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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an electrodynamic
speaker according to the present invention, and FIGS. 2 to 4 are cross-sectional views of the main
parts of the present invention. 1 ииииии Dynamically driven speaker, T иии иии Voiceco. ????? 8
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Ring .
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electrodynamic
sneaker, and in particular to means for securing the damper to the bobbin of a voice coil. Tsuno
6-, Q Nonoh In the conventional electrodynamic speaker, the adhesive is fixed to the outer
surface of the voice coil bobbin on the surface of the damper 1 crystal, but this adhesive does not
have sufficient establishing power, The fixed portion is likely to be separated at the time of high
power IM work, and may peel off due to aging. The purpose of the present invention is to
conform to the piston movement of the bobbin of the voice coil and to provide a means to
prevent the conventional separation or peeling. Hereinafter, the present invention will be
specifically described based on the drawings. First, as shown in FIG. 1, in the electrodynamic
speaker, the annular magnet 2 is held by the plate 3 and the yoke 4 to form a magnetic gap 6
between the pole 5 and the plate 3 in the central portion of the yoke 4. And this' score +, 'one
value or Ganogu 6 v W' s voice coil to see? e Place the bobbin 8 together with its bobbin 8 and
place a cone-shaped swing P and a bowl 9 on the tip 1 of the bobbin 8 and further an outside h1
and y assembly of this swing 4 plate 9 at the edge 1al't,- Thus, the wound bobbins 8 are
respectively applied to the frame 11 by the dampers 12 so as to form a frame 11. And if it is
Kijima Mi, A1 play and! 2 z i + ci work: clean the pair of rings 14.15 between the outer surface of
the (b) b end 13 of the damper 12 so that the ring 14 ░ 15 and the inner fan и 413f + ? of the
damper 12 The outer radius of the bobbin 8 of the voice coil T is 1f1AJ in the 11th direction and
+17. Here, the pair of rings 14.15 may be made of paper, plastic or black metal with good heat
conductivity. Further, the inner peripheral end 13 may be configured to be bent in a KL shape as
shown in FIGS. In this way, since the ring 14 and the ring 15 hold the damper 12 and the
attached adhesive surface becomes thicker, the fixation becomes more reliable. When an audio
current flows through the voice coil 1, the diaphragm 9 vibrates in accordance with the
magnitude of the current, and produces a brow. At this time, the damper 12 allows vibration by
its deformation. Then, when the amplitude is large, the displacement of the vibration of the
bobbin 8 becomes large, but since the inner peripheral end 13 of the damper 12 is fixed to n
from the front and back by the pair of rings 14.15 VC, this joint portion V Oh, no peeling
phenomenon occurs. Further, in the large amplitude operation, the bobbin 8 may be deformed
into an elliptical shape and may be in contact with the plate 3 or the pole 5.
The deformation of the pelvis appears notably in the 'book,,' due to the distorted external force of
the oval-shaped imaging plate 9. However, since the pair of rings 14 ░ 15 of the present
invention strongly strengthens the bobbin 8 and holds its shape +, deformation tj 1 of the bobbin
8 can be prevented. In addition, since the bobbin 8 and the damper 12 are firmly fixed by a force
of 6 and a force of 1 holding them, there is no need for parasitics in those portions, and the
improvement of the Takagaki characteristics can be achieved. If the positive pl pair of rings
14.15 is a gold plate with good heat transfer characteristics and is black VC blue, the heat of the
voice coil 7 is efficiently absorbed and dissipated to the outside, Cooling effect can be expected.
By the way, conventionally, the bobbin 8 is inserted into the sulfur gap 6 and positioned, and
then the damper 12 is adhered. However, according to the present invention, the damper 12 is
integrally formed in advance, and then it is 'T. As described above, the present invention prevents
peeling of the joint between the bobbin and the damper, prevents deformation of the bobbin due
to external stress, and improves high-waist characteristics, as described above. And practical
effects such as promoting heat dissipation.
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