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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a principle diagram of the vibration detection
method of a solid, FIG. 2 is a structural example of a conventional vibration detector, and FIGS. 3
and 4 are structural examples of a conventional acoustic wave detector. FIGS. 5 to 8 are
schematic views of the simultaneous detector of sound wave and vibration according to the
present invention, respectively. 11 · · · · · · bimorph type electrostrictive vibrator, · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Cone, 21 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Detection
output terminal of the vibrating body
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a detector for
simultaneously and effectively detecting (mechanical) vibrations and sound waves propagating
through two or more mediums of gas, liquid and solid which are eight phases of medium. It is.
Conventionally, these vibration detectors are called a microphone for gas, a liquid microphone or
liquid idrophone for liquid, and a pickup for solid, but in detectors originally suitable for each
phase, vibrations from other phases are used. Information (signal) is noise; '; 3-'f': v6 [1-1] It is
generally required that the signal from the other phase is not detected, but the detector of the
present invention Conversely, it is characterized in that all signals from each phase are detected
actively at the same time, and it is most effective when, for example, detecting the vibration of
each phase with one detector to prevent theft etc. is there. Although there are one or more
detection elements suitable for the vibration of each phase, they detect the vibration and wave of
another phase at a fraction of the sensitivity depending on the conditions of use. For example,
when using a microphone for air ultrasonic waves and measuring the liquid level etc. by
capturing the reflection of the pulse sound wave of its resonance frequency, vibration is
transmitted as vibration or noise is transmitted through the structure on which the microphone
is installed. is necessary. Further, in an accelerometer for measuring the vibration of a solid,
sound waves in the air may enter the pickup for detecting acceleration as noise, and these are
generally considered as defects. By the way, in the case of a detector for crime prevention against
intruders in the room, there is a detector 2 that detects the sound wave in the space, the opening
and closing of the door, the vibration due to the movement of people, etc. It is customary to use
or to combine several. However, the former may be lacking in information, and the latter may not
be both expensive and expensive. Therefore, for example, a single detector capable of efficiently
detecting both the vibration of a solid and the sound wave in the air is desirable, but the present
invention realizes this and will be described in detail below. For convenience of explanation, first,
conventionally known detectors will be described. Fig. 1 shows the principle of the solid vibration
detection method, in which a disk or square plate piezoelectric or electrostrictive element l
bonded to a metal cylinder 2 or the like serving as a load mass (weight) is attached to the solid
surface 3 . When the solid moves in the direction perpendicular to the surface 8, the inertia of
the cylindrical body 2 causes the element IK distortion, and a voltage proportional to the
acceleration of movement is generated at the electrodes on both sides of the element l. This
voltage can be taken out from between 4 and 4. FIG. 2 is an explanatory view of a method of
further increasing the sensitivity further utilizing the principle of FIG.
At 5, 5 °, these two elements are bonded by a strip-shaped piezoelectric element or an
electrostrictive element (hereinafter represented by <->), and the bending vibration thereof = = -3
It is a so-called bimorph type electrostrictive oscillator that has a polarity such that the voltage
generated in the element is added, but when the load (weight) 6 is bonded to its tip and the other
end is attached to the solid 7 moving, The voltage twice that of FIG. 1 is generated between the
electrostrictive vibrator integrated wire 8 and 8 ° in proportion to the acceleration of the
movement of the. The same result can be obtained by using a 5.5 ヲ disk type electrostrictive
element as a peripheral support, a load quality-4 amount at the center or a load mass around the
central support. FIG. 8 shows an example of a sound wave detector bonded to the center of a disc
or rectangular plate electrostrictive element 9 with a light and relatively hard material cone 1Oi
1 point 11, and the edge or both ends of the element 9 are supported Fixed or free supported by
tool 12. When the cone 10 is subjected to acoustic pressure, it is concentrated as a large force at
one point 11 and the element 9 is distorted so that a large voltage is generated between the lead
wires 18 and 13 '. Fig. 4 is intended to improve the sensitivity of the device shown in Fig. 8. "14"
is a bimorph electrostrictive plate or strip, and "15" is a supporting tool. A voltage of about twice
that of the output is obtained between the lead 4-and lines 16 and 16. The detectors shown in
FIGS. 1 to 4 are widely used in practice, but all of them are for detecting vibration or sound
waves of amniotic phase medium propagation as described above. The present invention
provides a detector having the configuration of FIGS. 5 to 8 for detecting vibrations or sound
waves propagating through a medium of two or more phases, and the operation principle and
features thereof will be described below. In FIG. 5, 17 is a bimorph type electrostrictive vibrator
1, υm 18 is a tip load, 19 is a cone, 20 is a supporting solid, and 21.21 'is an electrode lead
terminal of the bimorph vibrator. Now, when the solid 20, that is, the detector support solid
moves in the direction of the arrow, a voltage proportional to the acceleration is generated
between 21.21 'as in the case of FIG. On the other hand, when the cone 19 receives a sound wave
(sound pressure) in the direction of the arrow, a voltage is generated between <2121 as in the
case of FIG. In this case, the sensitivity I- is more sensitive to vibration. When the mounting
positions of the load 18 and the cone 19 are exchanged as shown in FIG. 6, on the other hand, a
detector which can be easily felt by airborne sound waves can be obtained. The sound wave
output and the vibration output generated at the terminals 21 and 211 are easy to separate and
separate because they are different in the main frequency band 5-. In FIG. 7, a cone 19 is bonded
to the center point of a disc-shaped bimorph type electrostrictive vibrator 22, and a load mass 23
is attached in a ring shape on the vibrator at a constant distance from the center of the vibrator
22. In this case, 24 is a support.
This operation is similar to that of FIG. FIG. 8 shows that the load mass in the case of FIG. In this
case, the sensitivity to airborne sound is lower than that in FIG. 7, but the structure is simplified.
As described above, the detector using any of the principles shown in FIGS. 5 to 8 may be
selected as the most suitable one according to the purpose of use and the mounting point, but
these detectors of the present invention And the vibration of the structure (at the detector
installation site) can be detected and detected efficiently both separately and simultaneously, so
that multiple information can be captured with one detector, and the structure is simple. Because
it is small, it is inexpensive, and since it can detect vibrations as well as those conventionally
detected only by sound waves, its practical effects such as being suitable for crime prevention
etc. are large.
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