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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional ultrasonic
transducer, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are sectional views of an embodiment of an ultrasonic transducer
according to the present invention. In the figure, 1: oscillator, 2: support ring, 3: resonance plate,
6: terminal plate, 8: bottom plate, 9: case, 10.11: "lead", 12, 13: external terminal, 14.15:
Conductive rubber ring, 16: metal ring plate.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, an elastic body such as
conductive rubber is press-contacted or adhered to a portion of a shooting node on both upper
and lower electrode surfaces of a bimorph vibrator having two circular piezoelectric ceramic
elements bonded together. An ultrasonic transducer in which an electrode and an external
terminal are connected by a metal part supporting a diaphragm. In recent years, ultrasonic
transducers have been used for communication and transmission equipment 1- ・, Noshi? Not
only 9th 9th, it is widely applied in the air to remote control equipment of electric equipment,
anti-theft device, detection sensor such as vehicle detector etc. As this type of vibrator, a bimorph
vibrator is used in which two piezoelectric elements having longitudinal strain in the direction
perpendicular to the electric field are tensioned so that the polarities are opposite to each other,
and the plate is converted in the bending direction. As shown in FIG. 1, as a conventional
ultrasonic imaging moving element using a bimorph ore mover, a support ring 2 made of recon
rubber or the like is adhered to a portion corresponding to a node of vibration of 9 circular
oscillator 1 Fix the fixed rings 4 and 5 fixing the circular cognate plate 3 on the radiation surface
side with a fixed distance together with the support ring 2 to the terminal plate 6 on the metal
bottom plate 8 and with the metal screen 77 the metal case 9 Store in An external lead terminal
13 is provided on the metal bottom plate 8 so as to be insulated from the metal bottom plate 8.
Thin lead wires 10.11 are soldered to the upper and lower surfaces of the vibrator 1. Since the
support ring 2 is bonded to the node of the oscillator 1, it is soldered to a point other than the
node, and the lead end 2-. It is connected to child 12.13 respectively. The lead wire 10.1f of the
vibrator 1 is soldered at a point other than the node of the taking movement, so that the
characteristic changes and a uniform vibrator can not be obtained, and the lead wire may cause
fatigue disconnection due to vibration. . The present invention is intended to eliminate these
drawbacks, and is supported by metal parts by means of an elastic body containing conductive
rubber at the nodes of vibration of both sides of a circular piezoelectric ceramic bimorph
oscillator, and this metal part is used as an external terminal. It relates to a vibrator. That is,
according to the present invention, as shown in FIG. 2, a conductive rubber / rib 14.15 having a
diameter equal to that of the vibration piezoelectric node of the circular piezoelectric ceramic
bimorph oscillator 1 is fixed to both electrode surfaces of the oscillator. , Case 9 having a horntype opening. And hold it with the terminal board 6 of the insulator. Further, the external
terminal 12.13 is attached to the terminal plate 6, and the external terminal 16 is attached so as
to be in contact with the conductive rubber ring on the lower surface. The metal case 9 is fixed
by caulking the metal bottom plate 8 and also electrically connected, and the terminal 12 is
connected by soldering to the bottom plate. Therefore, the outer electrode of the vibrator 1 is
electrically connected to the external terminal 12 by the conductive rubber 14 ° case 9 and the
bottom plate 8, and the inner electrode of the vibrator 1 is insulated from the metal bottom plate
8 by the conductive rubber 15. It is electrically connected to the external terminal 13.
When a potential is applied to the terminal 12.13, the potential is applied to both electrodes of
the vibrator 10. Generally, in the ultrasonic transducer, one side of the metal case is connected to
the external terminal to provide a shielding effect as an earth terminal, and it is necessary to
connect the metal case to one side as in the embodiment of the present invention. Absent. The
rubber ring used in the present invention must necessarily have conductor rubber as a whole.
<Even if partially conductive rubber is used, the effect is the same, and the rubber ring is
attached to the wfc inner electrode. In order to reduce the drop in the distance, it is sufficient to
support the portion of the circular shooting node 0 at six points or more. As described above, the
ultrasonic transducer according to the present invention supports the imaging node portion of
the transducer with the conductive rubber, so that there is no support for the conventional 4 / ζ
g = = eM by recon rubber . In addition, the number of nine parts in the example of FIG. 2 is five
points less than that of the conventional one of FIG. 1 and in the example of FIG. There is no part
attached, and an extremely high reliability ultrasonic transducer can be obtained with very little
accident due to vibration impact.
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