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The name display device 1 of the invention, a transparent piezoelectric element having
transparent electrodes on both sides on the inner surface of a transparent cover provided on the
front surface of the display panel of the display device is attached via a transparent adhesive
such as a transparent piezoelectric element In the display device 1 # IC as a vibrator, the
transparent cover length U) and the thickness tt), and the thickness 圧 電 of the piezoelectric
element satisfy the following relationship. (1)5.6X1G”(tx+”! ) <J ′ ′ (212, 5
× 10 ′ ′ ('t, ten do)) j j ′ ′ (21 t, 20.1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a display device I
using a transparent cover provided on the front surface of a display panel of the display device
as a sounding body. Conventionally, a watch with an alarm function (with a buzzer) scatters the
diaphragm v in the back cover of the back of the cake and vibrates the diaphragm to generate a
sound and a sound extraction hole provided in the back cover. The sound is taken out from the
outside. However, in the case of this type of wristwatch, the sound propagation source is covered
with the case 7 and the back cover, so the sound propagating to the outside is attenuated and
diminished, or it can not be waterproofed due to a pit for sound extraction. It will Further, since
the diaphragm is protected, the thickness of the watch is increased. Therefore, recently, as shown
in the first @, the display panel 1. Drive source 29 clock drive 53 III! There has been proposed a
wristwatch as a hippo-5v sounding body by directly vibrating the transparent cover 5v provided
on the front surface of the display panel 1 of the main body 4 incorporating the. A transparent
piezoelectric ceramic is provided with transparent vapor deposition electrodes 8 ° 9 on both
sides of the transparent vapor deposition electrode 6v coated on the inner surface of the cover 5
as shown by Ka, [2 □□□] for vibrating the cover 5 via a transparent adhesive 7v. A
piezoelectric vibrator 10v made of a plate is attached, a contact (contact) 11 in contact with the
transparent deposition electrode 6 of the cover 5 and a contact (contact) in contact with one
transparent deposition electrode 9 of the transparent piezoelectric transducer lO exposed 12)
The transparent piezoelectric vibration EndPage: A single pressure of 1 oxt is applied to vibrate
the cover 5 in an integrated state to generate a sound. The cover 5 is joined to the main body 4
while using a waterproof, cushioning pad 13 as a pedestal. By the way, in such a structure, the
shape of the transparent cover which is to be a sound source conventionally is not specified at
all. Therefore, if the transparent cover of a conventional ordinary watch is used as it is, the
volume drops extremely or harmonic noise is produced. したが? An object of the present
invention is to provide a transparent cover having a desired frequency and having excellent
dimensional strength and having a large volume shape, and a piezoelectric element attached to
the transparent cover. In order to achieve such an object, the present invention is to attach a
transparent piezoelectric element having transparent electrodes on both sides to the inner
surface of a transparent cover provided on the front surface of a display panel of a display device
through a transparent adhesive. In the display device 1 in which the length of the transparent
cover is l) and the thickness t1), and the thickness t of the piezoelectric element are determined
so as to satisfy the following relationship.
(115, 6 x 10 "(t, + ft) <j" (21 g, 5 x 10 "(t, + t)"> 7 "(31 tl 0.1 0.111 Im or less, the present
invention will be described by way of examples). FIG. 3 is a schematic view showing a
transparent cover 14 made of transparent glass and a transparent piezoelectric element 15
attached to the transparent cover 14 via a transparent adhesive (not shown) V. Here, the length
of the transparent cover 14! And the thickness is 11. The thickness of the piezoelectric element
is t. So the desired dimensions! . Determine '1 mF. As a result of analyzing and examining the
factor that determines% l ′ ′ leF before 70, ie, the relationship between the frequency and
volume of the generated sound and the size, thickness etc. of the transparent cover etc., 0 (1),
resonant frequency (fr Is the lower the better, but it is lower in inverse proportion to the square
of the size of the transparent cover). (2), the resonant frequency is the thickness of the
transparent cover 1. And the thickness t of the piezoelectric element increase in proportion to the
sum. It is proportional to (31, loudness 42 tt / (tt + tt)) 茸. (4), the strength is ((turtle + t *)
"<proportional, J" k is inversely proportional. Further, in the case of the size j of the cultivating
earth watch of about 30 m, the strength of the transparent cover glass (t,) can not be secured
unless it is not less than 0.6 鯨. (5) The piezoelectric element is difficult to process when it is
made thin, and its thickness Fio needs to be 1 m or more. (6) The resonance frequency is
preferably 4 KH or less. As such, le "le" t is determined to be located within the shaded area of
the graph shown in FIG. The thickness of t needs to be 0.111131 or more in view of processing
problems. Which one is expressed by a formula! , '1 m'! You must be in a state of satisfaction
with the formulas of Hari. (11B, 6 × 10 ′ ′ (t, + t) ≦ 7 ′ ′ (212, 5 × 1 G ′ ′ (t, + 鵞) 1 C C
(31 t, 0 0. 1 鯨 Here, in the case of the cultivation clock) I will explain the numerical value to. In
general, the tillage clock is l = 3 @ x11 [. In this case, when the transparent cover is glass, the
strength can not be ensured unless t1 ≧ 0.6 ≧. Also, the thickness tt of the piezoelectric element
is t! ≧o、tutとなる。 Also, the resonance frequency is 4KH. とする。 Fit with men's watch
from these things. The desired resonance frequency is 4KH, and the combination of t, + t, and =
1.6 鯨 determines' 1 m't. do it. Also, as shown in Figure 4 for women's watches,%!
=17のと@tl+t! は0.5となる。 そこで1. =0.1とすればt、Fio、4となる
。 Also, in general, for watches, 11 clocks, calculators, etc. 1, = α! , T1 = β1 may be determined
conveniently. In this case, the coefficients α and β are obtained from the relationship between
the above formulas, and for example, α = 0.01 to 0.07. β = 0.003 to 0. Olである。 As
described above, according to one aspect of the present invention, it is possible to provide a
transparent cover with a sufficient sound volume and a sufficient strength at a desired frequency.
EndPage: 2
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a schematic 1
of a conventional watch, FIG. 2 is a partially enlarged cross-sectional view of the same, FIG. 3 is a
front view showing a transparent cover and a piezoelectric element, FIG. It is a graph which
shows the relationship between the sum of the thickness of a piezoelectric element, and the
length of a transparent cover. 1 ... display panel, 2 ... drive source, 3 ... clock drive unit.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 4 ... main body, 5 ... cover, 6 ... transparent vapor deposition
electrode, 7 ... transparent adhesive agent, 8, 9 ... vapor deposition electrode, 10 ... transparent
piezoelectric magnetic board, 11.12 .. · · · · · · · · · · Contact ·, 13 · · · Patzkin, 14 · · · transparent
cover, 15 · · · piezoelectric element. Attorney Attorneys 1) Toshiyuki (7) Fig. 4 EndPage: 3
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