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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are a perspective view and a front
view of a prior art example, FIGS. 3a and 3b are explanatory views of the usage state of the prior
art example, and FIG. 5a and 5b are views for explaining the state of use of the same
embodiment, and FIG. 6 is a graph showing the peel strength characteristics of FIG. 1 prior art
and FIG. 4 embodiment, and FIGS. 7 and 8 respectively. 1, 1 'is an electrode, 5, 5' is an adhesive,
6, 6 'is a lead foil, [gamma] l / is a mounting part, 8, 8' is a drawing part. It shows. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 i175-real opening 51-35973 (2) Fig. 3 (b) Fig. 4 Fig. 5-176-actual opening 51-35 973 (3) Fig. 6
Fig. 7 8 Figure-17 '! −
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
vibrator. 1 and 2 show a conventional piezoelectric vibrator 1 having a lock, a nickel-plated
electrode u1. (P), (21, (") are formed in the front and back direction, and the piezoelectric Iii plate
+ 31. (3'l is bonded with an adhesive (4)) hS thin metal foil tea, <t> Half a day again with adhesive
f51. The electrode Il +, (attached to one at (5 '). Piezoelectric vibrators use the effect that the
frosted porcelain plate converts the electrical signal and the mechanical strain to each other, and
the structure of the pickup (1) tube element for strain storage, the element for strain detection,
the filter, the resonator, etc. In such a conventional piezoelectric vibrator, although it is widely
used as a component, in a surface electrode of a piezoelectric ceramic plate (a lead foil
electrically connecting one with an external person and an output circuit! 61. The mounting
of (8 ') had problems as it were. That is, in the electrode, the solder case for fixing the lead foils
16) and (6 ') to (1') is the adhesive f51. The thickness of (5 ′) must be thin enough to keep the
vibration of the piezoelectric vibrator normal, but if it is thin, it will be used as shown in Fig. 3 (i),
(→ →, arrow ( B) The peel strength of the lead foil in the direction of the rt force is weak, and
there is a risk that the lead foil 16), (ff) may peel off the electricity [1ill, (1 ')]. The Half a day or
adhesive + 51. When the amount of C1) is large L and the bond strength is increased, the solder
or adhesive i5), (1) is placed outside the lead foil to prevent the vibration of the piezoelectric
vibrator or There is a drawback that the value as a product is impaired because the appearance
of the paper which is the cause of the shaking is not good. The present invention has been made
in view of these points, and it is an object of the present invention to provide a piezoelectric
pendulum 1 * having a high peel strength and a stable characteristic (21 stable and good
appearance). The invention will be described in more detail by means of an example embodiment.
FIGS. 4 and 5 (IL), (G) show an embodiment of the present invention, and the fourth one has lead
foils + 61. (6 ') is fit to ll1t pole tlL (1') is part + 71. The width of (7 ') is pulled out and the city
te1. (B) wider than the case 9 and its boundary and drawer 1 part + 81. The angle θ with the
longitudinal direction of (8 ') is N90 degrees + C. In the piezoelectric vibrator of a grain, when the
draw-out rod (support) is pulled in the direction of the arrow in FIG. 4, the lead foil 16 of the
conventional piezoelectric vibrator in the figure of FIG. In the case of LW 4 pulling in the
direction, the force applied to the lead foil is divided into all the bonding surfaces between the
attachment II 171 and the electrode 11), and the adhesion force per unit load is small, so the lead
foil The peel strength of (2) is light.
Next, as shown in FIG. 5 (1) and (d), when the arrow S is drawn and run in the direction of the
arrow), that is, in the direction of the arrow of the conventional example sS, the conventional
piezoelectric vibrator 1! Fig. 9B3 (arrows (the force in the 集中 direction is concentrated at the
point A of the season, and the lead foil is easily pulled away, but according to the present
invention, the strength is much stronger than the conventional example). Immediately (3) 矢 印
arrow (draw in one direction, pull the city (8) and run (Fig. 5 (B, W, W points of 荀 (2) direction
force is applied) b1 lead foil is between BN 87) In this case, as shown in gM 5 (ml) K, the force of
the point KFi on the image of the point KFi piezoelectric aS plate (3) of C, CI is 9019 # 4 4 The
force is applied parallel to the surface of the piezoelectric ceramic plate +31 at the point y, so
that the mounting is dispersed between the parts (the force DC applied to the 71 and the force
YC ′, and the lead foil peels The stranger gets stronger! In the case of the piezoelectric vibrator
in the example of FIG. 4, the K + 1 foil is pulled as shown in FIG. Stone strength is much worse
than in the conventional example. FIG. 6111q shows the distribution of IR'11i and the quantity
when the lead foil is pulled in the direction of the arrow in FIG. 3 when the lead foil is pulled, and
it is ninety four, G-1 butterfly FIG. 1 The characteristics of the conventional example,-# i Fig. 4
shows the characteristics of the embodiment of the present invention is shown in Fig. 4, may be
as shown in Fig. 7 other than six. . In the FIG. 7 embodiment, a single foil 16+, (#) is a gR pole fi1.
(The shoulder with a part is part te1. The boundary number between (7 ') and 1 group of
drawers, (gi). (4) (The ring is narrowed only at nine, border denier and lead? The angle f #
between l & 's hand and the sword is 90 °. Also happy 8 Figure 51! In the case of Jlii moth, 粥 4
厖 狗 O pressure IL--child 1. No border and drawers (8). 711! [# 190 @ Process is smaller. These
are the main causes of @ 8 @. 11 people together. To that effect, the electrokinetics and insults of
the 抛 図 in Fig. 4 同一 Identical heart, still 上 t Ia of uprising? ! In the case of l, I mentioned it as
a special attraction kW with a structure in which two pieces of earth edging are attached as a
specific electricity digger.鴫 ド ド ド ド 出 友 看 看 看 逆 逆 逆 逆 逆 逆 逆 逆 圧 電 圧 電 す べ す
べ す べ 本 本 本 本 、 二 二 出 出 出 4 4 4 4 4. 愼-Country's 睨 睨 因 因 因 鴫 米 鴫 @ 米 @ 正 @
@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & (&) Also the
bad luck of this Jj 棗-夷 h moth, the fifth bad (al (11) is the same implementation-黴 賭 賭 凶 @ s
@ 図 @ @ @ @ @ @ 6 6 6 6 1 1 1 @ lK4 Figure 4?
Li 引 き 漠 漠 性 性 性 礪 礪 @ 7 and 凶 憾 本 憾 夷 夷 夷 夷 真 真 真 真 真 廁 true 廁 廁 (51 * tile
(i ') u electrode, (51, ( 6 are adhesion '14s ((1), (6 are lead products, (7) l (' 7 ') are fit parts, (8+,
(8 leads to drawer 8). 4 people 升 4 ± 6 out 7 (6) (in Figure 16 □)-= 1'33'46 Figure 2 1.2436
White # mi 1 = 2 '1' 2'3 '5'6・ N 131 (b) 6 t 1-615, -A,-=, -54 1 5 6 '6' 1 6 '5' Figure 4 '37s 6
ichitogi \ ~ i' 11 3-8 '6' 弔 5 K (0) mouth 86 BB "B '1"-) 2' 3 '546 · (b) 607 "! −87。 C’、
D1”、 ・′12′。 1。 3 '46' 5 '6 to 11 庄 \ ■ 02406080 K) 0120i 40 160 load seventh
[=' lll,! 1. Game 7 Su = 1 1 1 '9' 9-2 'o 8 8 7 = A 菖. 1・8′a′ 5973
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