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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a plan view, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along line XX. 1 · · · · · ·
Piezoelectric material, 2, 3 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Piezoelectric film, 5, 6 · · · · · · · · flexible
film, 7, 8 · · · ........ .
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a microphone
receiver E1m for detecting a Colt Kosoh sound in a one-electronic dish type gauge. Electronic
sphygmomanometers are often used for non-government homes because they do not require
heat for one examination. This electronic sphygmomanometer receives Coltko Noko sound at the
microphone, but if it is not received at a position closest to the artery, the Colt Konovo sound will
be sent to U * W's it) 1) In the case where the installation position of the microphone is
inappropriate because there is an individual difference in the arterial position-because it is not
possible to It becomes the cause of measurement error. In order to solve this drawback, it may be
considered to increase the perceived area of the microphone, but the arm on which the
microphone is installed becomes a curved surface, and-whether or not there are individual
differences in its curvature, There is nitrogen in the increase of the sensitive area in the case of
lyophenone. 6,-Also Kortkosoho sound: No distinction is made to the electric circuit reservation
with one frequency component, and there should not be a unique resonance point in the
frequency characteristic of the microphone, so that the shape of the sensing part of the
conventional microphone is one It was limited to a circle. Kokumi intends to provide a sensing
unit for a cephalometric microphone that solves one of the above-mentioned drawbacks. A stripshaped piezoelectric film having a metal foil electrode i2113) on both sides of the thin film
piezoelectric material 11), and a flexible film 151161 having the same shape as the film (4) is
laminated on the upper and lower surfaces of 4). Of the flexible membranes 15) 76), the lower
flexible membrane 151! d-Compared to the lower flexible membrane (6)-hand (2); ] 1 1i! 虐 7 −
て て 若干 可 撓 somewhat flexible. The flexible film 151161 is made of a rubber film or the like,
and the whole surface thereof is adhered to the piezoelectric film [4) with one rubber paste or
the like, or at least both longitudinal end portions 1718 of the strip shape. It is adhesively or
mechanically fixed. As described above, in the case of the pressure-sensitive sensing portion (A)
formed by laminating the piezoelectric film 14) and the sensible smell 15116+ and fixing at least
both ends of the drop 71j8), the longitudinal direction is orthogonal to the arm and the f portion
is acceptable. The flexible film 16) is attached to the arm with the arm side. このとき。 The
sensing part (A) is curved in one longitudinal direction while sliding on and sticking to the curved
surface of the light. In the longitudinal direction of the bay, the piezoelectric film 14) is provided
with a lower '==' T flexible film 1G) 'n m! Working king, film) 4)-can receive one colto novo sound
over the entire surface.
In addition, the upper X-ray film (5) is larger in flexible injection than the lower readable film (6),
so that excessive stress is prevented from being applied to one piezoelectric film (4). In order to
make the readability of 0 (3) S this upper flexible film 15) greater than that of the lower oJ 9 film
(6), the sensitivity can be made uniform over the entire surface, the thickness is changed as
shown in the example figure. However, it is also possible to provide grooves or corrugations
perpendicular to the longitudinal direction or other irregularities to the sea or upper flexible film
(5) of different materials. ) I3) Heleed 2 wire 191i11] 1 to connect 1 example: as shown in the
figure, between the upper flexible film (6) and the electrode ゑ ≦ 13) and the upper flexible at
both end portions 171i 81 in the longitudinal direction , Y + 5 + and the electrode 12), 7 leads
each, lead 1 圓 (12 + (one end (IIs M 2a), the other two ends are dedicated to the outside, and the
lead-out piece (11aM12b ′ ′) is reversely bent and extended onto the upper surface of one
upper flexible film 15) to be laminated, thereby forming a leat foil fill 12) Both ends '71 +8+ in
which the stomachs 401a), [11b) and (1) and 712b), and one dry film '5) +61 and piezoelectric
film: 4) are stacked, are attached to the lead wire crimping terminal 1. , Lll131 can be added. The
lead rod biting terminal (131 has an upper V, a piece (13a) and a lower condyle piece (13b)
made of an elastic conductive material, and the upper and lower shaft pieces (13aX13t +) are
bent so as to face each other. There are teeth C1 圀) (131), and the teeth (1 father) (1 父) are. +
41 · Usually, the sensing part (opened to a thickness greater than the thickness of the ridge-and
the other side of the teeth (130) (lsd) is an annular fold of the one upper ridge (13a ') and the
lower lip r13b') It is connected via the curved portion C1). Annular fold Hij (13e): Lead wire 19)
1101 lead wire (9a) lb)? When I squeeze the ring-shaped folding part (13e)-lead wire I and the
terminal (13 + kings and kings). And Yamabe (13c) (LM) closes and holds both ends 17) 18) of
the sensing device (A)-both grounds! 7081 each one piece, fixed one piece and fixed the required
contactor to 1mm gas-liquid contact 1 JI] 0 or more double <According to the present invention,
a long strip suitable for an electronic pair pan gauge Providing a sense part (A) with a large sense
area in shape ◇, the sense part CA); yo, Add MW tension to the piezoelectric film 141 when
used, and a small woman No stress strain is applied to the piezoelectric film (4), and a thin
piezoelectric film f film; l] is collected by a flexible film under L; ) Can be made easy to use by
increasing the thickness of
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