigidity of the diaphragm, which may affect the
vibration mode, or the dust cap itself radiates the sound, which is synthesized with the radiation
sound of the diaphragm Holds the function to determine the frequency characteristics. Therefore,
conventionally, the dust cap has a function as an auxiliary diaphragm, and the frequency
characteristic in the high region, fi '-/, y'l', l! In order to improve 22 and improve the efficiency (a
dust cap of a structure obtained by strongly pressing a paper or a dust cap of a Φ formed by
pressing a light metal foil such as aluminum) has been used. The dust cap of this structure is
internal loss (+ :! II) The dynamic loss tan δ) is small rt, especially causing high Q resonances in
the high frequency band, and the sound quality is significantly deteriorated, and the frequency
characteristics of the dots and dots are caused, the present invention Such conventional defects
are improved, and the feature is characterized in that one side or both sides of foamed
polyurethane mixed with asphalt having a large internal loss and q loss (di-foamed polyurethane
is laminated, heat and pressure are formed into a predetermined shape) There is a structure G.
Examples will be described below with reference to the drawings. The polyurethane resin 100
car mixes and adjusts 150 parts by weight of asphalt and a predetermined amount of a foaming
agent, and then it is foamed by a known method (this is foamed to produce a foamed
polyurethane having a thickness of 20 m. As shown in FIG. 1, this foamed polyurethane (1) has a
structure in which a portion (this asphalt (3) is mixed) other than 7'3Q open cells (2). Next, as
shown in FIG. 1 (as shown, this foamed polyurethane (1) is used as an intermediate layer on both
sides (or one side) i and after overlapping foamed polyurethanes (4) and (4) having a thickness of
20 m), Heat and pressure are applied at a temperature of 190 ° C. and a pressing time of 60
seconds to thermally fuse the foamed polyurethane (1) and the foamed polyurethanes (4) and (4)
on both sides thereof, and form a predetermined shape The ring shape is cut to complete a tight
cap of 2.5 mm thick as shown in FIG. As described above (the dust cap manufactured in this way,
the foamed polyurethane (1) of the intermediate layer (the asphalt (3) having a large internal
loss) is mixed with one (the internal loss, ie, the dynamic loss It becomes extremely large.
When the dust cap substrate of this example is cut into a size of 90 × 10 × 2.5 m, the tan δ of
a sample piece is measured to obtain a value of 0.27, which is the tan δ of paper (nominal value
0.02 to 0.05) G It can be seen that the comparison is extremely large. 4) Foamed polyurethane
(1) mixed with asphalt (3) has a significant increase in internal loss, but on the other hand,
although the shape retention (that is, the attribute) contradictory to this internal loss is reduced,
The foam polyurethanes (4) and (4) having appropriate elasticity on both sides are laminated, so
that only the necessary shape retention as a dust cap is provided. 7.4: (non-air-permeable, dust
cap Adhesiveness in the case of bonding with a vibrating plate using an adhesive (for example, a
rubber adhesive) is also sufficiently imparted. In a speaker using such a dust cap with a large
internal loss, the resonance of the dust cap itself is significantly suppressed in the high region
(this dust cap (this effectively suppresses the split resonance of the diaphragm). Therefore, the
conventional defects such as the suppression of the flat frequency characteristics with
suppressed peaks and dips are all improved. In the above example, after mixing and adjusting the
polyurethane resin and the asphalt, it is foamed to produce the foamed polyurethane (1) 5 in
which the asphalt (3) is mixed, but the ready-made foamed polyurethane (1) After light filling
asphalt (3) into the open cell (2) part of the above, both sides of this foamed polyurethane (1)
(this foamed polyurethane (4), (4) is superposed, and then it is heated and pressurized to have a
predetermined shape Q Shaped structure (This also has the same effect as the above
embodiment. (This, in the present invention, foamed polyurethane (4), (41 are laminated on one
side or both sides of foamed polyurethane (1) mixed with asphalt (3) with large internal loss
Since it has a structure formed by molding and extremely large internal loss is given, the
resonance of the dust cap itself and the divided resonance of the diaphragm in the low frequency
region are effectively suppressed, and the beater and the dip are suppressed. It has an excellent
advantage that flat frequency characteristics can be obtained.
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