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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a diagram showing the relationship between
the thickness of glass and the fundamental frequency of the wave generated and propagated
when the glass is broken, and FIG. 2 is the fundamental frequency of the vibration generated and
propagated when the glass is broken Figure 3 shows an example of the structure of the sensing
element, Figure 4 is a block diagram of the glass breakage sensing device, and curve 1 is the
vibration that occurs and propagates due to glass breakage. Frequency distribution, curve 2 is
resonance characteristics of piezoelectric vibrator, curve 3 is frequency distribution of generated
voltage, 4 is piezoelectric vibrator, 5 is piezoelectric vibrator case, 6 is resin for fixation, 7 is lead
wire, 8 is detection The element 9 is a level determination circuit, and 10 is an alarm generation
circuit. l25 lO force rubber thickness [1] year 1 Figure 20-183-real opening 52-3881 (2) fangs?
Fig. 3910 Foo Fig. 184-Actual opening 52-43881 (3) Correction 51.2. 16
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a glass breakage
sensing device using a piezoelectric vibrator as a sensing element. As a method of detecting the
breakage of the glass, a wire is attached to the glass to form an electric closed circuit tube, and
when the glass is broken, the wire is broken and the electric circuit is opened to issue an alarm,
vibration, A device is known in which a vibration sensing device such as a water yf is attached to
glass, and * @ is emitted by the opening of the water source due to the vibration when the glass
is broken. In such a conventional glass breakage detection device, even if the glass is broken, the
four ridges may not be broken. Also, vibration switch f is a low frequency vibration sensing
device, which is prone to malfunction due to passing by 9 trains of cars, etc. or vibration due to
wind etc. One dimension is relatively large, and when attached to glass, it loses its appearance
etc. We have devised a glass breakage sensing device that can detect glass breakage even if there
is no malfunction due to the above-mentioned low frequency vibration and the thickness of the
glass changes and the frequency of vibration changes. The purpose is to provide, such purpose is
among the vibrations generated by the destruction of the glass! A piezoelectric vibrator for
generating a signal according to the intensity of vibration having a constant frequency
component, and a level determination circuit for determining the level of the signal, and an
output signal tube base of the 骸 level determination circuit. This is achieved by a glass breakage
sensing device characterized in that it is EllHL to sense glass breakage. The following nine
inventions will be described with reference to the drawings. When the glass breaks down,
vibrations (sounds) are generated that propagate a specific frequency component and propagate
within or on the glass plate. The fundamental frequency component of the propagating wave
changes as shown in FIG. 1 according to the thickness of the glass, and in the case of the
thickness 1 to 10 of glass used for ordinary window glass etc., the fundamental frequency is
dloOkHz to 10kHz. Movement occurs on the glass surface at a cycle determined by the
frequency. In the figure, the horizontal axis represents a glass window), and the vertical axis
represents a fundamental frequency (kHz) of vibration. In the present invention, in order to
detect the vibration noise of the glass surface, the crystal is distorted to generate a voltage when
traveling, and the resonance frequency of the piezoelectric vibrator is broken as shown by the
curve 2 in FIG. Generated by the fundamental frequency of the wave to be transmitted (1!
Indicated by 1 lill. If the voltage Vi is generated at the piezoelectric vibrator, as indicated by the
curve -3 in FIG. The voltage generated by the low frequency oscillations pre-separated from the
fundamental frequency can be made as small as negligible.
In FIG. 2, the horizontal axis represents the frequency II axis of the vibration level of the glass,
the resonance sensitivity of the piezoelectric vibrator, and the voltage level of the output from
the piezoelectric vibrator. FIG. 3 is a structural example of a sensing element. In the figure, 4 is a
piezoelectric vibrator, 5 is a piezoelectric vibrator case, 6 is a fixing resin for fixing the
piezoelectric vibrator 4 and the case 5, and 7L lead wire. Piezoelectric vibrator 40 surface
orientation 4a as a glass plate I! If crushed and vibrated, the vibration of the glass also vibrates
the piezoelectric vibrator, whereby a signal is output from the lead 7. Here, the resonance
frequency of the piezoelectric vibrator is determined as follows. Vibration of the glass is caused
simultaneously by stagnation vibration, bending vibration and the like. Therefore. In order to
detect stagnation vibration, the resonance frequency is determined by changing the thickness of
the piezoelectric vibrator. Also, in order to detect bending vibration, the number of resonance
waves is determined by changing the inner product of the earth layer bending vibrator. As
described above, the voltage / c4m generated by the piezoelectric vibrator No. 4 is taken out
through the lead wire 7 and connected to the electronic circuit composed of the determination of
the level of the signal voltage and the alarm generation circuit. FIG. 4 is a block diagram of a
glass breakage sensing device according to the present invention. The signal voltage generated
by the detection element 8 takes out a signal voltage equal to or higher than a predetermined
level in the level determination circuit 9, and when there is a signal voltage equal to or higher
than the predetermined level, an alarm is generated in the alarm generation circuit 10. Buzzer as
a means of police occurrence. A variety of known means can be taken, such as a lamp, connection
to a telephone line, and the like. As is clear from the above description, according to the
nineteenth invention, the piezoelectric crusher is used to constitute a glass crush sensing device,
and as in the prior art, no vibration due to a car or wind is sensed. Well, I can eliminate the
malfunction caused by not breaking & $ 11. Furthermore, even if the filling of the glass changes,
the breakage of the glass can be reliably detected.
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