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FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker system. The structure
of the conventional example and its problems Recently, J found in CD, etc., digitization on the
source side is advanced, the dynamic range is expanded, etc., high input resistance in the
dynamic speaker, especially in the tweeter region However, the increase in the input resistance of
the speaker system ram is dependent on the performance of the electrodynamic speaker used
therein. Hereinafter, the conventional electrodynamic type 7J will be described. FIG. 1 is a crosssectional view of a tweeter of a conventional electrodynamic speaker, in which a bobbin 5 is
provided in a magnetic gap 4 constituted by lower plates 1 to 1 and upper plates 3 for sucking in
annular magnets 1 to 2. The IQ voice coil 7 is disposed to be fixed to the diaphragm 6 via A
frame 9 clamps the outer peripheral edge of the diaphragm 6 via an edge 10 and a gas foot 11. 8
is a magnetic fluid injected into the magnetic air gap 4. When the input is applied to the voice
coil 7, is the thirst of the voice coil 7 L? However, by transmitting heat to the upper and lower
plays 1 and 3 via the magnetic fluid 8, the temperature of the voice coil 7 is suppressed and the
durability is improved. However, in this conventional configuration, when the input is
continuously applied, the upper limit of the upper and lower plates of the upper and lower plates
1.3 occurs, so that efficient heat dissipation can not be performed, and problems such as
steaming of magnetic f1 fluid E3 was there,. The object of the present invention is to solve the
above-mentioned conventional drawbacks b, and it is an object of the present invention to
provide Subika konitsu 1-1 capable of well suppressing R on the temperature of the voice coil. In
order to achieve the above object, according to the speaker system of the present invention, there
is provided a -1-plate and a lower plate i, each of which encases an annular magnet and forms a
magnetic gap of a magnetic circuit. (A voice coil fixed to a diaphragm, a cooling fluid tank having
a J-shaped surface formed on a vibrating diaphragm plate, and a cooling fluid tank, and a cooling
fluid tank via a suction valve A surge tank communicating with at least one front hole: at least
one small hole formed in the play 1 and in the annular magnetic gap, and formed in the lower
hole l-1- A first hole communicating the ditank with the small hole, a second hole formed in the
lower plate and communicating the annular magnetic gap with the coolant tank via the discharge
valve, and Heat dissipation provided on the outer surface of the liquid tank The less the 61 amino
tweeter consisting l? electrodynamic loudspeaker comprising a Indo, a structure housed in the
sealed cabinet with woofer.
Description of the Embodiments Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to FIG. FIG. 2 is a schematic cross-sectional view of the speaker system j'L at 1ltt, in which 12 is a closed cabinet 1-. 13 is a woofer and 14 is a tweeter. FIG. 3 is a cross
sectional view of the tweeter 14, 15 is an annular magnet 1116, 17 for the upper and lower play
1, 18 is a small hole for the lower play 1 to 17, 19.20 is a first and a second for the lower plate
17. 2 hole, 21 discharge valve, 22 zirge tank, 23 suction valve, 24 tank, 25 vibrating diaphragm
plate, 2G heat dissipating fins, 27 diaphragm of tweeter 14, 28 J-plate 27 frame And a vibrating
coil 27 through a bobbin 31-(a suspended voice coil, magnetic f1 fluid 33 is used on the upper
surface of the cold 741 liquid 32 in a Tsukita way- (I have When the diaphragm of the woofer 13
vibrates, J: The Ll-force inside the sealing key 1-12 increases or decreases 1, this one force
vibrates the vibrating diaphragm 25 of the tweeter 14, but now 11: In the closed 1-II vignette 12,
if the force is absorbed, the vibrating diaphragm 25 moves to the inside of the tweeter 14, and
the It force in the tank 24 "--does-C suction valve 2 : (Opened, the discharge valve 21 is opened.
Conversely, if the pressure decreases, the vibrating diaphragm 25 moves outward, the pressure
in the tank 24 decreases, the discharge valve 21 opens, and the suction valve 23 opens. Here,
there is an action to rectify the pressure change inside the close-open I7 bin 12. Although
rectified in this manner, because of the turbulent flow, a 1 noge tank 22 is provided to further
smooth it. In this case, the liquid 32 receives pressure 1) to cool the inside, and the small hole
18J opening in the magnetic gap flows in contact with the rebottle 31 and cools the voice coil
30. The cooling fluid 32 which has absorbed the heat of the voice coil 30 is transported into the
tank 24 through the second hole 20 of the lower plate 1-17, and is dissipated through the heat
fins 26. Effects of the Invention As described below, according to the present invention J: as in
the present invention, a vibrating diaphragm plate provided on the back side of an
electrodynamic speaker by utilizing the change of the confectionery inside the closed cabinet 1
to 1 J Since cold rdl M is circulated by the suction valve and the discharge valve to perform cold
moon 1 of the voice coil, the following effects can be achieved! ? ???????? ? Circulation
drive of cold JJI solution It is very economical because the speaker system itself can beat the
upper key. Q) ?I: 4 cycles of the coolant?: ?Cold 7.1+ efficiency is very good, and high input
resistance can be realized.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a tweeter comprising a conventional electrodynamic speaker,
Fig. 2 is a schematic cross-sectional view of a J3 LJ speaker system according to an embodiment
of the present invention, and Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the tweeter of the same speaker
system. It is.
12 иии Sealed 1-1 vignette, 13 и и и woofer, 14 и и и r и и и 15 и и и annular ring 1 ~. 1G: 10 strokes 1 и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и small holes, 19 и и и first change, 20 и и и second holes, 21 и и и Jll out I I,
22 ... Lage tank, 23 ... Suction valve, 24 ... Tank, 25 ... Oscillating partition plate, 2 G ... Heat
dissipating fin, 21 ... Diaphragm, 30 ... Voising l-(Le 31 иии Bobbin и 32 и и и cold J 111 solution, 33 и
и и и и и и Magnetic fluid agent Yoshihiro Morimoto Figure 1
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