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3, q temple applicant jNf history number bow 4 · · · 67 2 91 [phase] Japan Patent Office 0 JP 5151 1920 published Japanese Patent 51. (1976) 5.25 Japanese Patent Application No. 4 '? -/ 34
ど 34 ど 2454 ど 3 ど 255 明細 // の 発 明
Bolted Langevin type vibrator for high temperature
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a bolted synchpan-type
vibrator, and in particular to provide a vibrator with excellent temperature characteristics. A
metal block is disposed on both end faces of an annular electrostrictive vibration element
consisting of a combination of a piezoelectric element and a terminal plate, and the center of
these f is inserted through the inside of the electrostrictive vibration element and both ends are
coupled to a pair of metal blocks Bolted Lang-Juvin type vibrators integrated with bolts are
known and widely used in the fields of chemical mixing, dispersion, cutting, plastic processing,
etc., as well as cleaning of various articles. In the case where the vibrator is used by immersing
the vibrator in a high temperature liquid such as cleaning, a crack due to the thermal stress is
generated in the metal-clad piezoelectric element due to the difference in thermal expansion, etc.
Not. The present invention solves the above-mentioned drawbacks and provides a vibrator
having excellent temperature characteristics, which will be described below. About Fig. 1-1 is an
annular electrostrictive vibration element EndPage: 1% In ζ, made of lead zirconate titanate
based porcelain, with a pair of piezoelectric elements / EL facing each other with the positive
electrode side end faces inside. , / EL and a terminal plate / b interposed between the
piezoelectric elements. A first metal block having a blind screw hole Ja extending inward at the
center of the contact surface, which is in contact with the negative end of the piezoelectric
element / a on one side of the electrostrictive vibration element l, 3 is the other A second metal
block having a vertical hole 3a in contact with the negative end face of the piezoelectric element
la 'and penetrating from the center of the contact surface to the outer end face; Screw into the
blind screw hole 2a of the other end, and the other end of the screw part to the outside of the
annular electrostrictive vibration element / through the vertical hole 3a of the first metal block
and electrically insulated inside The protruding screw bolt j is screwed into the other end screw
4Lb of the stud bolt so that the electrostrictive vibration element l and the first vibration element
1 are not fixed. It is a nut for fixing the second metal block λ, 3 integrally, but in particular,
using a holding bolt in place of the stud bolt 六角, the hexagonal head attached to the holding
bolt is a first metal bearing Is omitted. In the vibrator having the above structure, it has been
confirmed that the difference in the axial displacement between the central bolt and the first
metal block 3 surrounding the central bolt caused by the thermal expansion significantly affects
the temperature characteristic. That is, in order to improve vibrational radiation as in the prior
art, the first. A vibrator in which seven or more kinds of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and
titanium alloy are selected and used as materials of the second metal block λ, 3 and center port
& is a center bolt μ and a first metal block 3 Is equal to each other in linear expansion
coefficient, but in terms of shape, the center pole + is more easily stretched than the second gold
rod block 3 and therefore the metal block 2 ′ ′!
