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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an
embodiment of the electric percussion instrument according to the present invention, and FIG. 2
is a block circuit diagram of its electric circuit. 1 ииииииии Upper head (vibrating film) 2
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Cushioning material, 4 ииииииииииииииииииииииии ииииииииииииииииииииии Body.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electric
percussion instrument adapted to detect a film of fi moving film with a pickup provided in a
cushioning material. Because electric percussion instruments such as drums have a large volume
of the tonic, it is darker to balance the volume when playing together with a work instrument
capable of # l4Iv5, such as an air piano or an electric guitar. In order to solve such a problem, a
mute main body is provided which is in pressure contact with the drum head and damped in the
manner of damping, and the inside of this mute main body is big 1-;-: '=-? "A mouth up iI! The
electric percussion instrument which is made to detect the vibration of the drum head by this
bitter-up is considered by the same J-person (1 !!). Fog 1! 153-29 Su 83)-According to such an
electric percussion instrument, it is possible to make the main sound klFL <n and to reduce the 4f
without picking up the air fine movement as the mobility transmission medium and the
transmission vibration of the trunk body as a book Good f air frame can be obtained, but the
drawback is that the support of the main body of the mute is complicated and the cost becomes
more expensive compared to the electric percussion instrument of promoted rice. This' OJ #; ?
is a four-pointer to the above point, and the place where it is assumed to be the O-th point is an
intermittent structure with a reduction in tonicity and a small, just replacing the head In order to
4bX such purpose to be able to adapt to the electric strike system that can be easily adapted to
the percussion instrument of Tsui, this device is a fence of 2 cropping that has a town shield
around it. ?-O ?! Tsushimin material is contained, and it is made to arrange bitter-up in this
cook bowl, and it is a leather thing. In the following, this idea is based on the IIIIK # 1 liK theory.
FIG. II1 is a cross-sectional view of one embodiment OJ1 of the electric percussion instrument
according to the present invention. In the figure, the upper head 1 and the lower head 2Fi are
made of circular synthetic resin sheet as a vibration simulation of the drum, and between the
head 1 and the lower 1 rad 2 this is a foam sponge of burrow and tan alignment. (1) A cushion
material 3 consisting of 1 and so on ((1); further 1) 1 inside of this material 3; Is molded and
disposed. From the pickup 4 pulls through rut shield @ 5 under head 2 and extends down. The
outer circumferences of the upper head 1 and the lower head 2 are m-folded together H,! It is
incorporated in the ring-shaped frame 6 which consists of Ii side, and both are added. The outer
radius is densely packed on this result to the cube of 3 and the turtle 2 head of 2 and the pickup
4 @: Molded cushion 1 in 1 core H in the sealed interval between the upper head 1 and the lower
head 2 The material 3 is to be accommodated-thus the coating head 1 assembly.
Then, put 1 loss 9 in a ring on the surrounding frame 6 and place 3-a frame, and insert it in the
fastening frame of the nut and tighten it r) F rut 9 on the outside 1 corner of the body 1 The
screwing screw 8 is screwed on the doubled lug 1Q and the clamping frame 8 is pushed
downward. This @ unframed body 6 is pulled downward along the outside MIK of the torso 1,
and the upper head 1 and lower head 2 of the head assembly are iIi! T'r) Tension is provided at
the opening. In such a ? Lit, stick in the upper-и 1t 7 t 7 t (and the upper Hera r ░ 1 of the
crunch is ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? 3 3 3 3; 3;" at 71, 1 in the cushion 3? : The built-in pink-up 4
suspends this vibration, and from the shield и ? 5, the electric @ number corresponding to the
vibration is output t'L. If this is processed by the circuit, it will be transmitted by the speaker. The
vibrations of the upper head 1 and the lower head 2 are greatly attenuated because they are
located between them and there are 1 x 37 x 1), so the so-called production ii becomes small. As
compared with the case where the cushion II detected by the pickup 4 does not use the cushion
material 3 as well, the vibration is converted into an electric signal and then amplified into the
material Q #-by @. As it is, the playing sound Fi substantially 4- lower than i. Fig. 2 is a block
diagram of the electric @ wedding O block for processing the electric power of -rL for the first
time. In the figure, the electric value from the pickup 4 is input in parallel to the sample and
halting 1 gl path 11 and the gate-path 12. In the Sangert tending circuit 11, the scale of the Ha of
the Tortoise Goku is stored, and its output is 1! It is transported to the E-compartment control
amplifier (VCA) 13 as a voltage signal. In the gate circuit 12 * c, a butterfly, an electric value
number, generates a trigger signal of drum t-striking, and this number number generates an
envelope 1g4 in the envelope @ senikaku14. The sound of hitting 15 on strike ff is obtained for a
long time for tiquing or if it is a sustaining O dark force sm or V% inertia. An envelope 1g 4 of a
waveform corresponding to the drum KR is encased in the envelope generator 14 and this signal
is supplied to the controller 13 as a control voltage + II sweet. Jin's voltage 1111 # ?-cold 13
ore, voltage 1 control Makoto oscillator (VCO) 1! The circuit of the thin seven-quantity Isizer is
formed by the I, 4jf-m, 111 fi kl (VCF))-18 and the speaker IT.
The sound source signal of the drum is always inputted to the voltage control type amplifier 13,
and every time the electric signal is outputted from the jitter up 4, the sound source signal is tIllI
@ according to the strength and the setting of the empero 1 and the speaker 1T is also a drum
system musical tone-1 IX. In this embodiment, only the electric signal output from the pickup 4 is
used as a control signal, and the synthesized electronic sound is used as a sound source signal,
and the electric signal output from the pickup 4 is amplified and used as a tone as it is. Of course,
it may be made to sound. Is the electric percussion instrument of this device a drum? It can be
used for various percussion instruments such as Dango and Conga. Thus, according to the
electric percussion instrument according to the present invention, the head of the conventional
percussion instrument can be detached and the head composed of the two O-oscillating film, in
which the pickup O and the cushioning material are sandwiched, can be attached thereto. It is
possible to convert a conventional percussion instrument into a volume IIIK electric percussion
instrument. In addition, the simple ** results in reduced cost and easier handling. Since the
volume of the tonic is small, it is possible to take the volume bass with the electric appliance to
be performed by adjusting the value of the electric signal freely with the knob. Furthermore, if
the volume of the electrical signal is reduced, training can be conducted without producing a
large volume, which is also effective from the boundary of sound 1. Oh, because the pickup is
surrounded by the cushioning material, unnecessary transmission vibration is shut off, only pure
Mill of only the head is spouted, and four M's old [M] is born. Thus, according to this invention,
there are many great effects.
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