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̶Specification 1, title of the invention
Electro-mechanical converter
8. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a flat drive type
headphone or speaker table, and an electro-mechanical converter to be used. Heretofore, there
have been transducers using this piezoelectric transducer. Immediately after the piezoelectric
body applied an AC voltage between its electrodes, it caused stretching vibration according to its
polarity, and on the contrary, it took advantage of the fact that voltage is generated between the
electrodes when stretching vibration is given. It is a thing. Here, for example, the properties of
the polymeric piezoelectric film will be described with reference to FIG. If the orthogonal eight
axes of the film 11 are represented by 1 (main chain direction of polymer> p'jp '), between metal
layer electrodes 12.13 formed on the * y plane (front side, back side) by vapor deposition etc.
When an alternating voltage is applied from the alternating voltage source 14, the film 113
expands and contracts in the X direction. If this expansion and contraction in the X direction is
used as it is, no sound wave can be generated. Therefore, it is necessary to convert the expansion
and contraction in the X direction into vibrations in two directions. The following method is
generally employed for this purpose. Immediately, two piezoelectric films with different
expansion and contraction rates are laminated to form a so-called bimorph structure, or the
piezoelectric film 1-1 is bent as shown in FIG. In order to maintain the pressure, a biasing
material such as urethane foam 21 is applied from behind. In the case of the former method,
since two piezoelectric films are required, the vibration system is heavy and is not easy to
manufacture, and there is a defect that the linearity of the vibration of the central subdivision is
bad. On the other hand, in the latter method, when the film 11 extends in the name direction
shown by the arrow and further bends PageEndPage: 1t knee, it is displaced in the arrow 1
direction and shrinks in the arrow B direction to reduce the degree of bending When it is
displaced in the direction of the arrow, expansion and contraction are converted to vibration.
However, the drawback of this method is that it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the bias
material. That is, for example, in the case of urethane foam, there is a disadvantage that the
ultraviolet light is irradiated when irradiated with ultraviolet rays, and the sponge-like one
absorbs moisture due to absorption #) 1L and the additional mass of the film 11 becomes heavy.
The present invention has been made to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks, and the
electrified surface of the electret is opposed to the piezoelectric film on which electrodes are
provided on both sides and the end is fixed, so that the film can be vibrated by electrostatic
attraction. The present invention provides an electro-mechanical converter that can be bent and
maintained stably, and can stabilize the electro-mechanical conversion characteristic. Hereinafter,
an embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail with reference to the
drawings. In FIG. 8, 31 is a film made of, for example, a polymeric piezoelectric material, and
metal layer electrodes 32.3: i are vapor deposited on both sides thereof.
For example, a mat 35 having rigidity is provided to face one side of the film 31. The electret 35
and the film 31 each have, for example, a circular shape, and their peripheral edge portions are
fixed by a holder 36. Therefore, the film 31 is sucked by the electrostatic force of the electret 36.
However, since the film 31 has a fixed peripheral portion, the central portion of the film 31 is in
a bent state in which the electret 35 approaches. When an audio voltage, for example, is applied
from the audio voltage source 37 to the AC voltage 7 between the electrodes 32 and 33 of the
film 31, the film 31 stretches and vibrates in the direction of the arrow shown. In this case, the
internal space surrounded by the film 31, the holder 36, and the electret 35 is communicated
with the external space to be vibrated, and the electret 35 and metal are made to emit the sound
waves by the vibration of the film 3 to the external space. A plurality of through holes 38 are
dispersedly provided integrally on the plate 34. According to the converter as described above,
the end of the piezoelectric film 31 having the electrode rods 32. 33 provided on both sides is
fixed, and the electret 35 is opposed to the film 31 for suction. Since the film 31 is bent so as to
be capable of vibrating 31 and therefore a single film 31 is used, the vibration system is sharper
and the linearity of the vibration characteristics is better than that of the conventional bimorph
structure. In addition, since the film 31 is curved by electrostatic attraction, it is stably
maintained against temperature and humidity as compared to the case where it is set by a single
bias material, and electric-machine conversion is maintained. The characteristics can be
maintained stably. Further, according to the above-mentioned converter, since the electrostatic
attraction force is used, it is possible to select the kind of metal of the metal of the film 31, such
as aluminum or crucible. In the bent state of the film 31, the suction force to the nile 31 is made
substantially uniform at one and the other portions of the film 31 to improve the vibration S
characteristics 6, so the charge distribution of the electret 35 is at the central portion. Also, make
sure that the amount of charge in the fertilized area is high, or fill the electret 36 → l! It is also
possible to bend the film in the same direction as that of the film 31 so as to face the film 31
substantially in parallel. It is also possible to bend the film 31-in the direction of the electret
having a large charge amount by making the electrets face each other on both sides of the film 3
and making the charge amounts of these electrets different. In the above embodiment, if an
electrical load is connected instead of the audio voltage source 37 and a single action is given to
the film 31 by, for example, a sound wave, the audio voltage can be taken out to the electrical
load. It is not possible to say that there are 5 cases in adopting a device as a microphone.
As described above, the present invention can provide an electro-mechanical transducer that can
set the piezoelectric film in a vibrating state so as to be stable and can be stably maintained, and
can stabilize the electro-mechanical conversion characteristics.
-Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is a diagram for explaining the properties of a
piezoelectric film, and Fig. 2 'is a structural explanatory diagram showing a conventional electromechanical transducer EndPage: 24, ν. FIG. 8 is a configuration explanatory view showing an
embodiment of the electro-mechanical converter according to the present invention. 31:
piezoelectric film, 32. 33: electrode 35: electret. Applicants Attorneys Attorneys Suzue Takehiko
Suzue 1 Figure 2 Piece 2 Figure 1 Oki 3P6, Inventors other than the above, patent applicants or
agents (1) Inventor EndPage: 3
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