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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are sectional and front views,
respectively, showing the construction of the prior art, and FIGS. 3 and 4 are sectional views
showing the construction of the embodiment of the present invention, 1 and 2 are electrostrictive
elements, 3 is an electrode metal plate, 4 is a first metal material, 5 is a second metal material, 6
is a cylindrical clamping ring, 7 is a step portion, 8 is a screw portion, 9 is a lead wire LIO
indicates a lead wire. 1 year old 7'2. 關 159-real opening 48-33 266 (73 figure o tomograph160-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a sealed ultrasonic
output transducer. 1 ′ ′ ′ Conventionally, a metal electrode plate that doubles as an input /
output terminal is connected to the electrode surface “′ ′ of a charge quantity element having
a relatively high resonance frequency to obtain ultrasonic vibration with a low resonance
frequency. A Langevin-type oscillator matched to the shape is used. As shown in FIG. 1, place the
metal-gold 11-group electrode plate 3 between the elements 1 and 2 and place both sides 1 (l)
148-33266-02'ji on the outside of the electrostrictive element 1.2. The first metal member 4 and
the second metal member S form a sun-dew-de shape, and a single bolt 6 passing through the
central portion is used to clamp and fix this. On the other hand, in the case of FIG. 2, both metal
materials are clamped by the some volt | bolt provided in the peripheral part of both metal
materials. In general, about 1 ton / C-degree is appropriate for the clamping stress which is a
mechanical bias of the electrostrictive element, and in the case of FIG. 1, a tensile stress of
several tens of ton / C- acts on one bolt. Do. As a result, a special material such as high tensile
strength steel is required as a bolt material. Also, in the case of 1 port, it is impossible to avoid
pressure non-uniformness on the electrostrictive element surface. If the base diameter is
increased to increase the strength of the bolt, the cross-sectional area occupied by the coercivity
element will be small) / so that the ultrasonic output will be reduced in proportion to this. By
making it thicker, harmful effects such as secondary resonance occur. In the case of 2m, tensile
stress is dispersed to a plurality of bolts and it is possible to increase the diameter of the bolt
because it is arranged outside the coulometric element, but it is difficult to achieve uniform
tightening of each bolt 4B-332613-03 (The space factor of the electrostrictive element is poor,
and the shape is enlarged.). In addition, silver baking is performed on both sides of the element
so as to provide a metallized electrode surface. However, since silver baking has the extensibility
of silver and a relatively thick film layer, it is possible to electrically connect the metal electrode
plate 3 between the electrostrictive elements. Contact is good, but the silver film layer is
expanded sideways by the pressure from the perpendicular direction to smooth the small
irregularities of the silver film layer produced by following the small irregularities 4 on the
surface of the electrostrictive element body. The year is quite difficult, even in the case of a wolf:
't' '4 1' i @ io! 5 & 11C ′ ′ * xu * ao * zTsu will be used to reduce or reduce the vibration effect,
so the type of metal is changed to use gold or platinum etc. or the metal film layer is removed or
the electrostrictive element body surface is polished. Methods are taken. However, it has been
found that there can be simultaneously solved the problems of electrical contact, spreadability
and durability of the metal film layer.
