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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of a
speaker using a frame of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a plan view of a frame of the present
invention-embodiment, FIG. 3 is a frame of FIG. 4a, 4b, 4c, and 4d are explanatory views showing
the manufacturing process of the frame of the embodiment of the present invention.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... flame | frame 2 ... recessed part, 2a ... magnetic pole, 3 ... collar
part, 4 ... holding part, 6 ... center plate, 9 ... diaphragm.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a frame for a
speaker, wherein a small speaker, a yoke and a frame in an internal aivm circuit as used for a
headphone, is used. To 10 → V ·, parables one + 4 + r, L, was in the frame for the speaker is
intended 禾Ru. From 1i U.S., a small speaker (in the case of 2, -Ali + i) is known to be formed as a
yoke to be cast, a 7 frame for supporting brass 5J, and a .tau.-1 + article. But you, this one-piece,
411 items, from the block material of Asahi of autumn seven, l! ! ] And yoked parts of concave
shape]. (Each one is prepared from the eyebrow h'li that runs outward from 1 and further to the i
· 2b board formed on the r つ part 11 q J j,-and the i part of the plate, and · by j processing) Also,
it was integrated to reduce the number of parts, but Ipl and Tsunoru wages turned as well as one
bottle. + I hi i 餐 餐 16 誠 誠 極 誠 切! 411 completion: It is 川 tJi because it is a river. A lot of
middle bars were used for reaming to lift the land. The unthinking was made to a fault such as i
on the top, and it was also made 106, "i," h ,. It is an object of the present invention to provide a
speaker frame in which the magnetic pole faces are integrally formed by press molding.
Hereinafter, an example of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. FIG. 1 shows a sketch of a speaker unit using a frame in the present embodiment, and
the frame 1 has a slight thickness at the center of the frame 1 (having a recess 2 of 4 It is
integrally provided with a rim ij 3 of a rain-flood extending to the side, and a folding rod t and a
holding rod 4 upward from both ends of the collar 3. A magnet 5 is fixed to the middle dog
portion of the recess 2 and on the upper surface of the magnet 5 to the east, A center plate 6
forming one of the a-poles is fixed. Then, the inner surface -C of the concave portion 2 facing the
centaplate 6 is one mirror 2a, and an air gap circle 10t between these mountain ridges; r. “N, N
V, Y Bobbin 7 V (valley l! −! I voice coil 8 is me, Sano ", bobbin 7 is ~ (Jwl in the middle part of
mIInili, 9 and also outside of the printing plate 9 through the edge 10 of the IAIF 7 rome 1 1ll 1
note The gasket 4 is held by the gasket 11 on the holding city 4. A scoop (■ 2 b is formed on the
bottom surface of the scissor 1 2 1 2) to make a 1-.
The frame 1 of such a speaker unit is to be fabricated as follows. A frame JU 伺 (1! l) You can
breathe in the form 12). 弔 41 /! Form a depression 1 to 2 like I (b). This A is formed integrally
with the baldness + 42bf and is recessed by a pressing rod. The inner surface of 112 is easily
finished as 滉 jml. 4 (0) is removed by cutting bit or other means to form a thin-walled flange
portion 3 in comparison with the thick concave portion 2. As shown in FIG. Then, by forming the
carrier 4 of the diaphragm 9 by forming the holding plate 4 of the diaphragm 9 as shown in FIG.
The frame 1 shown in the figure is finished. Since the frame 1 formed in this manner has the
inner walls of the concave portion 2 constituting the whole of the drilling noise pole 2a ... 9 faces,
it becomes a magnetic gap with high dimensional accuracy, and the magnetic flux in the air gap
is stabilized. Because the collar 3 is thin, when configuring the speaker unit of the price and
indecent,! : Will be possible. Since the present invention integrally includes the magnetic pole
faces made by press molding as described above, it is an integral molding of the frame and the
yoke together with 10t, which is a one-shot gauze having 1IayL with high dimensional accuracy
and stability. Also, it can be used as a speaker frame that integrates an inner 4AAb = JW6 yoke
and a frame, which can be used as a speaker, a head i1 and a guard for a load. I will give it a good
one. 4.1 to 111 I nt rate explanation 喝 1 ば l ui m 7s showing -1 of the speaker using the frame
of this 条 は Figure 2 shows the flat concave 1 of the frame of the example 1 本 例 01 example,
the 3rd evil Is a frame of trellis "2 tr" i: + i knee j +,-I * g 4 t g (&) + (b) + (c) + (d) is the real nameH 4 kvq * frame l construction process It is a bad news to show. 1 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · center plate, 9 · · · cooking-JJ seven white ρ 10 G, t: = 2 division 9 l '-· · ·' l6: i: i, ...,
not. 1∼。 h=−“FN’、−′コ、コヨ。 \ 2 NN-n 9 Outgoing story: Buy one way 7 town
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