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The present invention relates to a sheet-like piezoelectric body. In the sheet-like piezoelectric
material, the electro-mechanical conversion ratio is large. When the <g33, d3.3) mode is used, it
is polarized in the longitudinal direction, but in order to facilitate this polarization processing, as
shown in FIG. A plurality of segment electrodes (12a),..., (12b),... Are attached to the surface of a
substrate (11) made of porcelain at equal intervals to make every other segment electrode (12a)
of positive polarity. A plurality of piezoelectric portions (lla) ... (llb) whose polarization directions
are different from each other by connecting the other segment electrodes (12b) to the negative
polarity respectively and applying a predetermined DC voltage ... was configured. However, in the
case of the above configuration, as shown in FIG. 7, although a polarization voltage is often
applied to the surface layer portion of the piezoelectric substrate (11), no voltage is applied to
the back layer portion. Uneven polarization occurs in the thickness direction, and the conversion
efficiency is poor. On the other hand, it is also conceivable to make the thickness of the
piezoelectric substrate (11) as thin as possible so that the polarization voltage can be uniformly
measured in the thickness direction, but there is a drawback that sufficient mechanical strength
can not be maintained. The present invention has been made in view of such problems, and one
embodiment of the drawings will be described below. In the figure, (1) is an insulating plate made
of plastic, rubber, thin ceramic or the like, and the terminals (2), (4) are disposed opposite to
each other on both sides as a carrier, and both terminals (2), (4) , And interdigital electrodes (3)
and (5) are provided to form a plurality of insulating slits S in the length direction of the
insulating plate (1). The terminal (2), the interdigital electrode (3) and the terminal (4), and the
interdigital electrode (5) are detachably attached to the insulating plate (1) and the thin printed
metal plate is etched or etched Affix a metal plate that has been applied, or transfer the
conductive rubber or conductive resin by screen printing or the like. Its P ¥ is about 50μ to
200μ. Surin) S is filled with a composite piezoelectric substance (6) consisting of a mixture of
piezoelectric ceramic powder and a molding agent such as resin, rubber, glass, etc. Accordingly, a
plurality of piezoelectric layers (6a)... (6b). It is desirable that the thickness of the layer (6) be
approximately the same as that of the interdigital electrodes (3) and (5) in order to make the
polarization uniform. The piezoelectric layers (6a),..., (6b),... Formed on the above-described Surin
S are adjacent to each other by applying a DC voltage with the terminal (2) of positive polarity
and the terminal (4) of negative polarity. Piezoelectric /!
(6a) and (6b) are polarized in electrical parallel so that they are opposite to each other, and
terminals (2), (4) and an interdigital collector W1. (3) The sheet-like piezoelectric body a is
formed integrally with (5). After polarization, the sheet-like piezoelectric body a is separated from
the insulating plate (1) and attached to one side or both sides of a suitable diaphragm to form a
bimorph, or the insulator itself is used as a diaphragm to form a bimorph. It can be hM
construction. When a voltage ■ is applied to the terminal (2) of the sheet-like piezoelectric body
a exemplified above and a voltage ○ to the electrode (4), all of the piezoelectric layers (6a),...
Although it extends in the direction, the resistance of the insulating plate (1) causes a downward
warp as shown in an exaggerated manner in FIG. Contrary to the above, when applying voltage
端子 to the terminal (4) and voltage e to the terminal (2), all the piezoelectric layers (6a)... The
resistance 1) causes an upward warpage, which is exaggerated in FIG. The sheet-like piezoelectric
body a according to the present invention is easily formed into any three-dimensional shape such
as a cylindrical shape in FIG. 5 or a curved shape not shown because the piezoelectric layer (6) is
made of a composite piezoelectric material excellent in forming and processing. In this case, the
vibration amplitude can be increased as compared to the planar shape. As described above,
according to the present invention, a plurality of slits are formed between the interdigital
electrodes projecting alternately from the pair of oppositely arranged terminals, and the slits are
filled with the piezoelectric layer and a DC voltage is applied between the terminals. Is applied to
the adjacent piezoelectric layers in opposite directions to each other, and the electrodes have a
thickness corresponding to the thickness of the piezoelectric layers, so the electrodes for
polarization are applied to the surface of the piezoelectric ceramic substrate. Compared with the
conventional one, since the DC voltage is uniformly applied to the entire thickness of the
piezoelectric layer and polarized, the electromechanical conversion rate can be increased, and the
piezoelectric layer can be easily added and formed. Since the piezoelectric material is used, it has
an advantage that it can be bent and deformed into an arbitrary three-dimensional shape as well
as an FtA thin sheet. The sheet-like piezoelectric body according to the present invention is
exclusively used as an electro-mechanical conversion such as a diaphragm, a speaker, a head 7
on, a microphone, and a diaphragm such as a microphone. Since it also exhibits an electrical
effect, it can also be used as a thermal-electrical converter such as an infrared detection element.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway perspective view showing an example of an embodiment of the
present invention, and FIG. 3 is an enlarged sectional view of FIG. And Fig. 5 is a perspective view
of an example of cylindrical use, and ttS6 is a partially cutaway perspective view of a
conventional sheet-like piezoelectric material polarized in the longitudinal direction, and Fig. 7 Is
an enlarged front view of the same.
(1) → insulating plate (2), (4) → terminal (3), (5) → interdigital electrode (6) → composite
piezoelectric substance (6a), (6b) → piezoelectric layer S → slit applicant Nippon Special
Ceramics Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney General Manager Atsushio Department (, ": j,", H- ';: ":' l
'Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 5
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