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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are a plan view and a sectional view of a
vibrator used in an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a sectional view showing
an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. These are figures which show the example
applied to the water storage container. A4A? иии O ииииии hole, 11 ...... connection terminal ?? 2
FIG 2-177- Sho 50-26775 (2) Figure 3 C / 4 FIG -178 -
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a flat ultrasonic
transducer support suitable for a humidifier or the like. Flat ultrasonic transducers that have
been used in the past, that is, MILLED! In order to decompose and humidify the water by using
the above, the bottom of the liquid container was disposed and used so as to directly touch the
liquid. For this reason, in long-term use, it has a fault that a short circuit between the pole and
the first is short-circuited to the vibrator 1 due to water leakage or the like, resulting in breakage.
? / ? This invention eliminates the above-mentioned drawbacks, and there is no fear of short
circuiting between the electrodes due to water leakage etc., and a vibrator support having a
simple configuration that can be used reliably and favorably over a long period of time The
purpose is to provide An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with
reference to the drawings. A flat day-to-day circular vibrator / has 10 poles at the center of one
side, and a pole is placed via a piezoelectric material 3 such as barium titanate sealed from the
periphery to the other side ing. On the other hand, a support covering the above-mentioned
vibrator /! Is formed of a relatively thin metal plate, has an inner diameter corresponding to the
outer diameter of the vibrator, and forms an annular flood 6 in which the outer peripheral
portion is bent in the same direction, and a circular through hole at the center of the bottom I
wear two. 1 note formed in this way! After the above-mentioned vibrator / is housed, the 7-run 6)
portion of the support 3 and the vibrator / one-pole portion are integrally and closely fixed by a
conductive adhesive such as solder. In this case, it is desirable that one oscillator / support be
bonded to the inner side of the support j and fixed to five, and if it is bonded and fixed in this
way, the retention ratio of the oscillator will be ( Become. The conductive adhesive 1 is soldered
so as to form an annular ring along the inside of the flood 6 so that water does not leak from the
vibrator / foil together with the flange. Thus, as shown in the ig figure, the ultrasonic transducer
fixed by the support is a through hole 10 formed in the ice storage container 9 with the one side
of the transducer / one pole facing up with the holes of the support open. The caster is sealed so
that the vibrator l is fixed and the vibrator l is fixedly fixed by means of a fitting Ms child device
//. Although not shown, a frequency of ? to j MHz is applied to the vibrator. By using the
vibrator thus formed, even if water leaks from the weir of the vibrator and the container, there is
a fear that the two electrodes of the vibrator may be short-circuited by the action of the sevenrounder of the support. It can be used reliably and well over a long period of time. Further, by
fixing between the support and the vibrator with an adhesive called solder, the holding ratio of
the vibrator can be improved (and the effect can be maintained in a better state.
The present invention is not limited to the above embodiment, and the shape of the support, the
adhesive and the like may be changed variously. Also, the flanges of the support may be simply
folded and fixed.
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