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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing a conventional
underwater ultrasonic transducer, FIG. 2 is a front view of FIGS. 1 and 3, and FIG. 3 shows an
embodiment of the present invention. It is a sectional view of an underwater ultrasonic
transducer. Description of symbols IL11 ': electrostrictive element 12, front mass 13, rear mass
14, adhesive portion 15, mounting plate 16, rubber 17, rubber 17 No housing, 18 ... 0 ring, 19 ...
bolt, 20.20 '... input / output line, 21.21' ... outlet, 22 ... support bracket, 23, 23 '· · · · Plug, 24 · · ·
gas, 25 · · · node of vibration. Figure 1-171-Actual Opening 51-5374 (2) 2 Figure 2 Figure 31172-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to the structure of an
underwater ultrasonic transducer. As shown in FIG. 1, the general structure of a conventional
underwater ultrasonic transducer is a Lange-Pan type ultrasonic wave by bonding the
electrostrictive element 1 and the front mass 2 and the rear mass 6 to each other by the bonding
portion 4. Form into a vibrator. The ultrasonic transducer A is supplied with power from the
input / output line 10.10 'and a sound wave is emitted from the front mass 2 in the direction of
the arrow. The support of the ultrasonic transducer A is structured such that the rubber 6 is
bonded between the front mass 2 and the mounting plate 7 and the 0 ring 8 is crushed by a bolt
19 as shown in FIG. It has become. This kind of structure has the disadvantage that moisture,
moisture, dust, etc. in the housing affect the surface of the electrostrictive element 1, and the
electrostrictive element 1 to which a high voltage is applied often causes an electrical insulation
wave number and becomes unusable. There are 5f. This invention aims to solve the abovementioned drawbacks, and its feature is that a support fitting is attached to the node of vibration
of the electrostrictive vibrator constituting the ultrasonic vibrator, and the support fitting is used
to SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present invention to provide an
underwater ultrasonic transducer in which a super-iai armature is identified in a housing and a
gas is sealed in a space generated between a support and a front mass so as to eliminate
dielectric breakdown due to insulation deterioration. The embodiment shown in the drawings will
be described in detail below. In FIG. 3, the electrostrictive element +1. When the electrostrictive
vibrators 11.11 1 forming Nj and the front mass 12 and the rear mass 16 are connected to each
other at the bonding portion 14, the electrostrictive vibrators 11 At the same time, the flanged
bottomed cylindrical support fitting 22 is bonded to the joint 25 at the same time. Further,
rubber 16 is adhesively molded between the front mass 12 and the mounting plate 15, and the 0
ring 18 is crushed by the bolt 19 as shown in FIG. Is simultaneously fixed to the housing 17 to
form an underwater ultrasonic transducer. The contact point between the support bracket ridge
and the mounting plate 15 is cut off from the outside by adhesion or the like before being fixed
to the housing 17. The gas 24 in the support fitting 22 is a gas with high electrical insulation
such as nitrogen gas, and this gas is a plug 23.25 'of rubber or the like from the outlet 21.24' of
the input / output line 20.20 '. Before the outlet is sealed, it is enclosed in the space constituted
by the front mass 12, the rubber 16, the mounting plate 15 and the support fitting 22. In the
operation of the underwater ultrasonic transducer, the alternating power is supplied from the
input / output line 20.20 'to the electrostrictive element 11.11', and the vibration is transmitted
to the front mass 12 by the electrostrictive phenomenon of the electrostrictive element and the
arrow Sound waves are emitted in the direction.
As described above, according to the underwater ultrasonic transducer of this invention, the
support fitting is attached to the node of vibration and the gas having high electrical insulation is
sealed in the space generated between the support fitting and the front mass etc. Since it can be
used to prevent electrical breakdown of the electrostrictive element, it is possible to produce an
ultrasonic transducer in water for the purpose of making it possible to produce an ultrasonic
transducer in a pan.
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