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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to an electroacoustic
transducer such as a speaker, a microphone or the like using a non-inventive polymeric
piezoelectric film such as poly (vinyl chloride); Piezoelectric film vaporizes electrodes on both the
cylinders, and when a voltage is applied between these electrodes, it causes the film's rim to
bend, and when the opposite side becomes constant, the above-mentioned film stretches by air
vibration from K, ie K It can be converted into sound and composed as a speaker. Also according
to the same level! The pressure can be overcome and this voltage can be taken out to form a
microphone. By the way, in this device, the piezoelectric film is required to be curved and
tensioned, and in the prior art, there is conventionally provided a curved frame to which the
piezoelectric film is affixed. It is extremely difficult in terms of manufacture to stick a
piezoelectric film on a curved surface without wrinkles or distortion. The present invention
makes it possible to easily manufacture an electro-acoustic transducer such as a slave unit with a
simple configuration, in view of such a point K. An embodiment of the present invention will be
described below with reference to the drawings. This example is a case of constructing a small
microphone, and FIG. 1 shows an exploded view. In this figure, (II is a rod body made of, for
example, a metallic yellow body, and -m (IA) of this rod body (1) is an opening, and it is co-K with
j and the other end (IB) is hermetically sealed. Be tX (2) is a frame, and this frame (2) K is busy
when provided with a through hole (2 persons) that substantially matches the opening of the
casing (1), this frame (2) is formed flat Be done. fiうに! The terminals (3A) and (3B) are
respectively derived from the electrodes on both sides of the piezoelectric 7 EndPage: 1 film (3).
Then, this piezoelectric film + 31 is stuck to the frame + 21 KINIIK, and this frame (2) is attached
to one end (IA) K airtight K 11 of one end of the housing (1)), frame (2) and piezoelectric film The
pressure inside the hermetic container constituted by +31 is slightly higher than the atmospheric
pressure, for example, 1.01 gas sI [K]. That is the first! @ Indicates an assembled state. Then, in
the figure, in the piezoelectric film (3) attached, the portion (3C) corresponding to the through
hole (IA) K of the 7 frame (2) is hemispherically projected due to the internal pressure. Therefore,
in this device, the piezoelectric film (3: flexed in a state of being given an expanding force), and
when the sound pressure is applied to the piezoelectric film (31, the distortion is converted to an
electric signal The terminals (3A) and (3B) K are taken out.
Numeral 311 is a frequency characteristic diagram, where A is the case according to the present
invention and B is the case according to the conventional one-frame (-rate 25φ). As apparent
from this figure, also in the present invention, characteristics equivalent to those of the prior art
can be obtained. In this way, an electroacoustic transducer using a piezoelectric film is
configured, but according to the present invention, since the piezoelectric film is attached to the
flat frame in the production 11, the production resonates. Become one. In the above example,
since the sound absorbing material is sealed in the airtight container k, the generation of the
standing wave can be prevented and the frequency characteristics can be further flattened.
Further, the output voltage can be doubled by providing an opening KL at each end of the
housing il + and providing a frame (2) and a piezoelectric film (3 :) respectively in an electrical
series Km in series. The shape of the frame (2) may be circular or may be rectangular or multi- #
i, and accordingly, the shape of the mouth of the case may be adopted in various manners.
Furthermore, the opening of the casing (1) is formed flat, and even if the direct-placed
piezoelectric film 13+ is stuck without using the frame (2), it is mourning. In addition, the present
invention can also be used as a speaker I / IR headphone by supplying an audio signal to
terminals (: 4A) and (3B) without connecting to a microphone.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are block diagrams of the present
invention, and FIG. It is a characteristic diagram for the explanation. (II is a housing, (2) is 7
frames, +3) is a piezoelectric film. Fig. 1 II Fig. 2 End Page: 2
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