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2% claim scope ■ stated in the fi * origin-O number 2 address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city
Ogata Kamon 1006 [[phase] Japan Patent Office ■ JP 51-3 E35970 published Japan. (1976)
3.27 明 'Letter 1, title of the invention 2,. 41 to claim (1) The content of lithium antiquate titanate
di # lead phosphate porcelain powder is at least 30 to 88 weight, containing at least
polyvinylidene fluoride resin and lithium lead zirconate titanate porcelain powder. % Piezoelectric
body that is t 轡 黴. 1 lt l tube, containing at least polyvinylidene fluoride resin and itium a y + 4
natanate zirconate-porcelain powder, and containing 30-86 wt% of lithium lead zirconate titanate
ceramic powder With the temperature maintained at 1110 ts to 166 ° C., the DC voltage 924 to
6 hours by 12 to 1 hour application tti degree of applying the L1 voltage! Is the fish below 10 °
C for 6 minutes or less? v * Polarization 1 * 黴 · To make the piezoelectric body manufacturing
method = 4 '-.
Piezoelectric element and its 11i construction method
· 3, the detailed description of the invention, 2 ° principle is an organic piezoelectric material
and inorganic pressure-material-such as a composite material that is polarized electric field
orientation polarized, flexible [large piezoelectric high piezoelectricity It relates to the body and
its method of manufacture. As a piezoelectric material which is well known until now, there are,
for example, crystals such as quartz crystal, Rochelle salt, and ammonium dihydrogenphosphate,
and magnets S such as paricun titanate. These materials K have a pressure ratio of 111% to 1%,
but they are hard, brittle and difficult to process, so they are thin plate piezoelectric materials or
piezoelectric materials with high flexibility. On the other hand, castable O large Ivh piezoelectric
materials by organic piezoelectric materials such as polyvinyl chloride, polyamide, polyvinyl
alcohol, collagen, polyvinyl fluoride, polyvinyl fluoride, and poly 'vinyl fluoride, which were
extremely difficult to obtain Although their piezoelectricity is small and their maximum
piezoelectric effect is the highest in the polyfluorinated vigny lyso 7-even though they have t ′
′ cFi, the piezoelectric constant of the length, the dynamic piezoelectric constant ee, csyx1Cr
′% λ is only six The present invention is to obtain a novel ml electrical conductor which is easy
to form and process EndPage: 1 to a thin plate and has a large piezoelectricity, except for the
drawbacks of such conventional inorganic piezoelectric materials and organic piezoelectric
materials. M To, various investigations on the II4I4 method to the material set Mle Rabbi, this
onset IJI! To complete the * t ° · ie, with the present invention lights! A polyvinylidene fluoride
resin tube as a lateral polymer substance, a titanium lithium antimonate zircon lead glass powder
tube as an inorganic material is used to constitute a piezoelectric body. # 1 Polish to make a
lacquer solution, add lithium antison, particle size of 1 to S sound field degree lithium antison,
lead zirconate acid titanoate porcelain powder to this solution and make it uniform in magnetic II
/-lacquer Bonding to form a film or a molded body · This and the particle size distribution of the
porcelain powder The optimum conditions at the time of thin film production and kneading
depending on the particle size (necessary to select (selected by τ 1, the line, the matter obtained
or t piezoelectric) Significant effect on the electrical properties of the material, such as the effect
on the skin, to obtain the skin 11111 large scale body obtained by O 5K, to apply a 1 to 0 charge
ll1Yt by any method as for painting and dressing. Do not heat it in silicone oil in place tr turtle 11
The predetermined time h2 by applying a voltage of the DC 6~12kvAp Luo both electrodes, yo 1,
the conventional. It's an organic piezoelectric material. It is possible to obtain an organicinorganic composite piezoelectric body which is superior in dielectric property and dielectric
property to t1. That is, the present invention is a plated molded product made of polyvinylidene
fluoride resin and lithium diantimonate titanate lead diluonate powder which is formed into a
thin plate shape or lII group shape, etc., and the content of inorganic porcelain powder is heavy
Piezoelectric body characterized by applying a direct current voltage at 30 to 86% composite
molding * tmz, 1 os to 15 g 5 ° C, and a method of manufacturing the same-at least this poly
The compound acid y # Knud composed of vinylidene fluoride resin and lithium anti-lead lead
zirconate titanate ceramic powder does not have orientation polarization!