Or 3 and the electrostrictive vibration element /, which tends to cause a gap and significantly
deteriorate the temperature characteristics. In addition, since the light metal with small
mechanical strength such as the aluminum alloy mentioned above is used for the center bolt 7 in
the & movement element, the clamping force of the electrostrictive vibration element l is limited,
and the large biased compressive stress Not only can not be added, but also the adhesion with
the metal block is bad and satisfactory ultrasonic characteristics can not be obtained, so it is not
highly recommended for ultrasonic cleaning. Meanwhile, the first one. A vibrator is also known
which uses a light metal having good vibrational radiation properties as the second metal blocks
2 and 3 and copper having a large mechanical strength as the central bolt hole, and this vibrator
has a higher conductivity than the above-mentioned vibrator. Since the strain vibration element l
can be firmly tightened, the ultrasonic characteristics at normal temperature are excellent, but on
the other hand, when placed under high temperature conditions, the linear expansion coefficient
of the central copper bolt made of copper is made of aluminum alloy etc. Since it is extremely
small compared to the metal block 3 of No. 2, there has been a defect that a thermal stress is
often applied to the electrostrictive vibration element l to cause a ceramic crack. Accordingly, in
view of the above results, the present invention is used as the first metal block 3 so that the
displacement in the axial direction due to the thermal expansion of the central bolt and the
displacement of the second metal block 3 surrounding it are substantially equal. By using the
same steel material which exhibits a linear expansion coefficient substantially similar to that of
the steel center port 4Z, various problems such as loosening and ceramic cracking frequently
caused by the thermal expansion difference are solved. In the present invention, a copper
material having a linear expansion coefficient substantially similar to that of the central bolt ≠
and the second metal block 3 is used, but the central port 44 is closer to the second metal block
3 Since the shape is apt to be slightly elongated, the inner end face in contact with the
electrostrictive vibration element 1 on the first metal flow λ side is displaced in the compression
direction by thermal expansion, and the center bolt is slightly stretched relative to the second
metal block. It is preferable to provide a shallow counterbore 2b which is not screwed with the
threaded portion << a of the central bolt at the center of the open surface of the first metal block
2 so as to cancel out the second metal block 2. Next, it was proved by the following example that
the vibrator configured according to the present invention exhibits the desired effect. Example:
Outer diameter EndPage: with two lead zirconate titanate-based porcelains, and a terminal plate
made of copper-beryllium alloy in which the inner and outer diameters have the same diameter
as the above-described piezoelectric element and only the thickness is 0.2 m. And the linear
expansion coefficient (2! ∼300 300 C) A high strength aluminum alloy exhibiting 217 × 10 −
is produced in a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 308 φ × length tiows, and a counterbore
with a diameter of 12 all φ × depth / a + s on the contact side end surface, which is called Mh.
× 30 mm diameter × length 27 with a first metal block forming an effective thread length, 201
&, and a nickel chromium steel exhibiting a linear expansion coefficient (26-4001:) // X / 0- "
And a second metal block with a vertical hole with a diameter of // Mφ in the center and a linear
expansion coefficient (2,! Prepare a stud bolt (center bolt) in which male threads of M10X
effective thread length of 20 cities are engraved on both ends of a total length of 7011m, made
of nickel chrome steel exhibiting T-3001 ::) // X / 0 ′ ′ ′ In the present invention, the hex nut
is screwed on the male screw of the central bolt protruding from the outer end of the second
metal block, and the torque is +00 Kg · elll and the tightening is integrated. The results of
measuring the mechanical Q from normal temperature to itot: 'with the admittance measuring
device set to the conditions of the input voltage to V and the resonance frequency of 2 f KHz are
shown in FIG. As clearly shown in FIG. 2; the average down ratio of mechanical Q between
temperature-1 tOC was only about 20%. Similarly, in the above embodiment, a combination of an
annular piezoelectric element and seven annular terminal plates is used as an annular
electrostrictive vibration element, but it is the same as one piezoelectric element or a plurality of
piezoelectric elements. It may be a combination of a plurality of terminal boards. Furthermore, as
the piezoelectric element constituting the electrostrictive element, one which exhibits torsional
vibration in addition to thickness vibration may be used. As described above, the bolt-clamped
Langevin-type vibrator of the present invention comprises an annular electrostrictive vibration
element and a metal of good vibration-radiating property that is in contact with one end face of
the electrostrictive vibration f11I element and has a screw hole in the center. A first metal block,
a second metal block also having a vertical hole in the center, in contact with the other end face
of the electrostrictive vibration element, and the inside of the annular electrostrictive vibration
element are inserted through the first metal block A central bolt is screwed into the screw hole of
the rotating block and the other end is locked to the vertical hole of the second metal block, and
the second metal block and the central bolt use copper materials having substantially equal
linear expansion coefficients. As a result, the temperature characteristics can be significantly
improved, and in particular, it can be suitably used as a vibration source of an ultrasonic cleaner.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a bolt-clamped
Langevin-type vibrator listed for explaining the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a mechanical Qtemperature characteristic diagram of the vibrator according to the present invention. . / ...
Annular electrostrictive vibration element, co ... 1st metal block, 3 ... 2nd metal block, μ ... center
bolt \ ... 7 ', -2l □ (first) Figure EndPage: 3 艮 Mi trowel 49 V Other inventor stop 'ft 祐-EndPage:
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