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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a sealed
ultrasonic transducer according to the present invention. 1: Langevin type vibrator, 1b, lc: a pair
of metal blocks consisting of a front plate and a backing plate, F: a large-diameter weir provided
on the metal block, 2: vibration absorbing material, 4 ? ? ? Insulated jacket.
?Detailed description of the invention? 1 first letter ? Lids ultrasonic transducer 1 of the
invention invented U ?? U ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?In
the case of O, also in order to construct the above-mentioned Tunji epan i + ui motional element,
by using a large OAK provided at the node of the metal block O vibration, the ? vibrator is
determined outside the insulation WKm. Wave amount. (1) A detailed explanation of the review)
The present invention is an O related to a circular writing sealed ultrasonic transducer using a
lizzy pan as an ultrasonic vibration l; A pair of O metal boots attached from the front plate and
back plate to the two main noble images of the electrostrictive element and attaching a pair of O
metal boots and its special low resonance frequency.? (It has been in practical use, but it is a
conventional 4 ? surface of the front plate O which becomes the radiation surface of the
vibration only, except for the front edge of the front plate O spongy (l) 27 'fL. It is covered with
oil, turku, etc., and it's covered with water-repelling material, and donated directly from outside
the house to keep it donated directly from outside. It is not only necessary to receive the water
pressure from the external subject station and compress the rounding vibration collecting
material to lose the vibration effect, but also to reduce the various effects by giving% strain to the
tunji Evan ? oscillator. Huh. The present invention is successful in solving the above-mentioned
O defect, and an embodiment of the drawing will be described below. In the figure, l is an
electrode surface / a ', / @ 1' formed by both main surface soda KM and attached 41 and
manufactured by using a zirconate titanate ceramic, etc. and polarized to obtain a nine electric
Nll device / & @ 31 / a, / aKm binding agent (? not shown) by wearing a pair of metal boots
from the previous picture plate No and backing / C with umbrellas, and with a pair of metal
strips 9 At one of the sides-in front of the picture 1 [/ l + IIK at one side-in the shadow of the
outside wall lK10 in the shadow of the outside of the wall 1K, I see the majesty of Aryu Ryu. The
front end box 11 ? ? serving as the radiation end of the above-mentioned Tungjee A: / m
oscillator / l) m picture plate / 11 is covered with a sheath (1 and 2), a sponge-like resin, Corta,
etc. OII dynamic absorption material , J is connected to the above-mentioned front side @ 711
and backing plate / eK by core wire J1 and 3N + to conduct with external drive power source,
covered wire with a dream, an insulating jacket made of synthetic resin, and the above Lange van
vibrator in this case The vibration absorbing material co, core wire J *, Jb and the vicinity of the
end of the covered electric wire J are coated and integrally formed by casting 11; Divided into
two parts in advance with a part corresponding to the large diameter swallow of the metal plotter
as a boundary, and housed inside the Lange-Epan filter vibrator 11 vibration absorbing material
co, core wire Ja, Jb and the covered electric wire O end After nine, weld the above boundary
picture and seal it in a liquid May., Also!
l Note that the above-mentioned metal bootta OmK's majesty may have a backing plate of 7ellK,
but ?O field ? heart 11 is provided on the front plate /) KI [following ? ? ? ? above ? J [/ a
?It is necessary to make small holes in the or to make a deep groove in the insulation jacket. The
large diameter O ? of the metal block of the Njiepan ? oscillator is provided on either of the
above picture plate or back plate, and its position should be set in the part around the vibration
O end point I need to hesitate. Through the above, the present invention O Langeban ? vibrator
built-in Jungho noodle lid lid ultrasonic transmitter-receiver, in the region of 011 points of
vibration set a large O ? in the metal block that constitutes the ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?
? ? ?? ? ?? ?Is fixed to the insulation jacket by ax * from K11 l in water <sunk and the
insulation jacket receives a large water pressure to produce a large insulation strain even if
mechanical strain li is produced by the Tunji epa yslil mover KJI effect 1 Let's make it (normally1 effect 9 effect. Brief explanation drawing of false garden drawing Book of incidental design Iw
? Ringing sound wave transmitter / receiver Om I come in new drawing garden. l и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и metal plotter is a large scale of 9. и и Vibration-absorbing material, gauze и и
и и и и insulation 31c3a47. ? To E-218??1a?1a1blb?9592 Tomoda wholesale [Hai
headquarters, s,) 1 port Minato nae-pe (8 'ha h ?Procedure correction (spontaneous) Showa j!
Year g! ?? ???? The relationship between the Secretary General of the Japan tatami courts
case and the case of the person making the 4th sealing lid plaster wave wave transmitter 1
correction of the case 0 @@ llj ? M ? 1 1 1 ? 10 1 411 issue utility model Brass applicant (#!
3) Japan special-prefecture stock gold company representative Ogawa Shuji ceremonial address
address ?-67 Aichi Prefecture Naruko ? Akita Takaho ? Takadacho ? ? IJIIJ Mr. Bird (4 J ?
I) Attorney General Imai wIf
(telephone ( # # J) t # /-4j 88) 1 correction O 11 # elephant
specification in the invention O details' & I! Column of moth. U correction O contents Attached
sheet O Batter /, @ narrow letter ? page 1st line, "? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? is
established. "I will correct the" one big ? r "to". " More than и и и p))
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