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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway side view of a loudspeaker
according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken
along the line A-A of FIG. C conductive film, 4 ...... pressing member 5 ...... regulating member, 5a
...... tip. Figure 1 Figure 2-45-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a speaker having an Eelectric film k1 mllI. A cylinder is formed of a piezoelectric 74 film constructed by providing
electrodes on both sides of a polarized polymer film by means such as base bonding, and a
speaker filled with a porous elastic tube inside of this cylinder is: Because it is almost completely
omnidirectional in the above, it is noted # C1 as a speaker for high-pitched sound. This speaker
supplies 1 cylindrical piezoelectric film Kr II current (1) 7! The circle that comes up to IC yo One
direction stretch 1i! Because it is based on a principle of working that it is converted into radial
oscillation by the chronic pressing action rc of the elastic body inside At-1. -In order to obtain the
characteristics of the foot, it is necessary to keep the suppressing effect of the pillars on the
piezoelectric film uniformly 4 and constant over the entire one. A conventional speaker is
assembled by following the procedure of winding a porous 11 liter body of suitable thickness
around the circumference of a cylinder having air permeability, and further winding it around 1
lm with a predetermined tension. However, it is difficult to obtain an extremely thin and flexible
piezoelectric film 作業 with a relatively large constant tension winding operation and to obtain a
product 1 with uniform characteristics. The object of this invention is to have q-c "constant
characteristics. In addition, it is an attempt to provide a speaker cage that is extremely easy to
assemble. An embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. The pair of tin plates indicated by reference numeral 1 in FIG. And FIG. C are
supported so as to face each other at a predetermined distance by a support post side not shown
inside, this end & /. (2) In the open state, the cylindrical porous elastic body 2 made of 7 ohm
polyurethane or the like is folded in four, and the cylindrical piezoelectric film 3 is provided 1 m
outside thereof. Piezoelectric film bl is a polymer film, which is subjected to polarization
treatment and provided with electrodes by vapor deposition of metal on both sides of 7 and has
approximately the same diameter as the outer elastic porous pile. In order to form a cylinder, its
ends are connected to each other at their ends. The pressure 1 film 3 is extremely thin, but is
shown enlarged in the drawing 1 in its thickness t, and it is omitted in '1 l Itfi. Further, in the
central hole VC of the porous elastic body 2, a plurality of (four in this example) suppressing
members extending in the axial direction are inserted. The tapered tip 11 ff & of the regulating
member 5 is inserted into the central hole Vc of the cylindrical body formed by the pressing
member V from both ends thereof. This rule 111 + 114 ts is screwed with a screw hole formed in
the center 11 of one set 1, and mm in the direction to approach each other by the rotation δ
breaking K to 10,000 pieces.
Since the tip end portion a of the first member j has a taper mk having a diameter increasing
from the tip toward the base (3)-,: 1, the restriction member j becomes # 1 m, The pressed II Ef I
material #a contacts the circumferential surface of the central hole of the porous cylindrical
column 2 and further moves in the direction of pressing this f'Lt-external lI. As a result, in a state
where the regulating member t is advanced to a predetermined position, the porous elastic body
2 is deformed so as to increase its inner diameter, but its outer surface is in contact with the
inner surface of the cylindrical clay film 3 To be In the thickness direction [8E], the compression
reaction force acts as a force to press the inner surface of the piezoelectric film 3 outward. That
is, the knee film 1 is in the same state as being wound on the outer surface of the porous elastic
body 2 with a predetermined tension. As described above, according to ** tC, 1 cylindrical porous
elastic body-is expanded from the inner side to the radial direction by the pressing member, and
the cylindrical # t-shaped piezoelectric film 3 having the defined diameter is formed in the inner
side. The pressing force to press from is obtained. Thus, there is a significant improvement in
ease and reliability compared to the conventional operation in which the thin piezoelectric film I
is crimped with tension at a given tension. Piezoelectric film! The tension acting on [− (4)] Since
it is heavy to place the tube in a fixed manner, uniform characteristics can be obtained. The
regulating member j is K instead of being screwed into the end plate. It may be connected by a
rondo or the like so as to allow a distance 1111 between each other, or may be added to the
inner surface of m1ll / depending on the end plate / support structure #C. Piezoelectric film! In
order to avoid the adverse effects of antiphase sound waves radiated inward when driving. The
vent member can also be stepped on the regulating member 5.
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