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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional
voice coil withdrawing device, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the voice coil withdrawing
device of the speaker unit according to the present invention, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional
view according to another embodiment of the present invention. 11 и и и и и и и и и и и и Frame и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и voice coil bobbin, 14 и и и voice coil, 15 и и и и и и center pole, 16 ииииии iit through L21 ииииии
fitted pillars, 21a ииииии flange, 22 ...... connection pin, 23 ... ... leads, 24, ииииии Lead wire, 24a иииииииии
The present invention relates to a voice coil withdrawing device for a speaker unit, and more
particularly to a voice coil withdrawing device suitable for a tortoise type speaker unit. The
speaker unit has a voice coil wound around a voice coil bobbin, and a so-called "Norse coil" is
extended outside the unit to supply a voice current to the voice coil. , Withdrawal of voice fill has
been done. As shown in FIG. 1, a representative example of this type of conventional withdrawal
device is to use the narrow space formed between the diaphragm / damper 2 and the voice coil
end 3 outside. The structure derived from is adopted. In the case of a configuration like a hen,
since the dark space between the diaphragm 1 and the dambaco is narrow, the work of inserting
and leading out the end 3 of the voice coil is extremely difficult. Therefore, at the time of
manufacturing this invention L speaker unit, the flange of the voice coil can be easily derived.
Therefore, the center pole is provided with a through hole along the axial center, and the end of
this through hole And an electronic bin capable of connecting the lead wire to the fitting plug so
that the collar portion of the lead wire can be led to the outside through the terminal bin. It is
The following is a practical example of this idea attached. It will be described along FIG. 2 and the
following of one side. First of all, in FIG. 2, the symbol // represents the speaker unit, and the
frame // supports the diaphragm / 2 at its outer periphery via the edge. The inner peripheral
edge of the diaphragm 12 It is fixed to the Havois coil bobbin 13. A voice coil / winder is wound
around the voice coil bobbin 13. The voice coil is located in the magnetic gap of the voice coil
driver unit, and a driving force can be obtained by the supply of one sound stream. . A through
hole 16 is bored in the center hole / j of the driver unit along the L1-axis direction, and the inner
end of the through hole / bore is a fitting plug formed of an insulating material. It is a surface
layer, and hits the end face of the 7 runes 2 / a of the surface plugging or the center hole 15 to
prevent the depression into the through hole 16. A connection bin n is molded in the plugging
cap, and ends of a pair of lead wires B connected to both ends of the voice coil / spout are
connected to one end of the connection bin n. ing. Furthermore, the other end of the connection
bin n is connected to one end of the lead 1) -lead wire that has been pierced, and this lead wire 2
is externally exposed from the through hole 6 of the center ball / S. It is derived and has a
connector 211a at its 3-end for connection to the feed cord.
In addition, it is convenient also when it comprises in a coaxial type | formula, and the multi-way
type Sbi ker uni unicycle is shown in FIG. 4, and the voice coil l of tweeter Tw also uses the
connection bin n of a fitting stopper like Wofer Wf. Then, it is led to the through hole of the
woofer Wf. The voice coil / q of the woofer Wf and the connection bin are connected by a lead
wire inserted in a hole Ba drilled by a rack BIIC that has been thinned by Tw. Since the voice coil
drawing out device of this invention is configured as described above, both ends of the voice coil
1 are connected by leads kn to a connection plug molded in the fitting plug 1 and lead leads
through this connection bin n. 2 Da can be connected to the outside of the unit and can use a
relatively large space in the center cap. As apparent from the above description, according to the
voice coil drawing-out device of the speaker unit of the present invention 4-, the center pole is
pierced with the through hole along the axis, and the through hole is molded with the connecting
bin Since the lead-out lead wire is externally fitted from the through hole by fitting, the lead wire
can be connected in a relatively wide space in connection with the lead-out operation of the voice
coil, and the piston interlocking of the diaphragm There is no hindrance to
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