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[0025] The thin film 31 is processed on the substrate 30. The film 31 has a first major surface
16 remote from the substrate 30 and a second major surface 17 facing the substrate 30. The
membrane 31 is made of a suitable material. In the specific example, the thin film 31 is an
insulating layer. In the example, the thin film 31 is inherently multilayer, for example, all layers
of the multilayer, or at least the outer layers (layer closest to and farthest from the substrate 30)
are insulating layers. The thickness of the membrane 31 is such that, after being at least partially
released from the substrate 30, the membrane 31 can be vibrated if properly driven. The thin
film 31 is, for example, a first layer of silicon nitride, which has been treated, for example, by
LPCVD or PECVD, with a predetermined thickness, for example between 0.3 and 2 μm, said
silicon nitride It consists of a first layer of silicon nitride with a thin silicon oxide layer on top of
the object, said silicon oxide layer having a thickness, for example, of the order of a few μm to a
few hundred μm. The stack may be a multilayer stack with a thin layer of silicon oxide with a
thickness of one hundred nanometers up to several hundreds of nanometers under silicon
nitride. Silicon nitride and a silicon oxide layer are deposited on the silicon oxide layer. For
example, using an LPCVD process, a silicon nitride film having a thickness of 0.5-2.5 μm is
deposited in an optimized process, usually with a 40-80 MPa tensile stress level. Silicon oxide
can be deposited based on TEOSLPCVD or PECVD, with a thickness of 0.5-1.5 μm. Typical stress
values of -20 to -60 MPa compression can be applied.
[0067] In another embodiment of the present invention, a simple and low cost packaging of an
ultrasound transducer array is to attach the array with transducer elements to the support 40
and the opening 41, for example by bonding to a printed circuit board Is realized by The printed
circuit board has holes at positions where the transducer elements on the die are located. To
protect the array from mechanical damage, a metal mesh is adhered on the printed circuit board
over all the elements on the support side 40. On the opposite side of the transducer array in
which the electrodes 19 are located, an inorganic or organic rigid body is glued on the printed
circuit protecting the transducer elements on the electrode side 19. The rigid body is a plastic,
ceramic, glass or metal cover having a hole inside so as not to touch the ultrasonic transducer
element on the electrode side 19. The rigid body has an ultrasound absorbing material inside.
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