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Patent Publication ■ JP-A-52-41525 Description of the Invention Title 2% Claims (1) A film
formed of a film polymer having a piezoelectric effect And an electrode provided on each surface
of the diaphragm which applies stress to the diaphragm to make the cross section curved, and
the diaphragm forms an enclosure which seals one side of the diaphragm from an external
atmosphere. A diaphragm coupled electroacoustic transducer characterized in that a peripheral
portion of the diaphragm is supported by a projecting support frame. (2) Patent conversion
a0.theta. No electrode characterized in that the electrode is in contact with the diaphragm
surface on a selected area of the diaphragm, characterized in that the electrode is in contact with
the entire free non-supporting area of the diaphragm. An electro-acoustic transducer according
to claim 1, wherein said claim is within the scope of claim.
Electro-acoustic transducer
The present invention will now be described in detail with reference to the drawings. Referring to
FIG. 1, it has a sealed flat recess structure, one of its major faces being constituted by a
diaphragm with a composite having piezoelectric properties. The diaphragm 1 is made of a film
composition having piezoelectric properties, for example polypinidene fluoride. The diaphragm is
supported by the support frame member 4 around its entire circumference. The diaphragm 1, the
support frame member 4, the side wall 5 and the back wall 51 form an enclosure 6. The
diaphragm 1 has a size equal to or greater than the area revealed by the support frame member
4 and the enclosure 6 is evacuated of air through a suitable external valve as illustrated by the
reference numeral 8, for example. When the air is exhausted from the enclosure 6, the
diaphragm 1 is bent in the inward direction to be formed into an oval or partially spherical shape
as shown in FIG. Each coating side of the diaphragm 1 is provided with two electrodes 2.2 ', as
shown in more detail in FIG. 2, which are fixed to the diaphragm 1 by means of vacuum
positioning. This electrode 2.2 'must be light weight and must be mainly smaller than half the
mass of the diaphragm, between the electrodes provided on both sides of the diaphragm 1 by
means of' lt pneumatically coupled 3,3 'means To be The terminals s, 1 provide the electrical
signals applied from the amplifier or voltage generator 9 to each side of the diaphragm. The
degree of vacuum of the enclosed interior 6 formed by the side wall 5 breath, the back wall 5 b
and the diaphragm 1 affects the attenuation of the acoustic energy propagating from the rear
diaphragm to the interior 6. If this box 6 is completely in contact with the outside air, it can be
"C". The exposed surface of the diaphragm 1 (that is, the contact surface with the outside
atmosphere) is concealed by the screen 7. This screen 7 must be an acoustic transmission,
stretched over the frame 4 and decorative! Play a role in Now, wave voltages representing the
acoustic signal generated by the transducer are provided on each side of the diaphragm via the
terminals 3, 3 '! Added to the pole. The electric field is therefore changed by the acoustic signal
applied to the electrodes through the thickness of the diaphragm. The field strength j and its
direction are applied directly to the terminal 3 'and the strength of the signal current and its
direction. It changes with change. The pressure or air effect generated in the diaphragm material
causes the diaphragm material to expand or contract in accordance with the electric field
direction or the direction perpendicular to the end page direction EndPage: 3.
Thus, this piezoelectric effect, which has traversed through the thickness of the diaphragm,
causes the diaphragm to expand or contract with respect to the curved surface "one side". Since
the entire peripheral portion of the diaphragm is clamped, the diaphragm of the diaphragm
vibrates on the basis of its midpoint position due to the expansion and contraction of the
diaphragm, and a sound pressure wave is generated from the diaphragm. The penetrator or rest
position of this diaphragm is determined by the force of the film used and the drainage occlusion
of the internal cavity IJ '16 in the enclosure. Energy can not easily propagate from the back
direction of the diaphragm 1 into J56. There is very little, if any, and since no acoustic standing
wave is generated between the diaphragm 1 and the back wall 5J, there is no propagation
interference fd from the front surface of the diaphragm to the audible area. Since the recess
effect 4 which is a drawback of the 1-flat m speaker is substantially reduced, the inner space 6
does not become a "recess 2" which can sustain sound energy uniformly.
Electro-acoustic transducer
The detailed described loudspeaker arrangement of the present invention is particularly suitable
for use as a "flat" loudspeaker, and can be hung on a wall in an inconspicuous manner, without
causing severe distortion by the sound radiated towards the wall To propagate. This distortion
appears in all of the known transducer structures used in such methods.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view of a converter
G 'showing one embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 2 is an enlarged cross-sectional view
of the diaphragm used in the transducer of the embodiment of FIG. 1 ... diaphragm, 2.2 '... electric
4i, 3. J '... terminal 4, 4 ... frame 45a ... side wall, 5 ... ... back wall, 6 ... surrounding, 7 ... screen, 8
... external pulp, 9 ... voltage Generator. Applicant agent Patent attorney Takehiko Suzue FIG. 1
Doo 9 FIG. 25, list of attached documents (1) Power of attorney one (2) specification one (3)
drawing one (4) request Supplementary copy of one (5) priority system Conquest book 1 passing
· Ba? liI 9 6 Inventors other than the above, agents (1) inventor address: Yorkshire, England,
Leeds 8, Easterly Road, North Way 2 names Alexs Victor Ghana-(23 agents EndPage: 4
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