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6. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a transducer suitable for
use in an electroacoustic transducer such as an earphone. Conventionally, as this type of
converter, for example, one using a piezoelectric polymer film such as electretized polyvinylidene
fluoride is known. Many of the known transducers have a structure in which the periphery or
both ends of a piezoelectric polymer film with electrodes attached on both sides is fixed to a
support frame, or piezoelectric via a foamed elastic layer on a cylindrical substrate. Polymer film
is stretched. However, when the size is reduced to use the transducer having such a structure as
an earphone to be inserted into the ear canal, the area of the piezoelectric film element is
extremely small Zl. Therefore, the sound (sound pressure) obtained by the output voltage without
danger to the human body is extremely small and not practical. In the present invention, a
plurality of piezoelectric polymer films having a thin film-like electrode provided on at least one
side thereof, which are intended to correct such defects, are laminated in a state in which the
electrode is sandwiched. The present invention relates to a transformer in which the laminate is
wound in a spiral shape in cross section so as to form a hollow portion in the center. With such a
configuration, it is possible to pray for a small and compact converter with high output.
Hereinafter, an embodiment in which the present invention is applied to an earphone 1-will be
described with reference to the drawings. 1 to 4 show a first embodiment. In order to
manufacture the earphone according to the present example, as shown in FIG. 1, vapor deposited
EndPage: 1 thin film electrodes (2), (3) such as aluminum were provided on one side. A
piezoelectric polymer film (1) (1 ') such as J91 J vinylidene fluoride is laminated, and the leading
end of this laminate is wound on a suitable core rod (6). Then, from this state, the laminate is
wound sequentially on the core rod (6) to wind it up to an earphone (7) having a spiral cross
section as shown in FIG. Thereafter, the core rod (6) is removed to form an earphone (7) having a
hollow 5 (4) at the center, which becomes a voice guiding hole. Also, at the end of this laminate,
lead wires (5) and (5) are connected to the electrodes (2) and (3), respectively, and these are
connected to the built-in electric circuit system (9) such as amplifier and microphone Do. FIG. 4
shows a state in which the earphone (7) is inserted into the ear canal α4. According to the
earphone (7) configured in this manner, even if the size is small, the area can be increased
because the piezoelectric film is wound in multiple layers.
Sound pressure is added by this laminated structure, and high sound pressure can be obtained.
Also, although the piezoelectric film used is flexible, it can be inserted into the inner ear canal
because it can be made hard if it is tightly wound in a spiral (coil) shape, and strong vibration
noise can be given to the inner ear etc. It is suitable as a hearing aid for the deaf. In this case, a
rod for sound transmission may be inserted into the end of the hollow portion (4). Further, the
earphone according to this example is formed by winding a large-area piezoelectric film on a
very large surface, and expansion and contraction are possible due to the presence of the hollow
portion (4). Therefore, it can be held with good adhesion in a narrow earlobe, and it has the effect
of obtaining both the sound conversion efficiency as well. Since the traveling direction of the
sound wave is opposite between the upper part and the lower part of the hollow portion (4), the
hollow portion (4) will be canceled if it does not exist. そのよう々ことはない。 5 and 6 show a
second embodiment. In this example, vapor deposited thin film electrodes (2), (2 ') and (3), (3')
are provided on both sides of the piezoelectric polymer film (1) (1 '), respectively. One is itself
formed as a continuous film. Then, this film is folded in two as shown, and this bent portion is
wound around the core rod (6) as a winding start end and then wound up sequentially. Even with
this configuration, as in the first embodiment described above, a compact and efficient earphone
/ can be provided. However, since the outer surface side of the first layer (1) and the inner
surface side of the second layer (1 ') are in contact with each other, the electrodes (2) (3) at this
contact surface have the same polarity (same potential) It is necessary that the two outer
electrodes (2) and (3 ') have the same polarity. The piezoelectric film according to this example
has electrodes of different polarities formed on both sides, so even if the coil is loosely wound in
cross section and there are some gaps between the films, the vibration noise of -C through the
film is everywhere. It will occur. In this sense, it is desirable to use a film having iFL poles on
both sides as a film. Next, a specific example of the above embodiment will be described. The
electrodes of the front and back ends of a 10-length long, 2 crt + piezoelectric polyvinylidene
fluoride film (dH = 7 x l [Jcgsesu) with aluminum deposited electrodes on both sides are wiped
with dilute caustic soda solution, each with a margin of about 1 inch The part was formed. This
film is folded in two as shown in FIG. 5 to form a film of% width, and then wound around a core
rod of diameter 1.2 order in a coil, and conductive on the inner and outer surfaces of the double
folded film in the middle The adhesively bonded lead wires were respectively drawn in, and then
the wound coiled coil was inserted into a 20μ polyvinylidene chloride shrink tube.
After heat shrinkage was performed at 100 ° C., the core rod was removed, and a hollow coilshaped earphone / having an outer diameter of about 2 was prepared. When this earphone was
connected to a portable radio jack for earphones, sound pressure sensitivity comparable to that
of a commercially available earphone was obtained. Although the present invention has been
illustrated below, the above-described example can be further modified based on the technical
idea of the present invention. For example, the number of laminated piezoelectric polymer films,
the material of the films, the material of the electrodes, and the like can be variously changed.
For example, in the case of a film having electrodes on both sides, it is better to stack even
sheets, but in the case of odd sheets, for example, 6 sheets, electrodes with different polarities
may be in contact at the contact portion between the sixth and fourth layers. So there are things
that are inappropriate. Also, in the case of a single-sided electrode, it is possible to stack an odd
number of sheets, but for example, 6EndPage: the second 'tri pole may not substantially
contribute to the operation, so even number lamination is sufficient. is there. The present
invention is applicable not only to various earphones but also to ultrasonic oscillators, in-ear
microphones used in noise fields, and the like. The present invention, as described above, is
wound in a spiral form in cross section with the hollow portion formed at the central portion of
the laminated body of the piezoelectric four molecular film to which the electrode has been
attached. Also, the film area can be made dog-friendly. Therefore, high output can be obtained at
the time of simulated sound conversion by addition of sound pressure. Moreover, the presence of
the hollow portion not only effectively guides the voice but also allows the transducer to expand
and contract by external pressure, so that it can be used following the shape of the point of use it
4. Brief description of the drawings shows an embodiment in which the present invention is
applied to an earbone, and FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a state in which two piezoelectric
films are wound on a core rod 11 2, FIG. 2 is a partially cutaway side view of the prepared
earphone, FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line II--FIG. 2, FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional
view showing the usage of this earphone, FIG. FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view of the winding start
state of the piezoelectric film laminate according to the example of FIG. 6, and FIG. 6 is a crosssectional view of FIG. 3 and FIG. In the reference numerals used in the drawings, (1) (1 ')...... ..
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