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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing a conventional external
magnetic type magnetic circuit structure, FIG. 2 is a view showing an internal magnetic type
magnetic circuit structure, and FIG. 3 is still another internal magnetic type magnetic circuit
structure FIG. 4 is a view showing an embodiment of a magnetic circuit structure according to
the present invention, and FIG. 5 is a schematic view for explaining the assembly of the structure
shown in FIG. 1 ...... yoke, 2 ...... pole, 3 ...... presser plates (support structure), 4 ...... cast magnets
1,5 ...... Sintered magnet, 6
ииииииииииииииииии ? Air cap for coil.
Detailed Description of the Invention Q. Q. A magnetic circuit of watercraft sail stone for a
speaker voice coil for providing wax east to the voice coil of the speaker. The permanent-stone
binding C sintered alloy type (ferrite) used for the speaker and the cast type (alnico) '' (1) / ,? (J
'"77 are known C's. In the former, since the holding power is smaller by 'C than the latter, to
obtain the same magnetic flux density in the air gap, it is necessary to use a carpenter's magnet
of ░ C. in comparison with the latter. Fig. 1 shows a typical magnetic circuit structure using a
sintered alloy type water-immersed magnet 1. The second type uses a cast type magnet. 9 is a
representative Nagisa-Ryu structure gold pot. In FIG. 1, 2 (8 t; t-bo hair, 9 is a ring-shaped
permanent magnet, 10 hub rate, and an air cap G is formed between the plate 10 and the pole 8
to form an ILC. The air gap G is formed between the C1 yoke 1 and the pole 2 darkness, which is
one using the 1st meteorite 4 in the case of 2 ? ?. (3) C1 is a presser plate of a flexible body
and has a function to press the base ft of the C1 pole 2 and the stone 4. As shown in FIG. 1, the
permanent stone construction is a so-called outer rdi surface. The problem is that not only the air
gap G but also the magnetic flux may be externally transmitted. & ? и и J (Because the influence
of the wire bundle is bad (U (2) / 7 sets, for example, it can not be used for a d-class TV receiver).
The structure shown in FIG. 3 vC is a relatively large eight-person mE that fits in the yoke 1 to
prevent the flux from flowing to the IL. The pole 2 whose base is the inner conical surface shape
is pressed against the boundary 05 with a non-ft 4 pressing plate C. ... I have an air gap flux that
is so strange that I have a structure like that. However, sintered alloy magnets are fragile, so
there is a problem that they are easily broken during assembly. One of the lt meteorites has a
small coercivity, and so on, while the magnetic flux of the air gear Y knob is becoming scarce.
Honjo Higashi, the second phrase, is to decide on the above problems and introduce a permanent
magnet structure. In order to achieve the purpose of 11 items, the water spinner for speakers
with a water drop magnet according to the present article 4 1 1 Browning ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ?? ?? ?? ??A non-y 1 1 (3) H squeeze wax / dispenser support ? positioned between
a goal bearing Lrn FM f furanone and the outer periphery of the inner hole of the yoke and the
11S flange-) flange 11. A water-immersed magnet in contact with the bottom of the eye 11 and
the ball side of the ball, and a pressure between the + meir linola 7 di and the permanent Iti i
stone. "Square stone plate and squeaky stone slightly smaller than the ebony IIe weir of the
footstone" and "C" 8 heat 4 Tsuranari ytRs present invention V purpose can be achieved by all
children-following 14 sides The structure of the magnetic circuit according to the invention is
deprinted in more detail with reference.
FIG. 4 is an example of a forgery according to the present invention. FIG. 4 is a fourth example of
a fourth example of the construction of a small marshall stone. There is a hole in the void of the
Ill river for the h-Heise in the yoke l, and a shell 2 of soft iron which is furo) rl- is placed at the
center of the hole 11'e7L. A support plate 3 of brass is disposed on the flange and the yoke 1
with a curve yM ( Between the flash 2 and the water-immersed magnet 50, the soft iron plate 6 is
press-fitted by a machine fL '. In the process of this press-in, press-sucking is compressed
vertically in the vertical direction (4), the chute is its own elasticity, and works to press the pole,
the soft iron plate 6 and the magnet 5 into pressure contact. As shown in FIG. 5, the soft iron
plate 6 is provided with oblique cutting (2) on a part of both sides '-+ n' Cfo-, for easy press-in.
Hee. The soft iron plate has a shape that matches the shape of the magnet 5 ░ C. slightly smaller
than the transmitted wave, so that the permanent magnetic flux can be guided to the effective yC
air gap. . With such a structure, the air + ol path of the IL 5 magnet 5, the soft iron plate 6.1z-2
and the air gap G% yoke 1 is formed well. IL и C, as shown in Fig. 143 as t The magnetic flux
connected between the magnet 5 and the inner surface of the yoke can be reduced in the yoke.
Its sheath fruits are shown in Fig. 3 and the 44 rivers are shown in Fig. 3. The same structure of
yokes and wax metals is used. The air bundle wax bundle vlj degree increases by 141% or more.
As described above 1. As noted, in part according to the present invention, it is possible to
rationally make a squeeze alloy gold alloy CC internal shape (5) structure of a sintered alloy. I can
solve the problem of the other 4 leaks. Next, when trying to press-in the sintered stone itself 17,
the strain is extremely fragile and fragile, but it can be integrated easily by a simple operation
process of pressing in a soft iron plate. I can not do it. In the case of assembly, ?? 5 small scale
r pole, yoke, water length wax stone relationship is used for jig ? C out 'C C C 1 C1 press
machine VC, soft iron plate is slowly pressed. If it is removed from the jig, the assembly will
photon. Due to the presence of the soft iron plate, the magnetic circuit inside the yoke becomes
rational, and the obstacle bundle collects on the cap at the upper movement. As a result, as
shown in FIG. 3 VC, it is impossible to increase the flux of the air cap G by reducing the internal
flux leakage flux company as shown in FIG. In the above description, the example using the sinter
magnet is described exaggeratingly, and different forms of cheers are produced. 'C is also fine
according to the present invention.
The shape of the yoke etc. is also a 5 form river bait to the same machine. ? ? ? ? ?) :, (@) и:
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