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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of an electroacoustic transducer
comprising a polymer thin film piezoelectric material according to the present invention, and FIG.
2 shows a cross section perpendicular to the plane. 1 ииииии Polymer film piezoelectric material, 2 и
Material for bending a half, 5 иии Base plate, 6 иииииииии Locking screw, 7, 7 ? ииииииииииии Terminal, 8 ......
Sound hole. 1-55 = Japanese Utility Model Sho 48-37625 (2)
Detailed Description of the Invention ant 1 '-** e 41k. Polymer film piezoelectric! Electric blueblue conversion @ I, new for practical use **-----------Polymer piezoelectric film with electrodes in
11 and an elastic material in the middle between the multi-number O sound holes It is
characterized in that it is filled with a material for tk, and the piezoelectric film is stretched in the
form of a shell of an appropriate vehicle, and is stretched; electroacoustic modulation $ The present invention is a thin film piezoelectric body made of a polymer piezoelectric
material and an electroacoustic transducer 11KII made of a vibrator, the purpose of which is
simply summarized by giving the most effective structure to the above-mentioned piezoelectric
body, and the performance is excellent. It is intended to provide an electroacoustic conversion
dairy. By subjecting a synthetic polymer material consisting of relatively polar molecular units
such as PAHO 17+ r-Methylglutamate, vinyl 7-vinylidene / vinylidene fluoride, etc. to a treatment
such as a treatment such as a draw-welding heating electrode, etc. Piezoelectric effect 2 (1 is
known to appear. 'aa-1'tC2) ?-O20 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
?? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? O ? ? O O O O O O O O O ? ? ? ? O O O ? ? ? ? ?
O O) Can do. However, when an electric field is applied in the thickness direction of the polymer
piezoelectric film in many cases, mechanical strain caused by ftK appears most in a specific
direction in the plane, so Fi ? torsional vibration is excited by mere tension. I can not do it. For
this reason, in the present invention, the above-mentioned high is achieved by the pre-deflection
in which the polymeric piezoelectric film is stretched in a frame in a state where it is previously
made into an appropriate car shell by using an elastic material. It is configured to excite
stretching vibration generated in the in-plane direction of the molecular piezoelectric film as
surface vibration. In this case, the reason why the special bending material is used auxiliary to
give the above-mentioned pre-deflection is that the polymer piezoelectric substance held in it can
not be self-retained but it is thin K, although it may be thinner to such an extent. The reason is
that a large electric field can be obtained by reducing the rigidity O of the polymer piezoelectric
material and a constant excitation voltage, and the purpose is to improve the characteristics and
voltage sensitivity. The characteristics of such a polymeric piezoelectric film were used to
complete a conventional electroacoustic transducer as described below. FIG. 1 is a plan view
showing an example of the present invention and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view in which the
FIG. In the figure, 1 is the above-mentioned polymer film piezoelectric material stretched by a
stretching ring 3 and its double-sided KFi gold 14M is attached, an electrode 2 ░ 2 is provided
by a conductive paint II1, and 9%-(n et al. Above the electrode 2Fi!
Lightly elastic like 1st order piezoelectric IF'i plastic foam which has continuity with the II ? ?
ring (made of metal in case) but does not have continuity with the electrode 2 and the tension
ring The surface deflection is given in the form of an ellipsoidal shell or Fi or other excessive
weight shell by pressing by the surface deflection member 4 made of the material having the
above, the rigid base plate 5 and K. This state ll is fixed by the set screw 6 at tL. At the same time,
connection terminals 7.7 are provided on the electrodes 2, 2 using the screws. In this case, an
insulating bra J ?, La ? bz?-? structural screw is used in order to maintain insulation between
2.2 and 2.2 at the set screw 6. In addition, a base plate 5KFi sound hole 18 is provided, which
further rounds off and adjusts that the shell structure inside of the above-mentioned polymer
piezoelectric film has a narrow airtight chamber and a strong fish acoustic spring, and rounds to
adjust it. In the case of adjustment, an acoustic chamber may be provided which is communicated
by means of a sound hole. However, the bending material 4 needs to be a one-piece unit, but it is
good if it is filled with a strong granular plastic foam, but even in the case of n, it is possible to
use a gas flow field or leave a flow path It is desirable to fill in the form. In the structure
described above, the piezoelectric body 1 which will add the thickness direction Kfil field of the
piezoelectric body 1 if an electric signal is applied to the connection terminal 7.7 causes a
mechanical strain of 100 kg due to the piezoelectric effect. Furthermore, this distortion causes
surface vibration in the piezoelectric body 1 due to the presence of the preliminary surface
deflection of the piezoelectric body 1. Although the operation as a t 'LFi speaker is shown, the
application as a microphone for converting the vibration of the piezoelectric body to an electrical
change is also possible, and it is possible to use it as well. It can be widely used as a converter.
Brief Description of the Invention FIG. 1 is a plan view of an electroacoustic transducer made of a
polymer thin film piezoelectric material according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 shows a
cross section taken along a plane K11l. 1: Polymer film piezoelectric, 2, 2 ': electrode. 3; stretch
ring 4: 4: material for surface restraint 5: base plate 6: locking screw 7.7: connection terminal 8:
sound hole or more agent patent attorney Yonou section attorney patent attorney Osamu
Shibuya 0 ? 3 1 One ?-? b * zrb ')? ?,? Z'7'48-1-sf ;, o'62b11A% "]"] + j? F, 'f $ J + 44 "" "'" "'1"
+-+'--1 +. Five attached incense tone 01 most (1- letter 1 Haruka (solar) steel w1 hen (support)
application second letter 1 Haruka (JII invitation 1 1 4 other than the first generation of one
person Footwear Chuo-ku Tokyo Tokyo Japan aS Raicho 7 Ti 11 * Land Niwa Chemical ll11 stock
company,] (4471) A lawyer with a new class of sandals-? 42 ,.
Amendment to cattle succession 1972, 6J] 9th Patent Office Secretary General Ido Takehisado 1
',' ((show of cattle 6 Uka. Entering the Showa 46Q% 80922'j-3Yn'J, division 2, the name of the
device polymer piezoelectric piezoelectric material]] electro-acoustic transducer '3', related
person with the case to make correction Applicant (110) Aoi chemistry 1- Co., Ltd. / 4, agent mail
number 103 Tokyo Chuo Ward Nihonbashi Horidomecho H'l + 8 Address Haneichi 1: Internal
telephone inc. 662-9 [il1 (Large Representative) (6 fi 83) Principle 1 Oka IJjf immediately 'in the
same place (667 +') B '1' 1: Shibuya R--. 5 Complement 11: Eif of the instruction, 1 spontaneously
\ 6.7 + li + 'increasing the number 7 of the invention, the subject specification 8 of complement
11, the hll LI? r Specification, page 1, lines 4 to 9
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