Next, ultrasonic transducers of the type shown in FIG. 1E and FIG. 2 are generally in the open
form, and it is conceivable to coat the entire surface with a moisture-separating release coating in
order to make it an enclosed form. There is an influence on the image and vibration resistance d,
and the provision of a “48-3326 R-na” or a sealed envelope will result in a large space factor
for the electrostrictive element, resulting in a large space. Therefore, the present invention
eliminates the above-mentioned defects, and its object is to provide a small-sized, high-power,
closed-type ultrasonic transducer having good vibration efficiency and a good space factor of the
electrostrictive element. In a turbid acoustic wave output vibrator having a plurality of circular
stacked electrostrictive elements clamped on both sides thereof with first and second circular
metal members, the circle of the first and second double circular metal members is identical It is
to true the value of a cylindrical clamp that is fitted in a part, locked in place on the outer
circumferential step of the first metal material and screwed with the second substitute metal and
the circumferential screw part. A sealed ultrasonic output transducer is obtained in which the
first and second metal materials are clamped and fixed so as to improve the vibration efficiency
by a suitable pressure with a good space factor of the electrostrictive element as described later.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail by way of examples. 3 shows a
cross-sectional view of an embodiment of the present invention. Silver film layers are baked on
both sides of each of the coulometric elements 1.2, the metal electrode plate 3 is drawn on the
side of 7 J, the outer circle is in one section, the step is in 4 '-33366-, '05 part The first metal
material 4 provided with the part 7 and the second metal material 5 provided with the screw part
8 in the upper outer circle part 5 (both metal materials 4.15 use high strength aluminum alloy
material) abut, A cylindrical clamping ring 6 (for high strength aluminum alloy material for
stools) provided with a stepped portion corresponding to the setting portion and a screw portion
corresponding to the screw portion 8 on the inner surface is an outer circumferential portion of
the both metal members 4.5. The first metal member 4 and the cylindrical clamping ring 60 are
closely engaged with each other, and the required pressure is applied to both sides of the
electrostrictive element 1.2. Set to be held at That is, in a state in which the cylindrical clamping
ring 6 is engaged with the step s 7 of the first metal member 41 and screwed loosely to the
screw portion 8 of the second metal member 5 by a compressor such as a hydraulic forming
machine By applying a compressive stress of several tons / C.apprxeq.8 to the electrostrictive
element through the two metal members 4, 5, the aforementioned silver base layer can not be
obtained by the clamping bolt. Since the wedge surface adheres and spreads with several times
the compression force, it is possible to obtain sufficient surface contact as well as electrical
contact. 1 'The magnitude of this compressive force is the machine bias required to clamp the
electrostrictive element, mechanical bias j (a minimum of its 241!
The required pressure is “5 (” 48-332 'fEe-nP: required That is, after being compressed by
such a force, the silver film layer no longer spreads with a smaller force than this, and the
cushioning effect is removed. Therefore, as described above, it is not necessary to use a noble
metal such as gold or platinum instead of silver, and it is not necessary to remove the electrode
metal film layer and polish the electrostrictive element surface. The same effect can be obtained
by inserting aluminum or silver powder in addition to the baked silver film layer. Thus, the
clamping of the cylindrical clamping ring 6 is carried out by lowering the hydraulic pressure
after the expansion work of the electrode metal film layer, the value per second of the
electrostrictive element), the value of E / C-, that is, E In this state, if the tightening ring is
screwed, the pressure is maintained through the self-stepped step. The lead wire 10 is connected
to the center of the metal electrode plate 3 through the lead wire hole 9 penetrating the center of
the first metal material 4 and the electrostrictive element l, and the hole is filled with a packing to
form a watertight structure. In addition, the insulating rod 11 is to be an assembly mandrel. The
step 7 of the second metal member 4 is cylindrically tightened (6) 48-33286-0.77 and the
threaded portion 8 is a tight screw. Since tightening is performed and the lead wire 10 is
completely watertight, a closed ultrasonic transducer is obtained. It is designed to excite between
the lead wire and the two metal members in the above configuration to radiate an ultrasonic
wave in the direction of the second metal member 5. As the material of IIl metal material 49
cylindrical clamp ring 6 and second metal material 5 is as described above, ka aluminum alloy is
used, but depending on the application, metal or alloy of which the specific gravity is enhanced is
used for the material of @ 2 and the latter. It is also possible to improve the directivity. Next, FIG.
14 shows another embodiment in which the male and female clamp screws of the cylindrical
clamp ring 6 and the second metal member 5 are reversed in FIG. The screw portion 8 is
provided in the lower outer circle IIIIIl. A screw portion corresponding to the screw portion 8 is
provided on the inner surface of the lower cylindrical portion of the second metal member 5. The
other structure and function are the embodiment of FIG. The same as in the case of. As described
above, the present invention is completely sealed and can be applied not only to the air but also
to a washer such as overwater. The lead wire may be taken out from 5Iiii of 48-332613- [) 8 (7)
second metal member 5 depending on the application. Moreover, in the present invention (in the
case of (2), it is not only necessary to use a bolt of a special material for fastening and fixing, it is
easy to manufacture and inexpensive, but on the contrary, the electrostrictive element surface
can be taken large and its space factor is As a result, a small, high-power ultrasonic transducer is
Furthermore, as described above, after applying a mechanical bias of twice or more of
mechanical bias to the electrode metal layer of the electrostrictive element through both metal
materials to remove the cushioning effect of one metal layer, the pressure of the required
mechanical bias Since the electrostrictive element can be uniformly pressurized, easily and finely
adjusted and set, it is possible to obtain an ultrasonic 1 and a wave oscillator with high vibration
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