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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a part of a
conventional speaker mounting structure, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a part of a
speaker mounting structure according to the present invention. 1 ..... Baffle plate, 2------Speaker
frame, 3 ..... Special nut, 4 ..... Screw, 5. In the drawings, the same reference numerals denote the
same or corresponding parts.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The attachment of the speaker to the baffle plate is
structural. Heretofore, this type of attachment has been shown as a structure on a ship 1. In the
figure, a baffle plate having a speaker insertion hole 1 at-l, a frame 2 of the speaker, a baffle 3
and a special nut that is embedded in a hole 11 b attached to the 11 in mounting, a 4 rt
mounting a hole 1 bt-soul 1 It is a screw screwed into the nut 3 to fix the frame 2 of the speaker.
H h "". 9.。 The mounting structure is such that after the speaker frame 2 is fitted to 11iiii of
the baffle plate 1 from the outside of the frame 2, the mounting is screwed to the special nut 3
previously supported in the hole 1b. Screw 4 on the frame 2't full board 1KII! + I have decided.
However, in the above-mentioned prior art, although a strong tightening force acts on the
periphery of the screw 4, the frame 2 is only in pressure contact with the baffle # 11 at the weir
so that it is integrated with the baffle plate l. The only part was around the screw. Therefore,
since the mounting opened for mounting the speaker sufficiently reinforces the installation of IJ1
against the acoustic vibration of the baffle plate by the hole 1aK, there is a defect that abnormal
resonance is easily generated since the mounting is not a structure and the sound quality is
impaired. The present invention was made to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks of the
prior art, and when attaching the speaker frame to the baffle plate, the annular backing plate is
joined to the back surface of the baffle plate, and the upper 8 self-meaning Baffle plate t! 1! By
mounting the baffle plate in the same manner as the speaker frame, the baffle plate is mounted
around the entire circumference of the hole by the force of k · 94, and the baffle plate and the
frame are integrated over the entire surface, resulting in strength against acoustic vibration The
mounting of the loudspeaker, which can be improved, aims at providing a structure, in the
following an embodiment of the invention will be described with reference to the drawings. In
the IK 2 figure, 1 is a baffle plate for the insertion hole 1sti of the speaker, 2 is a frame of the
speaker, 3 is a baffle plate if) @ special nut embedded in a company hole 1b, 4 is a hole 1b The
screw that is screwed into the nut 3, 5 is the special nut 3 above! The backing plate housed on
the back surface of the zipple plate 1 is an annular body VC which takes the backing plate 5Fi
speaker. The mounting hIIll construction of this invention thus constructed, after overlapping the
speaker frame 2 on the front face of the baffle plate l, mounts the hole 2 from the outside of the
frame 2 through the hole plate 5 Tighten the screw 4 to the special nut 3 that is being used and
frame 2 / (full 4kl Kk!
+ L Determine. That is, by tightening the screw 4 ', the frame 2 and the backing plate 5 firmly
hold the entire surface of the hole 1a with the support plate 91) 5 with the frame 2 and the
baffle plate l strongly integrated. As described above, according to this invention, the Lv1 baffle
plate and the frame are integrated with the speaker frame and the annular support plate so as to
hold the baffle plate so as to hold the baffle plate, thereby increasing the strength f of the baffle
plate. Can. Since the strength of this K よ p baffle plate with respect to the acoustic portion 1111
C can be improved, there is an effect of preventing abnormal resonance as in the prior art and
providing a speaker with good sound quality characteristics.
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