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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention.
FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an essential part of the apparatus, and FIG. 2 is a
longitudinal sectional view of the apparatus. 1 ... bimorph oscillator, 5, 6 ... reflector, G1, G2 ...
distance. fi Figure 742 Figure 1 61
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic
transducer, which performs electroacoustic transformation using a bimorph oscillator KII. In
recent years, as an electroacoustic transducer element for warning and warning-1 various air-inplace acoustic waves in mineral water, a piezoelectric bar ll ◆; jz · 七 7 lua is used. 9 so-called
piezoelectric pie self-oscillators have audible or ultrasonic frequencies It is used as an acoustic
transducer regardless of the region. The piezoelectric bimorph actuator is a piezoelectric body,
and some h is a piezoelectric plate bonded to one side or both sides of a metal plate to make it
flex and vibrate, thereby changing from electrical vibration to acoustic vibration or from acoustic
vibration. It is% O used as a conversion element to electrical vibration. This has advantages such
as simple structure and small 1 @ and lightweight compared to other conventional vibrators, but
the piezoelectric bimorph vibrator alone has low electroacoustic conversion sensitivity of sound
waves and is practically sufficient. It was not. Conventionally, an acoustic variation such as an
acoustic speaker that causes a vibrator to perform a piston movement is ll5K one 1n? a) Various
(2) 曾 9'1 companies have proposed efficient acoustic structures, but the piezoelectric bimorph
oscillator has a vibration mode different from that of the piston movement of the abovementioned acoustic transducer. Even with the use of conventional acoustic structures, no
favorable results can be obtained. In view of the above-described points, the present invention
provides an acoustic transducer f having an acoustic structure with excellent acoustic conversion
sensitivity suitable for a piezoelectric bimorph oscillator, and having high efficiency. Next, an
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 1,
(1) is a bimorph oscillator, and this bimorph oscillator fi + is a metal disk as an oscillator (! 金属 O
metal disc (2) on one side of)! A small piezoelectric holiday @ 131 formed by a piezoelectric
material such as lead zirconate titanate-based piezoelectric ceramic and the like (3) island iK is
formed by joining to a small size. Then, a reflector (5) having an opening at the center is disposed
on the front surface of the bimorph oscillator +11 at a distance several times the quarter
wavelength of the oscillation frequency, and the bimorph oscillation is On the back surface of the
element +11, at a distance of an integral multiple of a half wavelength of the vibration frequency,
a nine reflector (6) is formed by a disc having substantially the same diameter as the vibration
node diameter of the bimorph oscillator (1) Power distribution to form an acoustic conversion
mechanism (7). I will talk about this operation. The bimorph oscillator (1) is excited by the
excitation circuit in the case of sound generation, and is excited by the sound from the outside in
the case of friend sound reception, and its vibration mode is shown by a broken line in FIG. It
exhibits centrosymmetric secondary eigenvibrations.