It is not blind and it is not piezoelectric and it is N that can be used for practical use. However,
this molded product is provided with an electrode and 10 s to 185 ° Cellf "t'l [m electric jE @12k / / mgm 祠 嘩-υ 証 亀 亀 鷺 釦 釦 釦 釦 釦 釦 電 圧 電 圧 電 圧 @)))) 1 1M 分 極 分 極 ゐ ξ
優 優 示 す 示 す Shows piezoelectricity or piezoelectricity・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・
・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ○ When the content of
powder is less than this range, the piezoelectricity is small and practical, and conversely, when
the amount of porcelain powder is more than this range, it is difficult to form and process a
composite molded product, and it is flexible O 螢 t Piezoelectric body 1 is less than 0 or less-J!
The light will be described by way of examples. [Example 1] 16% by weight N-N
dimethylformamide solution of polyvinylidene fluoride 11 Lithicum anti-zirconate titanate zircon
wIII! After the equal weight of the same component was 1a Hs2, the magnetic powder and the
test powder were evenly-kilated and mixed * with a Kg-le mill, then dried in a sheet shape, and
dried to form a composite a having a thickness of 147μ. Silver paste is applied to this composite
membrane and dried. Then sample @ 10 m ”CJK heating in silicone oil and apply a DC normal
pressure of 1 k to the top and bottom for 24 hours with DC voltage of K6 kv / m, then voltage!
Cooling to 30 ° C in 8 minutes by f * of the silicone oil temperature tube with oil temperature
tube added up to 1 to finish the minute @ Large pressure · Piezoelectric constant of composite
pressure f [length direction obtained by this method Is a value of 21 h, 1 1 × 1 (j′− ′ ′ ′
′) II / V. [Example 2]-Polyvinylidene fluoride * jl (zs wt% N-N dimethylformamide # IIK lithium
antimonium diacid di # con lead magnet) powder The weight ratio of the same component is 18:
82 respectively After uniform warming with Bo Jh (A /), it was dried with a sheet-like K1gdL to
form a composite film 86 μm thick. This composite film K11k paste was coated and dried to
form an electrostatically conductive film. did. Next-in silicone oil while heating to sample t166 °
C iiI flow voltage of K10kv71s between upper and lower both electrodes! After applying for 1
hour, it was cooled to 28 ° C. for 6 minutes by using a silicone oil at room temperature and a
large volume of silicone oil at a temperature of 1 k until the voltage applied was 1 k. Then the
electric aEt @ cut off and the polarization ended-this one EndPage: 2, * Piezoelectricity in the
longitudinal direction of the combined piezoelectric film, which was glared by *, 51i!
