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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing the whole of the
present ultrasonic transducer. FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line E in FIG. 1 ......
piezoelectric electrostrictive element 2,2 '...... pair of insulating sheet, 4 ...... metal shell. Figure 1
Figure 2 171-
The present invention relates to an ultrasonic transducer, and more particularly to an ultrasonic
transducer provided with a waterproofing element. A high frequency voltage is applied to a
piezoelectric electrostrictive element made of lead zirconate titanate based porcelain and having
a front and back 1iiK silver electrode, and a vibrator which is excited in vertical or radial
direction to be irradiated with ultrasonic waves from the front and back. Although strong
ultrasonic waves can be obtained, if this is used for cleaning of articles, reaction of chemicals,
mixing dispersion, etc., there is a risk of electrical insulation failure or short circuit in this case, so
The outer periphery of the upper piezoelectric electrostrictive element 7 is rubber, synthetic
resin or the like (even if it is cooled by n, vibration may be absorbed and attenuated, and the
conversion efficiency O may be prevented from being reduced. In this document, the abovementioned defective bookbinding and high mechanical strength bookworm dragon sound
transducer are presented to the subject 410, and the following one-section embodiment will be
described. ■ In the case of sodium bicarbonate, l is manufactured in a disk shape from titanium
zirconate-based porcelain, polarized in the thickness direction to exhibit vertical or one-sided
vibration, and nine piezoelectric electrostrictive elements, silver electrodes on ordinary φ wire
front and back In this case, the front and back surface "K sugar polishing" is applied, so the
electrode is omitted from K. -Ζ · · 7 pieces! A pair of insulating thin plates made of a hard
material such as Bakelite or epoxy glass disposed on the front and back of the electrostrictive
element 1 to insulate the piezoelectric metal element 1 from the base metal outer shell 1 μm
described later. The electrode rings J and 3 'of the end face K111 of the side in contact with the
drawing are provided. Reference numeral # denotes a hollow cylindrical metal outer shell which
accommodates in the liquid crystal a laminate consisting of the piezoelectric electrostrictive
element l and a pair of insulating thin plates 1 and λi both disposed, and this metal outer shell is
upper and lower One insulating thin plate co, (2) electrostrictive element l, and O insulating thin
1 [J / are sequentially laminated on the inner end face of the concave lower divided piece 41a
consisting of a pair of divided moon a, sF, and upward閤 O 蕩 Ab Ab # Ab 七 内 他方 他方 他方 II
II II II........... Ab Ab. Side O division #a 'and reference V which respectively surround the lower
division lunar socket 2 LK and the outer periphery of the electrostrictive element together with I'
Kfll are united by electrical connection of the division reference a 'and 411 b' When joined to K,
the above-mentioned metal outer ginseng O-shape, piezoelectric electrostrictive element I and
insulating thin plate, y6 @ feeding are threatened. ! Is a metal conduit connected to the abovementioned extraneous metal II eas and external segment Ell, which leads out of the input section
to be described later), 3 ° et al. On the genus shell 01, Metal conduits, 轡 耐 細 ス テ ン レ ス
Oxidation resistance such as stainless steel, etc. Excellent in corrosion resistance. Metal # noble
or outer surface Kll corrosion should be used.
And 6 'are the above-mentioned piezoelectric conductive elements IO front and back, and the
insulating thin plate J, 2'0 electrode wear 3 ° J / respectively! I is a pair of input 4 纏 which
induces the longitudinal or radial vibration by applying a waste liquid voltage to the
electrostrictive element. In the upper and lower inner end faces of the metal shell μ in FIG.
Dense #l I a "formed in the external part," 参 "(3), the thickness of the part O is reduced and the
movement of the bond from the metal shell to the corner is suppressed to suppress the outer
edge of the metal shell To effectively irradiate ultrasonic waves to the right angle 1 gang, but it is
not essential. As mentioned above, the one acoustic liquid vibrator of the present invention is
crimped through the front and back 1iK insulating thin plate of the piezoelectric electrostrictive
element and rises up to the outside of the hollow cylindrical O metal 11 surrounding the outer
periphery in a liquid manner. 1) Since this package is sealed, the piezoelectric element O of the
present invention has a large amount of damping rubber, and a rubber molded resin is used to
mold the vibrator of Oto & Edo, the present invention OI & Ladder can cause the front and back
K1m1 of the electrostrictive element In addition to enhancing rounding one that can be
irradiated to the outside without decaying the sound wave:-> conversion conversion vehicle, in
addition to rounding structure consisting entirely of mechanical fishing strength @ zero-point
metal, the handling will be made JIK There is a great effect.
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