The vibration of the front surface (41 single seal (5) K keeps the front sound pressure constant
and the back reflector (61 gives a sound pressure gain, the front reflector (5; (4) It is emitted into
space. Next, a detailed example of the sound conversion mechanism (7) will be described in detail
with respect to the fangs 27. (8) is a cylindrical frame, and the upper opening (9) K exponential
tmv * -n aO of this frame (8) is disposed, and the support of the above-mentioned frame (8: inside
IIK The acoustic conversion mechanism (7) is disposed on the portion [111] so as to face the
horn (the throat portion 1I21 projecting inward from Ilm). That is, the bimorph vibrator (11 of
the sound conversion mechanism (7) supports the support portion QIIK of the 7th ray A 11 l via
an elastic body t tit-bonded with a silicone rubber adhesive. Then, the electrode T14J (15 # i to
(5)) J of the bimorph oscillator +11 is formed at the node position of each vibration, and the
electrode tiat 19 KT J-de line aett 奢 続 is connected to each other, this OII outer portion Elastic
silver Il by recon rubber etc! It is covered with IrIk collector QllG9 to prevent breakage. In
addition, the reflector (5) on the front surface has a distance of an odd number of quarter waves
of oscillation frequency from the top surface of the bimorph oscillator (1) to the outside of the
throat portion (12 + # (G1) In the pipe, the outside station of the throat portion a of the tree 4
and the inside 11 of the frame 8 are supported. Then, the reflector (6) on the back surface is
formed of a nom diameter (Do) K equal to the diameter D of the vibration of the bimorph J11111
child 11) by a metal 18 resin plate, and the bimorph oscillator (1) The support portion 1111 is
disposed to be supported by the support portion 1111 at a distance (G2) of a half liquid droplet
011a of the imaging frequency from the back surface of the lens. Next, 1 experiment-; will be
described. In FIG. 2 described above, the bimorph oscillator fi + is formed of a metal disc ill made
of an aluminum disc having a diameter of 6011 and a hardness of 1.51, and the surface K of this
aluminum disc [diameter 30 in., Thickness 1. A piezoelectric disc (31 is formed by bonding with
an epoxy resin yarn amount adhesive agent) formed of a lead zirconate titanate based
piezoelectric ceramic in which silver electrodes are baked on both surfaces at 511. Then, at the
outer cylinder position of the vibration of the bimorph oscillator (1), 1 outer diameter 56 鰭,
inner diameter 501. An elastic body +131 formed of an elastic material having a width of 3 mm
is bonded with a silicone rubber adhesive and supported on a frame (8: support portion ulK).
In addition, the resonance frequency 19.3 IH! Is generated by an excitation path which does not
show the bimorph oscillator (1). Inside 1 (7), · '-axisymmetric second-order eigenvibrational
excitation. A calibrated condenser microphone type macro * is placed at a distance t of 50 (d) on
the front axis of the vibration transducer 11+ to excite the bimorph transducer (1) so that the
sound pressure value becomes 125 dB. Adjusted the unhealthy alternation voltage. As a result,
the lower the human power alternating voltage, the better the radiation efficiency of the sound
wave. The results obtained by Inoki K are shown in Table 1. If one of the reflectors (5) or H1g +
is worn on the basis of the above-mentioned reflectors (gloss (6)), the reflectors The distance (G1)
(G2) of the reflector + 51461 and the bimorph oscillator (1) is changed and tested. Also, horn
casting was used to match the radiation impedance. In the table, λ represents the wavelength of
the sound wave, and in the case of (8) 1 base; = 1 1 訃 i scale wave number 1 fl, 3 III z, λ is 179
gmz-1 difference. jpf table: t tii 門;-一 −-Jle,-: input alternating voltage d 1-1--------------------- Four,
cx 31 oo, 20.2 '-""-""-"" "" "" "" "-"-"-"-"-"! " The reflection # Ei 51 of the '' 61 1 6 '-picture is only iλ
ml &, 9' λ λ (to far) 18.1: + + λ 14. 2 Only the reflector (6) on the back side “” L 16 .01 □ 1
■ ÷ λ 16. 5 '÷ λ 16.5' □, μ ′ ′ 15116 ′ ′ ° ゞ ′ ′ jA2T2x ′ ′: Rounded λ:
Reflector of front surface + reflector of the oscillation frequency than the result of 1 table of
reflection frequency The excitation input alternating voltage is lowered by arranging both of
them. It is clear that the sound wave O radiation efficiency growth is up to +91 ', and there is a
steam "She--". Incidentally, the bimorph oscillator 11+ is described as a disk, and the source is not
limited to the disk 1 but the same result can be obtained even if it is formed in a square or a
square shape. Since the present invention is configured as described above, the structure is
simplified and the electroacoustic transducing characteristics are significantly improved, either in
the case of converting acoustic vibration into electric vibration or in the case of converting
electric vibration into acoustic vibration. It is possible to provide an acoustic conversion device
that can be performed efficiently.
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