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July 3, 1974 Patent Office Secretary 2 inventor address, Kyoto Prefecture Nagaokakyo City Kaida
Hirota ill] ′ ′ 16 trial ground Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Kakehisasaga Name 兎 ほ か (2 other people) 3, patent applicant (1 1) Specification 1 (2)
Drawing 1. [Phase] Japanese Patent Office Public Patent Publication Gazette ■ JP-A-5 L-5983
Akira m · 3-Akira's name 5 Ili 表 奴 and 特, f! The range of the f water, the ratio of the ratio riL 砺
簀, and the table 7 of this table, 'J4' at: '(N1 wave input and output for the reception and
reception In an elastic surface ulJ wave device comprising an input capacitance device and an
output transducer, the pair of interdigital electrodes are arranged so that their tooth portions are
different from each other and they do not match each other. · A four-sided surface temporary
device to re-make it ... · · · Detailed explanation of # 3 clears Hair book clears, bullet 1 in the
costume of the piezoelectric body! 11: relates to an elastic surface e formed by widely spreading
surface waves, an apparatus, and more particularly to a structure of a transducer formed on a
surface of a rolled material. Heretofore, in the case of the elastic wave subsequent surface device
of this cocoon, as shown in a 1st @ I (as indicated by a 3, a pair of comb-teeth-like parts are
mutually In this case, an input cadmium juicer 4 is formed, and 11M (il-opened in the same
surface as the input CADDANCE =-4 and the other pair of comb electrodes 5. 6 to 4 N). The
inserted output transducer -7 was of the form W. However, in such an elastic face-up d device,
the electrode 2 and the electrode 3 and the t pole 5 and the electrode 6 in each transducer 4.7
face each other in a very short distance, so the inter-electrode capacitance becomes large. And so
on in the low frequency domain as 体. The 1 junction is a lij figure (a kind of weight that boils to
bl is attached to the column 1)-and becomes! As a result of the increase in companies between
the poles, people, kalpances and outpatients fall. For example, at the circumference fl number
around lcJ, 7 MH 2, a ceramic using bulk wave such as conventional thickness vibration. The
person with Mick filter had an output impedance of 3 uO to several 101 JO (Ω), while the person
with a surface wave filter of this structure had a low impedance with about lao (Ω). As described
above, when the output impedance of the human becomes lower, it is practically difficult to
match the impedance matching with a circuit collector such as EndPage: 1 person, a transistor
connected to the output terminal.
The present invention aims to provide a very effective means for solving the above-mentioned
drawbacks, and the gist of the present invention for achieving such an object with light intensity.
In a surface acoustic wave device comprising a body of a piezoelectric material such as ceramic,
and a surface acoustic wave device for transmitting and receiving surface acoustic waves
contained on one surface of the body, a human body dancer and an external Each of the surface
acoustic wave devices is a surface acoustic wave device, in which each pair of comb teeth forms a
pole so that the teeth are alternately arranged and not to meet each other. Hereinafter, a
preferred embodiment of the surface acoustic wave device according to the present invention
will be described with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 2 ", l (J is a main body of a piezoelectric
material made of a BaT103 hkk device, PZT ceramic or the like, and polarization is reversed in an
appropriate direction. One surface of the main surface 俸 Q is sufficiently polished so that the
surface acoustic wave propagates to the center without reflection. 2 · J is a human-made juicer,
and a pair of tooth-like electrodes 21 and 22 are formed on the # 1 of the main body 10 by a
plating method, a sampling method or the like. One interdigital electrode 21 and the other
interdigital electrode 22 are alternately spaced apart from each other by one tooth portion 21a,
21b, 21Q or the other tooth portion 2. 2a, 22b, 22Q. It is distributed as VL. The distance d is
suitably determined to correspond to the half wavelength or rt1 wavelength of the main body
100 Table 1IO't-propagating surface acoustic wave. Also, the base end portions of the teeth 21a,
21b, 21c and the teeth 22a are provided so that one pole shape and the other pole electrode 22
do not come in contact with each other. It is configured to have a distance J (間 に 0) between the
tip end of 22 b and 22 c. Yes, each has 23.24 connected to & 21.22 and has a manpower lead #
A +. ! “30 is an output transducer 9 and is the same as the writing-in padless juicer 20-forgery,
so the description thereof will be omitted. Figure 4.5 shows the distance between the teeth of a
tooth 7 and the tooth distance t, t 01 力 づ 観 ビ ー 2 (or output impedance), 2 and 9+ 411! +,
The size of the electric field E for driving by the surface wave and the actual opening value t of
the surface, ie, in FIG. 4, the valley 1 jk C becomes smaller as the distance t becomes larger, the
fifth In the figure, the impedance, Z increases as the distance I increases corresponding to the
distance-valley C C property shown in FIG. The electric field magnitude '2s, Kl for driving the
surface acoustic wave is, as shown in FIG. 3, a propagation direction component of a large climb
E of the electric field applied between a pair of comb teeth and electrodes. It shrinks and
decreases as the distance * 2 increases.
Therefore, if the magnitude of the electric field is too small Brk, the surface acoustic wave 7 body
1tJ can not be reciprocated on the surface, so it is necessary to keep it at a certain value or more,
and it is necessary to increase the output impedance. Because there is a distance mz between io
and the meeting (in is the surface wave), it is a mosquito moth. If you set l # J ~ ζ 1 す ト ラ ン
ス ト ラ ン ス ト ラ ン ス ト ラ ン ス ト ラ ン ス ト ラ ン ス 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 出力 出力
出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 も で あ る で あ る で あ
る で あ る で あ る)))). As mentioned above, a pair of comb cause area poles in each transducer
is demonic! Because it is constructed so as not to meet each other, it is necessary to drive 41 LiII
waves without searching for a large field in the v ′ field, ie Or, I'm hungry, I'm hungry, C '. A: A *
O ′ ′ D people, such as transistors at output d, so that 5 ′ こ ’人 人%% i i カ イ ン カ イ ン +
+ カ イ ン カ イ ン カ イ ン. When LIJi 44 and the impedance matching take place on 1 & 114 jL,
they have a big effect on the husband's upper side. Furthermore, drawing 1 爾 j 設 設 設 設 盾 盾
効果 7 If the effect is remarkable that it is the word mentioned above.
Brief description of the arc drawing Odor 11 (al よ and (b)) is a conventional animate surface
wave d, a 5 s plan view and its If: equivalent circuit diagram of the valley consideration between
FM, EndPage: 22; FIG. 3 is a partially enlarged explanatory view of the above embodiment, FIG. 4
is a characteristic diagram showing inter-electrode weight with respect to inter-tooth distance in
the above embodiment, and FIG. 5 is the above implementation It is a characteristic view showing
the size of the impedance and the straight rise to the distance between tooth parts in an example.
IQU ceramic pressure or a human body, 20 is an input tone shoe, 3Q is an output pressure juicer,
2j, 22.31.32 is a comb-like electrode. 図 1 (ν) 3rd vj 4-concave, 5 Inventors other than the
above-address Kyoto Prefecture Nagaokakyo City Kaida 16th Nishijincho, No. 1 Co., Ltd. 1
Murakawa Manufacturing address same as above-Full name End Page: 3
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