The number of tjfi, 0 ′ ′ M / YO values, 1 ° at 111 °, is a tube with a thickness of 86 to 147
μ of the composite membrane, and in the present invention, the thickness of the membrane is
11 M 0% f) Kjlji fi440ft! fi<1. [8, bar-like thing 'c4 good to say', so to speak, Example 1, 20
Without the cooling by silicone oil OfmK which is drained at the end of the polarization
treatment 1 is piezoelectric It is found that the constant decreases by about 20%. Next, referring
to FIG. A composite film consisting of lK 1 11 1 li po 9 vinylidene difluoride y resin and lead
zirconate titanate retectium titanate powder and having a polarization temperature of 12! The
change of the piezoelectric 5 constant in the longitudinal direction next to treading is shown. The
weight ratio of this component is polyvinylidene fluoride IIJII: titanium lythicum antemono acid
saponified lead di luronate! Powder is vaHsa, ToD, polarized, pressure is ekv, A1. Polarization
time is 1 hour 0 鉋 1 Figure ら et al-evidently in the temperature of 1 o'a-166 ° C in the concave
of the inset and embedded # i shows the piezoelectric constant of Oka SZ, but this 聰At 011 °,
the 4% piezoelectric constant is reduced. Similarly, the polarization voltage and the polarization
time will be described for the reasons for limitation. [Contributing cap 1, FIG. 2 shows a
composite film prepared by the same method as in Example 2 with the polarization temperature
being 1015 ° C. and the polarization time being constant at 1 hour, and the polarization voltage
was changed in one direction. Piezoelectric constant change tube is shown. As apparent from the
second WI, the polarization voltage is lower than ahv and As). When the polarization voltage is
lower, the sample has a dielectric breakdown at the time of polarization and the piezoelectricity
is reduced. The element 1 can not be obtained. In this embodiment, the polarization voltage of
the present invention is limited to the range of 6 to 12 kV. [Example 4] 83111 has a polarization
temperature (-1 oss' c, polarization voltage) of the composite film prepared by the same method
as Example 1. The change of the piezoelectric constant in the direction of length when the
polarization time tt 'is constant at t6kv / 11Il. * As SS is obvious, the polarization constant is
small when the polarization time is shorter than 8Q minutes-9- Even if it takes a long time t
exceeding 6 hours, the pressure and the electric constant can not be improved even if it is taken
for a long time t, so that time is wasted and the working efficiency is lowered. Lithiumantimonate zirconate lead-zide magnet S powder is added to 16 wt% N-N-dimethylforma built-in
solution of polyvinylidene fluoride IIM in an I-rucell (mixture, combination method resin = 1I
unit) By changing the weight percentage of the Create a lI, this sample!
Polarization temperature-phantom, 'C1 polarization voltage 10kv /-after polarization for 1 hour
and then cooling while applying voltage for 6 minutes, the measurement result of the
piezoelectric constant of the piezoelectric body is ll! Piezoelectric constant and dielectric constant
are apparent when the content ratio of the lead in the magnet S-titanic acid zirconate S is from
sO to 86 wt. I am getting better at improving the dielectric constant. If the t'l is less than 30 wt.
Weight, the draw effect of the piezoelectric constant and the dielectric constant will be small <<,
and am wt% more by itself. In the present invention, it is excluded from the tIs of the present
invention in order not to obtain a flexible piezoelectric material. Thus polyvinylidene fluoride
resin and lithium ay? The piezoelectric constant and dielectric constant of ↓ are superior to
those of conventional organic piezoelectric materials by selecting and controlling the component
ratio of the compound sound material consisting of ン 酸 titanate di # = lead acid porcelain
powder and the condition of the pipe at the time of polarization Thin, flexible, thin-film, flexible
piezoelectric material that can be made from conventional quartz, quartzite titanate, etc., and is a
material with a large application value as a piezoelectric element for acoustic devices・
4. Brief description of the drawings [1111 is a cabinet showing the relationship between the
piezoelectric constant of the composite film and the polarization temperature because
polyvinylidene fluoride resin and lead zirconate titanate lithium y-titanate powder are 1;郡 2 轄
Polyvinylidene fluoride tree and lithium antisuccinic acid titanium dioxide; It is a group showing
the relationship between the piezoelectric constant and polarization voltage of the composite film
consisting of lead acid magnet SSt powder · The 8th Cabinet Is a diagram showing the
relationship between the piezoelectric constant and the polarization time of the composite film
composed of polyvinylidene fluoride resin, lithium anti- 毫 titanate di # acid # EndPage: 3 and
lead porcelain powder a FIG. Fluorinated biery f: / @ fat and lithium antimonic acid! y zirconate
lead zirconate powder content of the composite film made of porcelain composite powder and
piezoelectric constant and dielectric constant 114tjW Dinge Name of the attorney · Attorney
Nakao Toshio Nakao 14 Figure 2 Rating Vortex Degree (° ·) + 1− voltage (1-) Fig. 4 Polarization
time (7) 7 Inventors and agents other than the above (1) Inventor address same place (2) agent
EndPage: 4
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