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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a main part of a
conventional speaker, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are cross-sectional views of a main part of the speaker of
this invention. 21 ииииии pole piece, 22 иии иии magnet и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
diaphragm plate 25a и и и ииииии Diaphragm, 25b иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Voice coil, 27 иииииииии
Magnetic fluid, 28 иии -Support member. In the drawings, the same reference numerals denote the
same or corresponding parts.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker having
an improved magnetic fluid insertion mechanism. Heretofore, a speaker of this type has been
shown in FIG. In the figure, l is a magnet pole piece including & tom plate, 2 is a magnet, 3 is a
plate. Frames 4 and 5 attached to the magnetic circuit, which is composed of the pole piece 1, the
magnet 2 and the plate 4 are diaphragms serving as a moving plate, 6 # i. /// "" Yabram 5t? A
bobbin that transmits vibrations. 7 is a discoil provided in the extraction 1 of the k-bin 6, 8 is a
supporting member having a solid kL of the zabin 6 and the grate 3 and the bobbin 6 and the
frame 4; 9 is a magnetic fluid; The fluid 9 is inserted between the pole piece 1 and the grate 3 in
such a manner that the batter squeezes the via 6 and the disc 1. Next, the operation will be
described. The magnetic lines of force generated by energization of the discoid 0 are transmitted
to the bobbin 6 to emit vibration noise from the diaphragm 5. Here, a hole or the like is opened
so as to operate only as a mere stiffness for the support member 8 Fi, and the radiation of the
vibration sound is performed by the portion of the diaphragm 5. On the other hand, since the
discoil 7 generates a large amount of heat, the heat is dissipated from the pole piece 1 and the
plate 3 through the magnetic fluid 9 which passes the magnetic force having a high thermal
conductivity well, which increases the input resistance of the yes coil 7 doing. Since the
temperature rise of the discoil 7 is small due to the heat radiation effect described above, the rise
in impedance is also suppressed and the power linearity is improved. The inside of the magnetic
circuit consisting of notions, pole pieces 1 and magnets 2) and loops constructed as above is
sealed, and the thermal expansion of the air in the circuit is achieved. The magnetic fluid 9 is
scattered due to the pressure due to the volume change at the time of pregnancy. Moreover, even
if the magnetic fluid is low vapor, it is difficult to suppress evaporation completely in the light for
a long period of time, and as a result, the viscosity of the magnetic fluid increases and changes in
the physical characteristics and sound quality of the unit. There is a disadvantage that the range
of viscosity can be determined due to the danger of the dumping, and it is impossible to control
the damping. The present invention was made to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks of
the prior art, and constitutes a perturbation plate which integrates the diaphragm, gevin and
edge, and the above-described magnetic plate housed in the gap recess between the bottle and
the grate. It is an object of the present invention to provide a speaker capable of suppressing
scattering and evaporation without impairing the function of magnetic fluid and sealing damping
by sealing the fluid with a support member.
An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings.
(GO 5 FIG. 2, 21 # i)-tr /-including ruby, 22 is a magnet, 23 is a plate. 241: f A frame attached to
a magnetic circuit composed of the pole piece 21, the magnet 22 and the grate 23. A diaphragm
25 is constituted by integrating the km plate 25 # i diaphragm 25a, & bin 25b and edge 25c, and
the end of the edge 25e is! [I '! i have. A magnetic coil 26 is mounted on the bobbin outer surface
of the diaphragm 25. A magnetic fluid 27 is contained in the recess between the plate 23 and the
bin 25b. This fluid is adjacent to the discoil 26. There is. 28 is a support member attached to the
twenty-three company upper layout 23 and closing the upper opening of the gap. In FIG. 3, the
supporting member 28ti is attached to the rIi frame 24 to close the upper opening of the interval
Ni1l. Fc, support member 28C) inner end (right end) of the moving plate 25? Adjacent to the
outside of pin 25b, connector 4 и bag 1 (10%-not inside, but inside of support member 28) on the
outside surface of VC hovin 25b to allow imaging of the direction of winding axis of coil 26 At
the end, as in the case of the error 25C of the diaphragm 25, a vibration is allowed in the winding
axis direction of the voice coil 26, for example, the thickness of the support member is reduced
to make it flexible or corrugated. Is it? It may be connected to the outer surface 1111 of the bin
25t), or the support member 28 may be integrally formed with the diaphragm. Next, the axis of
this invention will be described. The magnetic force generated by the energization of the singleacting coil 26 is radiated as a peristaltic noise from the diaphragm 25a via the stripping pin 25b.
on the other hand,? The heat flux generated by Iscor 26 and the magnetic fluid 27 with high
thermal conductivity are effectively dissipated from the grating 23 (the magnetic fluid 27 has six
times the conductivity of air), and the diaphragm The material of 25 is, for example, titanium. In
the case of a metal having a high thermal conductivity such as magnesium, aluminum, beryllium,
etc., there is also heat dissipation from the diaphragm 25, so that the heat dissipation effect of
the chair coil 26 is further enhanced. In the practical example, although the 1-theta O7
explanation 1-was explained about the 1-am type speaker, the same effect can be obtained even
if it is ... and a brid type or a cone type speaker. Like this, according to this invention, the
diaphragm ,?
Construct a diaphragm that integrates pins and edges. And while accommodating the magnetic
adult in the crevice between the bottle and the plate and closing the fluid with the support
member-((-Lltt & air does not touch the air, it evaporates for a long time) The reduction can be
prevented, and thus the physical properties such as the viscosity change of the magnetic fluid are
not changed, and the quality of the unit is stabilized. Also, even if the fertile fluid itself is, for
example, water-based, there is an advantage that the use is hJ ?. Furthermore, if the magnetic
fluid can be prevented from scattering by pressure due to thermal expansion of the magnetic
circuit or volume change at the time of dog ink width, the viscosity of one fluid is not restricted,
so that high-performance loudspeakers can control damping etc. There is an effect to be
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