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TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to an ultrasonic transducer used for an
ultrasonic humidifier. 2. Related Art Conventionally, this type of ultrasonic transducer has a
configuration as shown in FIG. In FIG. 2, reference numeral 1 denotes an ultrasonic transducer
element body formed of a piezoelectric material, and one surface vc of the ultrasonic transducer
element body 1 is provided with a main electrode 2 made of metal on the entire surface, and the
main electrode A sub-electrode 4 is provided on a part of the outer peripheral surface of the
other surface by a folded electrode 3 for guiding 2 and a partial electrode 6 is formed in the
central part. The main electrode 2 has a structure in which a thin metal plate 6 having an outer
diameter close to the external shape of the vibrator is bonded with an epoxy resin adhesive 7. 8,
8 'are lead wires and 9 is solder. Problems to be Solved by the Invention In such a conventional
configuration, when used as an ultrasonic humidifier, the ultrasonic vibrator generates heat when
there is a change in load at the time of driving or an increase in oscillation current. Since the
thermal expansion coefficient is one digit higher than that of the piezoelectric material, there is a
problem that an air layer is generated in the adhesive layer, the adhesive strength is lowered, and
the resonance impedance of the ultrasonic transducer is increased. An object of the present
invention is to provide an ultrasonic transducer that can solve such problems. Means for Solving
the Problems In order to solve the problem 5, according to the present invention, the main
electrode is provided on the whole of one main surface of the ultrasonic transducer element, and
the partial electrode and the main electrode are side surfaces on the other surface. A subelectrode part folded and led from the entire outer peripheral ridge is provided, and a resonator
is fixed to the partial electrode and its periphery, and a resin or metal protector is formed on the
main electrode surface. It is Action With this configuration, when the ultrasonic transducer
receives a liquid load, the vibration of the resonator fixed on the other surface of the ultrasonic
transducer is absorbed by the liquid and oscillates at the main resonance of the ultrasonic
transducer. Ultrasonic waves are emitted efficiently, but when the ultrasonic transducer is in no
load, that is, in a no liquid state, the ultrasonic transducer is fully driven in the resonator, causing
resonance of multiplication (including the audible range) and dispersing the vibration to It is
possible to prevent abnormal vibration of the sound wave vibrator and to reduce heat generation.
Embodiment 1 FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an ultrasonic transducer according to an
embodiment of the present invention. In FIG. 1, a main electrode 12 is formed on one surface of
an ultrasonic transducer element 11 made of a piezoelectric material. Or made of Ni material.
Reference numeral 13 denotes a folded electrode electrically conductively connected to the sub
electrode 14 provided on the other surface. A circular partial electrode 15 f is provided at the
center of the surface on which the sub electrode 14 is provided. The partial electrode 15, the sub
electrode 14, and the folded-back electrode 13 are made of a metal I or a Ni material.
A protective body 16 is made of resin or a thin metal body made of an alloy excellent in
corrosion resistance, and is formed so as to cover the main electrode 12. In the case of the
protective body 16 of resin, the entire ultrasonic transducer may be covered. Reference numeral
17 denotes a resonator fixed on the surface on which the partial electrode 16 is provided. The
resonator 17 is made of metal and easily generates an audible sound, and has a heat dissipating
shape, that is, a polygonal horn shape or a compact shape having a large surface area. It is
desirable that the connection surface between the resonator 17 and the ultrasonic transducer be
as close as possible to a point. 18, 18 'are lead wires and 19 is solder. Effects of the Invention As
described above, according to the present invention, by fixing the resonator to the ultrasonic
transducer element body, the resonator generates mechanical resonance when no load is applied
to the ultrasonic transducer. Listening sound 2 has the effect of preventing abnormal resonance
generation at the main resonance point of the ultrasonic transducer by multiple resonance or
multiple resonance of the ultrasonic transducer and preventing destruction, and at the same time
the heat generation of the transducer is dissipated by the resonator It can be made to vibrate as
an audible alert. Since the protector is formed on the ultrasonic transducer and the electrode of
the liquid contact surface can be protected, a highly reliable ultrasonic transducer can be
Brief description of the drawings
1 and 2 are a bottom view and a sectional view showing an ultrasonic transducer according to an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing a conventional
ultrasonic transducer.
11 ...... ultrasonic transducer element, 12 ...... main electrode, 13 ...... folded electrode, 14 ...... subelectrode, 15 ..... · Partial electrode, 16 · · · · · · · Protective body 17 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 18 18 '· · · · ·
Lead wire, 19 · · · · · · · solder. Agent's Name Attorney Nakao Toshio and 1 other person M1 Figure
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