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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of the field part of
the existing speaker, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the field part of the speaker of the
present invention, and FIG. 1 is a bottom plate, 6 is a magnetic fluid, 7 is a cavity, and 8 is a vent.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, the magnetic gap is filled
with a magnetic fluid, and the speaker Vc is tightened to prevent the magnetic fluid from
jumping out. Generally, in a large-diameter speaker, the voice coil, / l ', the heat sink of the
241732l is large, and some means of heat dissipation is necessary. As one of the means, it has
been proposed that a magnetic fluid be filled in the magnetic gap where the voice coil is located.
An example of a speaker having heat dissipating means using this magnetic fluid is shown in FIG.
A bottom plate il + having a pole piece in the center, an annular ferrite magnet (2), a top plate ts
+ forming a magnetic gap with the pole piece and the magnetic gap in which a voice coil (-) is
located A magnetic circuit is configured with the magnetic fluid (6). In this way, by filling the
magnetic gap with magnetic fluid (@), heat dissipation of the voice coil (6) is prevented jL <L ′
′ ′ clJIIIWL loss, and the effective magnetic flux density between the magnetic gaps is
increased, etc. There are advantages of However, in such a configuration, the magnetic gap is
filled and the hollow portion 17) in the magnetic path is sharply sealed by the good magnetic
fluid (@). Therefore, when the speaker is used for a long time as an input, the heat generated by
the voice coil m is conducted to the magnetic circuit, the temperature of the air in the hollow
portion (7) rises, and thermal expansion occurs. A new problem has arisen in which the magnetic
substance (-) is pushed out of the magnetic gap. The present invention has been made for the
purpose of preventing the scattering phenomenon of the magnetic fluid due to the abovementioned cause. The second factor is an embodiment of the present invention. As shown in the
figure, (1) is a bottom plate having a pole piece mounted in the center, (2) is an annular ferrite
magnet concentrically mounted on the bottom plate (1) with the pole piece. (3) is a top plate
mounted on the annular ferrite magnet (2) to form a magnetic gap equivalent to the pole piece
shredding. (4) is a voice coil bobbin, and (i) is a voice coil wound around the Heuss coil bobbin,
which is disposed in the magnetic gap. + Sl is a magnetic fluid filled in the above magnetic gap,
and a magnetic fluid (6) of a kernel, C is, for example, a mixture of iron trioxide powder having a
diameter of 100 μm with oil in a colloidal state. There is brand name 7 ed made by company. It
is reported that the viscosity of the magnetic fluid (·) is preferably 200 cm · Boreze 4 <cP) or less.
(1) is an empty # 11 portion formed by the bottom plate (1), the annular ferrite magnet (and the
top plate ts1 and the magnetic fluid (6) in the magnetic gap). (8) is a circular groove provided in
the joining direction of the annular 7 elite magnet (the above-mentioned bottom break which is
joined to the ring) in order to make the hollow 11f 71 communicate with the outside of the
speaker. As shown in the figure, the bottom plate il + is provided linearly to reach the hollow
portion (7) in the central direction from the outer peripheral side surface portion of the bottom
plate il +, and also functions as a vent for communicating the empty fp4 portion with the outside.
I. In addition, it does not wait for a word to obtain this 歇 放射 状 放射 状 な く な く な く)
without being limited to one zero. (9) is a frame attached to the top surface of the top plate 3). As
is apparent from the above description, in the external speaker, the present ii I is for filling the
magnetic gap with the magnetic fluid, and for connecting the bottom plate to be connected with
the annular ferrite magnet, in the magnetic circuit. There is a sealed space between the hollow
cavity and the outside of the speaker, and the air vent is closed. Therefore, it is possible to
prevent the magnetic fluid from coming out due to the thermal expansion of the air in the hollow
portion accompanying the heat generation of the Heus coil, and the earth wall of the air vent is
constituted by the annular ferrite magnet Therefore, the magnetic powder, which is intended to
penetrate into the cavity from the outside of the speaker, is absorbed by the annular ferrite
magnet, there is no risk that the seven magnetic powders reach the magnetic gap and noise
generation is avoided.
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